Calais, Maine

Washington County Patents

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Adams Mechanical Figure Toy 
Adams Ratchet 
Allen Wrench 
Andrews Cure of Spavin 
Angus Tanning Hides & Skins 
Bailey Store-Window 
Bailey Washing-Machine 
Baker Animal Traps 
Baker Lamp-Chimney Cleaner 
Barron Coffee Pot Strainers 
Bates Harness Pad 
Bates Lumber-Surface Meter 
Bell Fish-Cutting Machine 
Bell Rack for Holding Articles 
Benka Milk-Boiler 
Blinn Poultry Roost 
Brackett Pen Holder 
Bradford Mechanical Movement 
Bradford Pruning Shears 
Bridges Cleaning Hard or Frozen Berries 
Bryant Can Retainer for Cooking-Machines 
Buck Anchor 
Burdett Rake Cleaner 
Burke Toy Golf Club 
Burns Corsets 
Chaddick Burning Fuel in Metal-Working Furnaces 
Chaddick Chimney Boilers 
Chaddick Puddling Furnaces 
Chamberlain Machine for Chopping Meat 
Chapell Slide-Valves for Steam Engines 
Chapelle Toy 
Church Leather-Rolling Machine 
Clark Railway Chair & Fastening 
Coffin Lifter for Kitchen Use 
Coffin Scythe-Snaths 
Corliss Vehicle-Spring 
Corrigan-McDonald Pulpwood Rosser 
Corrigan-Wilson Hopper Door Regulator 
Cousins Horse Rake, Harrows, & Rollers 
Crosby Lamp-Burner 
Crosby Mucilage Bottle 
Crosby Toy Horse 
Cuddick Construction & Protection of Puddling Furnaces 
Cuddick Puddling & Heating Furnaces 
Davies Fourdrinier Machine 
Day Self-Rolling Ball or Globe 
Dennison Gravity Mobile Vehicle 
Devereux Camp Cooker 
Diecks Flanging Machine 
Dorr Improvement in Cable-Stoppers 
Dyer Anti-Frictional Chock or Leader 
Dyer Buckle 
Dyer Wire Solder Machine 
Elliott Gang of Circular Saws 
Elliott Hand Lever for Steam Pumps 
Elliott Steam-Actuated Valve 
Emack Lamp-Burner 
Emack Snow Shoe 
Emerson Window Lock 
Estabrooks Vessel 
Esty Ditching-Plow 
Evans Casting Anchors 
Faulkingham Clothes Pin 
Faulkingham Hub-Attaching Device 
Fifield Lantern 
Finley Combined Square, Level & Bevel 
Fish Refrigerator 
Fleming Fire-Escape 
Folsom Water & Wind Wheel 
Forrest Hemmers for Sewing Machines 
Forrest Improved Car Wheel 
Forrest Reaping and Mowing Machine 
Foster Devise for Applying Wallpaper 
Foster Improvement in Churns 
Foster Pasting Machine 
Fowler Furnace for Calcining Gypsum 
Fuller Improved Pulley-Block 
Furbush Delivering Paper from Printing Press 
Gaillac Booms for Vessels 
Gaillac Portable Fire-Escape 
Garnett Apparatus for Extracting Oil 
Getchell Combines Capstan & Windlass 
Getchell Ship's Windlass 
Godfrey Automatic Weather Strip 
Gooch Tree-Felling Device 
 Griffin Saw 
Groves Automatic Box Lock for Drop Box Looms 
Hanson Holdback for Vehicles 
Harvey Clevises 
Hathaway Mowing Grass & Cutting Grain 
Haycock Pole-Step 
Haynes Machinery for Operating Fog-Bells 
Hersey Vegetable Cutters 
Holmes Can Opener 
Hosford Machine for Making Toilet Paper 
Huston Coal-Hod 
Huston Securing Corks in Bottles 
Jones Improved Washing Machines 
Keith Picker-Stick for Looms 
Knight Mowing Machine 
Lawrence Fish-Flaking Machine 
Lawson-Daniels Vapor-Burner 
Leighton Belt-Shifter 
Leighton Berry Rake 
Leighton Can-Cleaner 
Leighton Car-Door Lock 
Leighton Horn for Talking-Machines 
Lesuer Blind Fasteners  
Lowe Saw 
Maloy Expansion-Mandrel 
Mason Tool Holder 
McColl Can Carrier for Soldering Machines 
McDonald Edger 
McDonald Hanging Circular Saw 
McDonald-McAllister Padlock 
McDonald Pedal Mechanism 
McGrath Paper Container 
McKenzie Rowlock 
McNichol Stringed Instrument 
Mitchell Fluid Pressure Actuated Valve 
Moore Sharpening Stone-Tools 
Morton Ore-Separator 
Myers Clothes-Tongs 
Myers Life Raft 
Nash Sawing Paving-Blocks of Wood 
Peabody Steam Engine Valve Gear 
Pike Meat Tenderer 
Preble Washing Machine 
Rice Devise for Digging Potatoes & Earth Excavating  
Rideout Improvements in Churns 
Rideout Devise for Kneading Dough & 
       Working Butter 
Robbins Apparatus for Working Pumps 
Robbins Globe-Guard  for Electric Lights 
Rogers Selective Transmission Mechanism 
Rogers Ship Cleaning Apparatus  
Ryan Wave-Motor 
Sargent Paring Knife 
Sargent Supporting-Horse 
Sawyer Washing-Machine 
Scott Condiment Holder 
Scott-Hiltz Fire Escape 
Shaw Stovepipe Receivers 
Small Horse-Hoe & Cultivator 
Smith Bucksaw 
Spooner Pump 
Sprague Horse-Holder for Sleighs 
Sproul Improvement in Saw 
Strout Dovetailing Window-Sashes 
Strout Mortising Blind-Slats 
Taylor Can-Body-Making Machine 
Taylor Can Cover Tucking & Fusing Machine 
Taylor Cutting & Forming Can Heads 
Taylor Garment-Stretcher 
Taylor Sardine-Can 
Taylor Solder Applying Machine 
Taylor Solder-Fusing Machine 
Thompson Fog-Horn 
Todd Implement for Rolling & Piling Logs 
Treat Fertilizers from Sea-Weed 
Tuck Canoe 
Ward Alternating Feeding Machine 
Weed Thermo-Container for Hand-Oilers 
Whitcomb-Godfrey Metal Weather Strips 
Whitman Horseshoe Blanks 
Whitman Reducing Railroad-Rails to the Form of Plates 
Wilder Blacking-Box Holder 
Wilder Medicine for Diseases of Cattle 
Wood Snowplows for Railroads 
Woodbury Crimping Leather for Boots 
Young-Dyer Axle Lubricator 
Young-Dyer Machine for Making Wire or Other Solder 

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