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Class of 1905 - Can you identify the students? Thanks to Linda Stufflebean for the photo. -- 11/4/10: Harold Murchie is the young man on the right. Tomorrow, Kevin Raye will be the first Washington County resident to be president of the Maine Senate since Harold Murchie did it in 1933-34. -- Susan Esposito
Class of 1921 - Thanks Jack Alley 
Class of 1921 Grammar School Graduation 1917  Thanks Jack Alley 
Class of 1921 Reunion - Thanks Jack Alley 
Class of 1926 - Thanks Susan McCoubrey Dooley
Class of 1929 Junior Year   
Class of 1930 Sophomore Year  
Class of 1931  
Class of 1931 Freshman Year  
Class of 1932 Junior Year  
Class of 1933 Sophomore Year
Class of 1933 - Thank you Heather Ross 
Class of 1934 Freshman Year
Class of 1935 - Class Pictures - Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 
Class of 1935 - Group Photo
Class of 1938  
Class of  '38 50th Reunion - 1st Row L to R: Alta Scott Lavoie, Marguerite Cook Bunten, Ruth Phelan Webber, Doris Casey Bucknam, Helen Ross Pollard, Lois Campbell, Lydia Coleman DiCenzo, Phyllis Bailey Mancini, Jean Wood Leach. 2nd Row L  to R: Frank Fenderson, William  Hunt, William Fox, Harold Hamilton (Teacher), Earl Gibson, Margaret McKay Reichman, Helen Morrison Brooks, Virginia McKay Howland, Jean Rutherford Campbell, Paul Phelan, Bernard Reed, Stephen Mahar. 3rd Row L to R: Leonard Wright, Medley Cotton, Peter Christensen, William McNamara, Joseph Lovering, Wesley Cookson, Paul Ward, Guy Farrar
Class of 1939 Junior Year
Class of 1940 - Graduation Photos - Thanks Linda Stufflebean 
Class of 1940 - Girls Page 1, Page 2; Boys Page 1, Page 2; Honor Students - Thanks Thelma Eye Brooks
Class of 1941 - 40th Reunion - Thanks Linda Stufflebean 
Class of 1942 - 23d, 25th, & 30th Reunion - Thanks Thelma Eye Brooks 
Class of 1947 - 7th Grade Junior Nature Club (not all are class of '47) - top row is L-R:  Mary Elizabeth Beckett, Pichard Maxwell, Connie Libbey, Petera Peterson, Wiliman Hambrook, Donald Clark, and Robert (Case)?; bottom row L-R: James Short, (Razen)? Lee, Elaine Lee, Jean Murchie, and Donald Stacy. - Thanks Victor Barnes 
Class of 1947 Reunion 2007 - Thanks Thelma Eye Brooks 
Class of 1947 Graduates - Thanks Victor Barnes
Class of 1947 Senior Play - Thanks Victor Barnes. The photo is also from W.C. Tracy Studios.  It is dated Dec 1946.  The cast members are identified on the back as:  Back: Mary E. Beckett, Petera Peterson, Calvin Blaney, Robert Bond, Lawrence Lane; Front: Patricia Lawrence, Joyce Farris, Jean Murchie, Annie Stanhope. 
Class of '50 50th Reunion - Thanks Rick Polk
1951 School Dance - From left: Carol Smith, Bruce Sherlock, Shirley Brownlee, Doug Dineen, Penny Thornton, Reed Johnson, Jane McLain, Jim Sprague. - Thanks St. Croix Historical Society 
Sophomore Hop 1951 - From left: ?, Charlotte Wormell, Nina Bridges, ?, Mildred Campbell, Ann Tracy, Norma Fenderson, Alberta Nixon, Shirley Brownlee, Penny Thornton, Jane McLain, Carol Smith - St. Croix Historical Society 
Junior Prom 1952 - Front Row: Jim C. Manship, Don Jones [from St. Stephen], Pat Kittredge [class of 52], George Christakos Curtis, Gary Bagley [behind George, he died March 1953 after his family moved to Dover Foxcroft], Evelyn Noddin, Bob Purton and Doug Dineen Back Row: Russell Coltart, Carol Smith, Norman Ross, Cynthia Thompson, Pat Doncaster, John Lyons, Jane McLain, Jim Sprague, Joyce Swett, Katherine Healy, Ann Tracy, Marilyn Cook [class of 55] Under the Arches: Mildred Campbell, Mary MacDonald, and Norman Dineen. Thanks St. Croix Historical Society 
Florence Boone's Biology Club 1952 - Front from left: Vose Armstrong, Bobby Purton, ?, Nina Bridges, Jane McLain, Gary Bagley, Doug Dineen. Norman Ross in front of Florence Boone. Back from Left: George Christakos, Sally Beckett, Pat Doncaster, Philip Hill, Florence Boone, Jim Manship, Jim Sprague, Evelyn Noddin and John Lyons - St. Croix Historical Society 
Reynold's Beach 1951 - Front from L: Margie McKay, Ann Tracy, Billy Hanson, Maida Barnes, Norman Dineen, Jim Manship, Carol Smith, Russ Coltart Back Joanna Scribner, John Lyons, Rocky Barnes and Bob Clark. St. Croix Historical Society 
Class of '54. Graduation Joyce Frost Williams; Graduation: Jean Flood, Joan Flood, Mary Cousins, Joyce Frost, Melva Perkins (Names supplied by Joyce Frost Williams) - Thanks Deborah Dow.
Class of 55 Junior Prom - Thanks Jack Gray 
bullet Class of 55 Senior Ball Picture 1, Picture 2 - Thanks Jack Gray 
bullet Class of '56 30th Reunion - Thanks Jack Alley
bullet Calais Band - Thanks Jack Alley
bullet Calais Jazz Band - Thanks Jack Alley
bullet Class of '56 Senior Play Cast - Thanks Jack Alley 
bullet Class of '56 2007 Reunion 
bullet Class of '56 Wayne Leach - Picture 1, Picture 2 - Thanks Wayne
bullet Class of '56 Yearbook - Patricia Carson, Greta Coltart, Martha Cookson, Louise Day - Thanks Wayne Leach 
Class of '57
Class of '57 +30 - Thanks Ron Denyer 
Class of '57 +15 & +45 - Thanks Ron Denyer 
Class of '58 Reunion 2015 - Thanks John Nixon 
Class of 1958 55th Reunion - Thanks John Nixon 
Class of '58 2003 Reunion - Thanks Mary Ross Lane 
Class of '58 2012 Gathering - 1st row: Bill Townsend, Bill Gibson, Gene Fitzpatrick, Mary Ross, Sheila Lambert, John Nixon, Carol Obliskey,  Bonnie Waycott and  Mary Jane Frost. 2nd row: Hazen Olsson, Mike Casey, Diane Eary, Louie Bernardini,  Elizabeth Crowley and Carol Waycott. - Thanks John Nixon 
Class of '58 Class Trip - Picture 1, Picture 2 - Thanks Jack Gray 
bullet Class of '58 - Junior Prom, Senior Ball 1, Senior Ball 2, Senior Ball 3 - Thanks Jack Gray
Class of '58 - Thanks Jack Gray
Class of '58 - Ron Gray Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 - Thanks Jack Gray
Class of '58 - 2008 Reunion - Thanks John Nixon & Mary Lane 
Class of '58 - Picture 1, Picture 2 Freshmen - Thanks Jack Gray
Class of '58 - 2017 Reunion - Front Row:  Carol Waycott, Bill Townsend, John Nixon, Gene Fitzpatrick, Bonnie Waycott, Mary Ross, Bill Gibson. Back Row:  Hazen Olsson, Louie Bernardini
Thanks John Nixon
Class of '59 - 50th Reunion - Thanks Linnie Flournoy
Class of '59 - Senior Trip - Thanks Linnie Flournoy 
 Class of '60 - PotLuck May 2015 - Thanks, Heather  
Class of '60 - Pot Luck Nov. 2014 Thanks, Heather 
Class of '60 - Pot Luck 09272014 Thanks, Heather 
Classs of '60 - John Cassidy & Jackie Hinton Ouellette, Augusta 08/2013
Class of '60 - Pot Luck September 2011 - Thanks Heather and Edna
Class of '60 - 50th Reunion
Class of '60 3/21/14 at the Ross' - Carl Ross, Wayne Claridge, Ken Berry, Dayton Dineen, Carol Flood Smith, Gary Nixon and Richard Chisholm
Class of '60 May 2013 - L to R back Edna Baker McLellan, Irene Doten Galway, Peggy Campbell Bryant ,Dayton Dineen, Carole Flood Smith, Leoniece Kennison, Earl Hill. L to R front Ken Berry, Gary Nixon, Wayne Claridge, Carl Ross, Richard Chisholm 
Class of '60 12/14/12 - Stan Clark, Carl Ross, Richard Chisholm and Earl Hill(back) Ken Berry, Tom Wilson, Gary Nixon, Irene (Doten) Gallway and Wayne Claridge (front)  
Class of '60 7/7/12 front row - Richard Chisholm, Joan Young Mahar, Edna Baker McLellan, Irene Doten Gallway Back row - Earl Hill, Ken Berry, Wayne Claridge, Carl Ross, Gary Nixon, Carol Flood Smith. Hard to believe this group has been out of school for 52 years and still look this good. :) Heather 
  Class of '60 4/15/11. Back row - Joan Young Mahar, Irene Doten Gallway, Richard Chisholm, Norma Stanhope Wallace, Gary Nixon, Leonice Kennison, Dayton Dineen, Earl Hill. Second row - Coburn Wallace, Ken Berry, Carl Ross, Tom Wilson, Carol Flood Smith, Wayne Claridge
 Class of '60 - A class meeting was held in Calais last Saturday July 24th and 13 classmates were present. Aren't they a YOUNG looking bunch for having a fiftieth reunion in less than two weeks! See if you can put a name on the classmate? Thanks Heather Ross.
Class of '60 Graduation Photos, Thanks John Adams 
Class of '60 Reunions 1970 & 1975 Thanks Edna McLellan 
Class of '60 - 2006 L to R Gary Nixon, Irene Doten Gallway, Sally Moreshead Doten, Norma Murphy Donovan, Carole Flood Brocato, Carl Ross & Bonnie Tracey - Thanks Heather 
Class of '60 20th Reunion - Thanks John Adams 
Class of '60 Luncheon at the Ross' New Home - Thanks Heather Ross 
Class of '60 Meeting at the Ross' Home 092008 - Thanks Heather -  back row - Tom Wilson, Carole Flood, Peggy Campbell, John Cassidy, Carl Ross; front row -  Irene Doten, Earl Hill, Gary Nixon, Sally Moreshead, Wayne Claridge and Dick Caswell
Class of '60 Pot Luck at Edna McLellan's Home 011609  
Class of '60 Pot Luck at Irene Gallway's 022009  
Class of '60 Pot Luck at Ross' 050809  
Class of '60 - May 2010 - Joan Young Mahar, Norma Stanhope Wallace, Edna Baker McLellan, Irene Doten Galway, Marjorie Howard Wilson and Carole Flood Smith. Coburn Wallace, Earl Hill, Tom Wilson, Richard Chisholm, Gary Nixon, Wayne Claridge, John Cassidy, Carl Ross and Ken Berry - Thanks Heather 
Class '60 - August 12, 2017 - Carl, Irene, John, Carole, Earl, Dayton, Wayne, Sandy, Ken, Richard

  Class of '61 - Prom Photos - Thanks Mary Girard 
Class of '61 - Bob Treworgy crowning Pat Stewart Frontier Week 1961
Class of '61 - Alan & John Kershules with striped bass
Class of '61 - Donna Tracy & Bernie Trott - Thanks Bernie 8/16/11
Class of '61 - Keith Christie & Bud Smith - Thanks Keith 030711
Class of '61 Carolyn, Marilyn, Donna, Lorraine, Susan, Barbara & Kathy met on 8/26/10 to plan 50th Class Reunion
Class of '61 Caps & Gowns on CMHS Steps
Class of '61  Individual Photos on Poster
'61 Class Trip On Capitol Steps
'61 Grade 4 Church St. School - Thanks Susan Dooley 
'61 10th Reunion 
'6115th Reunion - Thanks Clarke Reynolds & Jack Gray
'61 40th Reunion 
'61 Cousins Keith and Karen 
'61 Long, Long Ago 
'61 Summer of '01 
Reunion 2006 
'61 Summer of '07  
'61 Wurlwind Thanks Carole Boynton 
Methodist Youth Fellowship, Milltown - Standing L-R: Kenny Dickinson, Lillian Lane, Doreen Baker, Charlie McLellan. Seated L-R:  Freeman Baker, Carole McLellan, Edna Baker, Carol Baker, Sally Clark circa '58 or '59
Class of 1962 Reunion 2015 Thanks Linnie Johnson Flournoy 
'62 Pictures Thanks Ginny Eldridge O'Connor 
'62 More Pictures Thanks Ginny 
'63 Louise Hunnewell's High School Friends  
Class of '64 - Thanks Rosie (Crosby) Hamilton
Class of '65 Putting Up New Sign for School - Thanks Larry Kelley 
  Donald Waddingham is man in photo - can anyone ID students?
  Class of '66 - Reunion - Thanks Chuck Murphy
 Class of '66 - 50th Reunion 8/6/16 - Thanks Sharon Howland & Chuck Murphy. How did you do with the names of the classmates in the picture?   Check your guesses with the list.  Front row: sitting on the floor:  Susan (Vose) Chaffee; Mary (Doten) McLellan; Beth (Elliott) Lee.  Row 2: sitting in chairs: Jane (Webster) Brooks; Edna Mae (Bayliss) Comstock; Shirley (Lee) Kile; Nancy (Cole) Haddock; Norma (Taylor) Sharpe; Katie Winship; Linda Dodge, Alfred Burgermeister; behind Alfred and sitting in a chair is Pete Perkins.  Row 3: standing: Annette (Hawthorne) Duchesneau; Deb (Frost) (Foss) Joyce; Sharon Howland; Judy (Doten) Keen; Marlene (Johnson) Wilbur; Cathy (Bailey) Scullin; Tina (McKay) LeTarte; Sandra (Christie) Smith; Phil Phee; Lou Pettit; Bill Downing; Chuck Murphy.  Row 4: Polly Ward; Susan (Tracy) Grant; Pat (Merrill) Ross; Jane (Gibson) Greenlaw; June (Vondell) Burtt; Carol (Webster) Bassett.  Row 5: (All guys): Mark Ketchen; Roger Flood; Ed Perkins; Dana Lewis; Doug McLellan; Craig Roderick; Tom Sawyer; Jerry Torrell; Chuck Frost; Phil Townsend; Tom DiCenzo; Pete Comstock; Bill DelMonaco; Roger Holst; Jerry LaPointe; Ken Brooks.  The following people attended the reunion but did not have their photo taken:  Gerry Baker; Paul Roche; Betty (Clark) Stuart; Sharon (Stevens) Grant.
  September 1967 Boys - Thanks Ken Strout
Class of '67 - Thanks Samuel Barlow 
Class of '67 30th Reunion - Thanks Bill Cassidy 
Bangor Daily News '67-'68 - CMHS Morning Dance Thanks Ken Strout 
1967 Senior Play Cast CMHS Thanks Ken 
Class of '68 - Friends Reunion in Costa Brava, Spain. L to R: Nancy Clark Dennett, Bev Doliber, Sue Chaffee Claridge  033110 
Class of '68 ~ 35th Reunion - Thanks Sue Claridge 
Class of '68 - Thanks Sue Claridge 
Class of '68 - l-r Sue Chaffee, Michael Frost & Nancy Clark - thanks Sue Claridge 
Class of '68 - B. Doliber, W. Burtt, S. Chaffee, D. Hunnewell Sophomore Hop - thanks Sue Claridge  
Class of '68 - Sue Chaffee and Michael Frost Junior Prom - thanks Sue Claridge   
Class of '68 - Get together March 1 to reunite with Becky Young - thanks Sue Claridge 
Class of '68 - l-r Priscilla Osborne, Sue Chaffee & Joanna Goode. We met at the Olive Garden in Bangor for lunch and tried to catch up from 68-01. Had a great time and are looking forward to the class reunion in 2003. - thanks Sue Claridge 
Class of '69 - thanks Larry Johnson 
Class of '69 Reunion - thanks Larry Kelly 
I Believe - Thanks Tom Leighton 
Tribute to 9-11 - Tom Leighton 
Grade 5 1960-61 Calais Thanks Ken Strout 
First Communion of the future CMHS Class of '70 - Thanks Tim Barlow  Immaculate Conception School Grades 6-8, 1964-5 - Thanks Tim Barlow. Row 1: Dan Taylor, Paulette Barnard, Joe Ross, Sherry Curran, Phillip Kelley, Marilynnes Maxwell; Peter Tyrrell; Row 2:  Peter Higgins, Nola Cole, David Morrison, Paula Stanhope, Tom Delmonaco, Mary Kelly, ___, Mary Tapley, Mike Hill; Row 3:  Paula Esselman Cook, Jimmy Curran, ___, Anna Mary Casey; Row 4: Dan Rob, Kathleen O'Brien, Anthony Bernadinni, Sheila Curran, Jeff Sabattus, Janice Robb, ____ Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Edmund Delmonaco; Row 5: Doreen Taylor, Tim Barlow, Nancy Dicenzo, Mike Donahue, ___, Dan Foster, Patty Kelley, Brian Barnard, Mike Phee; Row 6: Gerry Sabattus, Mike O'Hara, Paul Doten, Rod Sabattus, Jeff Ross, Dan Frost, Dan Casey [names provided by Marilyn Strout & Jan Robb Williams ] 
Class of 1970 Reunion 2015 Thanks Ken Strout 
Class of '70, grades 3 through 7 - Thanks George Jones 
Class of '70 Reunion 8/2000 - Thanks Tim Barlow 
Class of '70 - Thanks Ken
Waddingham's Enterprises - Thanks Ken - Teacher Don Waddingham, Students - Steve Cottrel, Danny Raynor, Kenny Porter, Billy Leighton, & Ken Strout
Class of '70b - Thanks Ken
'70 Band Calais Academy Gym - Thanks Ken 
Band Calais Gym - Thanks Ken Strout  
8th Grade 65/66 - Thanks Ken Strout & Kathy White (on the right!)
Morning Dance - Thanks Ken - Patty Bayliss, Tony Dicenzo, Don Campbell, Donald Thompson, Dale Sherrand pictured.
Thanks to Ken Strout. This is a short  Video of a birthday party in October 1961. From left to right at the back of the table: Dana Redding, Mark Osborne, Ken Strout, Bonnie Campbell.  Front of the table: Linda Murphy, Gerry Tracy, and Skip Strout in the high chair.  Most are graduates of '70.The video is imported into Power Point.  Just click on the picture and the video will start playing. Video Version B  hyperlinks to .mpg version. Thanks to Kathy (Morrison) White for noticing the Class of '70 was not complete.  A 70b photo has been added by Ken Strout.
1971 - What IV playing at St. Croix Hotel, Calais, ME; Ken, Dan & Don
1971 - What IV St. Croix Hotel, Calais, ME; Joe & Danny Driscoll
Class of '73 - Thanks Deborah Dow
1975 - Sunrise playing at American Legion, Calais, ME
Class of '75 Subprimary '62-'63 - Thanks Heidi Hamilton Bradford - Row 1:  Tab Davis, Karen Walker, ?, Heidi Hamilton, Carl Gordon, Cathy Lord, Arthur Mains; Row 2: Lyn Prout, Tom Pomeroy, Jane Hinton, John Johnson, Skip Poole, Toni Burtt; Row 3:  ?, Frank Reed; Row 4:  Barbara Cox, Donald Leavitt, Leslie Sullivan, ?, Lyn Slater, Bobby Seeley, Philip Kneeland; Row 5:  Bernard Robb, Charlie Libby, Raymond Beaulieu, ?, ?, Philip Hollingdale. 
Class of '75 Grades 1 & 2 - thanks Heidi Hamilton Bradford -  Row 1:  Sherry Frost, Bryant Haskins, Mary Beth DelMonaco, Mary Jo Brown, David Reed, Susan O'Brien; Row 2:  Miriam Curran, Jeff Barlow, Kim Manship, Gregory Townsend, Cathy Dineen, Philip Hollingdale, Susan Young Patrick Goode, Mary Beth DelMonaco; Row 3:  -?, Joyce Shea, Wayne Kelley, Kenneth Hill, Tracy Day, John Hill; Row 4: Debbie Carpenter, Bernard Robb, Sharon Barnard, Melvin Haskins, Andrea Barnard, Richard Carpenter, Heidi Hamilton, Timothy Driscoll, Debbie Morrison; Row 5:  Vicki Coleman, Francis Reed, Linda Sherlock, Philip Eagan, David Peasley, Peter Curran, Jeff McLean
Class of '75 Grade 7 - Thanks Heidi Hamilton Bradford -  Row 1:  Jon Vose, Toni Burtt, Wayne Hartford, Heidi Hamilton, Larry Severance, Debbie Morrison, Gary Bowers; Row 2:  Melanie Bridgeham, Thomas Pomeroy, Susan Moholland, Frank Reed, Kathy Reynolds, David Meechum, Sharon Barnard; Row 3: William Cook, Bernard Robb; Row 4: Brenda Bartlett, Jeff McLean, Karen Walker, Mark Johnson, Tina Baker, Jeff Lawler, Marcia Hill; Row 5:  Billy Pike, Wendy Hinson, Philip Hollingdale, Roger Ivey, Eddie LaPointe, Peter Brennen, Jeff Demmons 
Class of '77. Dr. Thomas Waite Traveling by Bicycle from Alaska to Calais for the International Festival. [From Calais Advertiser provided by Roy Longino] 
Class of '77 Ruth McKechnie's 5th grade class 1969-70: Thanks to Dennis McKinnon for photo. Names provided by James (Jimbo) Clark. First Row: Cathy Nixon, Peter Foster, Marcia Baker, Michael Mitchell, Linda Wescott?, Sandra Buzzell, Teacher Ruth MacKechnie. Second Row: Dennis McKinnon, Cathy Moholland, John Shannon, Yvonne Cookson, Jimmy Rousse?, Patti Hovey, Kenny Thomas. Third Row: Lois Greenlaw, Phil Oliver, Elton Crossman, Debbie MacArthur. Forth Row: John Haskins, Cathy Amber, David Townsend, Rita Hill, Mark Damon, Tammy Papke, Charles Russell?. Fifth Row: Mike Pike, Tim Cline, Jimbo Clark, Billy Doliber, David Greenlaw, Doug Sprague, Tom Waite.  
Class of '77 25th Reunion - Thanks Roy Longino 
Class of '77 30th Reunion - Thanks Roy Longino 
Class of '78 2008 Reunion - Thanks Suzanne Kelley 
Class of '78 3rd Grade Miss Lawler's Class - Top row l to r: Barry Seeley, Joy Lawless, Mark Forsyth, Teresa Kneeland,  Christopher Joseph, Debbie Crossman, Carl Andrews; 2nd Row: Susan Johnson, Danny Levitt, David MacDonald (?), Patty McGinnis; 3rd Row: Stuart Murphy, Michelle Tibbitts, Dale Earle, Jimmy Bailey, Robin Willette, Ronny Mahar; 4th Row: Sherrie Buzzell, Bruce Br'61idgham, Cheryl Sprague, Jean McCall, Dawn Stone, Mary Mallory, Ramona Vela - Thanks Mark Forsyth & Bruce Bridgham for updating names   
Class of '83 20th Reunion - Thanks Art Stevens 
Class of 2009 - Thanks, Whitney Remington  06132012
Columbia Falls Class of 1945 - Thanks Ken Strout 
Crawford School 1800s 
Various Photos from Jack Gray 
Baring Baptist Church Choir Circa 1960 - back l/r: Sandra Moreside, Sharon Preston, Jean Doten, Libby Doten/Director, Sally Moreshead, Irene Doten, Mary Doten, Carlene Lewis. front l/r: Barbara Moreshead, Judy Doten, Randy Gray, Dana Lewis?, Clyde Doten Jr., Dianne Doten, Linda Doten - Thanks Jack Gray 
1940 8th Grade Longfellow Grammar School Columbia Falls, Maine. Lona Worcester, Marie Wakefield, Neil Archer, Gloria Allen, Kenneth Ingersall, Richard Grant, Beatrice Driscoll, Audrey Look, Letitis Tyler, Teacher (not in the picture) Mr. Drisko - Thanks Ken Strout
Junior Choir Second Baptist Church, Calais 1943   
Young People's Community Band, Calais 1941  
Class of 113 confirmed by Most Rev. J.E. McCarthy at Immaculate Conception Church, Calais, Maine, July 6, 1934 
Calais Academy Orchestra May 1926 
Calais Marching Band - Thanks Jack Alley
 Calais Band 1956 - Thanks Jack Alley 
Golf Clinic 1957  - Young Golfers Country Club 1957, Scott McNabb Pro - Thanks Kathy Berry 031511
Reunions 2005 
Milltown School Closing 1963 - Thanks George Jones



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