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Class of 1988

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Thank you, Sharon Howland, for providing the roster.

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Graduates Class of 1988

Patricia A. Ackley Dona M. Anderson William Annas
Gabrielle Arcos Adam L. Ashby Matthew A. Benson
Meredith Bernardini Bruce K. Brezovsky Sharon Brocato
Petra Brownlee Charles Bryant Joseph Buhot
Douglas Burke Tracey Carr Michael J. Carrier
Tina Carter Rebecca T. Casey Sheila Casey
Lisa K. Clark Steven W. Clark Michael Coady
Teresa Cole Kevin B. Crowell Paula L. Daye
Della M. Diffin Kimberly A. Dineen Daniel Dinsmore
Joanne M. Donovan Michelle Doten Edward D. Driscoll
Howard A. Durrell Fred L. Erskine Emmanuelle Freulon
Bethany Gabriel Deborah Garey Becky E. Goff
Sheila Gower Tania Graham Pamela Grant
Kathryn M. Greenlaw Kristen M. Greenlaw Charles Hall
Troy Hatton Darin B.Hill Jennifer Holland
Floyd Holmes, Jr. Michelle Johnson Betty Jean Knowles
Merle Knowles Scott Lawless Wendy Leavitt
Lawrence Leblond Anita Lee Tracey Leitao
Lucy Levesque Patricia Libby Pamela A. Lyons
Gertrude MacArthur Norman R. Mallory Roger (Jay) Marden
Paula J. Matte Angela L. McClure John C. McDonald
Frederick M. McLean Laurie D. McLellan Myra Mitchell
Michael Moholland John L. Newell Rexford Nicholson
Jarrod L. Olsson Rick A. Pearson Matthew Pickering
Scott Pinette Kern S. Ramsdell Alana Ranney
David Roussel Stacey Sanders Steven Sawyer
Mary Small Robin Smith Clayton Sockabasin
Angie Spaulding Danny F. Spear Tina Stone
Keith M. Thornton Lisa Trafton Danielle Trinque
Joseph Wallace Scott Walton  

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Adam Ashby. Fort Wayne, Indiana. I miss Maine so much, have not been back since '88. I am living in Indiana with a beautiful wife (Cindy) and four wonderful kids - (Justin, Brianna, Jennesee, Porter). I got my teaching degree but went into sales. I am currently a Regional Manager for a Commercial Kitchen Manufacturer. I would love to hear from anyone from good old Calais. 

Tina Carter Erskine & Fred Erskine, Calais ME. Just a quick update on Fred and I - still working in Calais - him at O'Briens and I am still at the Technical College. We have been married a little over 3 years and have a 2 year old little girl and new baby on the way in June. Hope all our classmates are doing well and please give us a quick email to update us on you and your families. - Tina - e-mail  

Michelle Doten Nicolaisen: Hi I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I am now living in Chester, New Hampshire. I have been married eleven years this past April my husbands name is Eric.  We have one son Brandon who is five and have no plans, as of yet, to have more children.  I graduated from White Pines College in Chester; now (Chester College) with an associates degree in photography.  Eric is a plumbing supervisor for a Company in Cambridge, Mass.  We own Town Houses in Sandown, NH. which is the next town North East of Chester.  My husband graduated High school from Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH. (the next town South of Chester) He then went on to vocational school and received his Masters Degree in Plumbing.  I am currently a stay at home Mom and handle the day to day work of our apartments. You can reach me at: 20 Muskrat Circle Chester, NH. 03036 or [email new 081106]

Scott Lawless, Portland ME. I hope all of my classmates are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. Keep in touch! or  

Pamela A. Lyons Page. Hello I am Pamela A . Page formerly known as Pam Lyons of Calais. I graduated in 1988 and I married in July of 89 to my first husband. We moved to Loring AFB in Limestone Maine. My then husband went away to the Gulf war for 10 months and after a few years of trying we had our first child Jocelyn she is now 13 closer to 14 actually (lol) When she was just a few months old my husband received orders to Missouri where we (my daughter and I ) liveduntil 1995. My ex-husband did not come back from the gulf war quite right, and so after to many years of dealing with this my then 2 yr old daughter and myself boarded a plane HOME ( Maine). After arriving back in gods country (Maine) We landed in Bangor to travel to Lincoln and that is where I am today. I did go to Calais but after living on my own for so long it was difficult to live under mom and dads rules ( I was grown up after all ) and raising my daughter . At the time Lincoln had more to offer as far as jobs etc. so this is where I settled. Shortly after arriving I filed for divorce and started over on my own with my daughter. After about a yr . I met or I should say re-met my husband we were ( no body knew this in school ) high school sweet hearts we have known each other since Jr. high school he is my older sisters husbands brother. So yes I married my brother in-laws younger brother and yes it is legal (lol) and after being together a year we were engaged and married in Aug. of 1997and we had our youngest daughter in Dec. of 1998. Her name is Madison and she is a second grader. From the time I moved here till Dec. 2003 I operated a family home daycare ( Thank god for the votec. course in earlychildhood development I took my senior yr) in Dec of 03 I started classesto continueworking on my associates degree in Liberal arts after arriving at my 24 credit mark I was able to transfer to another degree program where I could combine the rest of my associates and begin on my Bachelors in Behavioral Science. I have since began a transfer to the University of Maine to further my degree in a more specialized area for Mental Health and Human / Social services. Soon I will begin my internship at a local agency in my area. I also work in the local school system here in Lincoln as a substitute but I am alsoqualified as anEd tec II ;and I am also a volunteer for the schools as well, working in the elementary level grades. Working in the school systemwould have been the farthest thing from my mind in high school I wasn't a great student academically ( I have ADD that wasn't diagnosed until adult hood)so college was the farthest thing from my mind for a long time. I am now a student who holds a GPA of 3.5 there are miracles out there butenough about me .My children are in a variety of school related activities so this keeps us running and although I no longer have a family home day care my house is grand central station on most days especially after school as we live right across from the Jr high school and my daughters friends come here to have a snack and change for sports activities. Sometimes it can get to be a bit much but when my house is quiet it doesn't feel right .I also know where my kids are and other parents know where their kids are and that they are safe instead of out running the streets. My husband is a native on Lincoln and if anyone can remember back this far it was his parents that owned the T-Shirt shop on the main street called Down East T-Shirts his older brother operated it there after he graduated in 1981 and in 84 my sister Jackie married him and moved to Lincoln. My husband is a 86 graduate of MA. and he also works for the local school system and is a graduate of the University of Maine. he is one ofthe Building and Grounds Maintenance supervisors of one of the local schools.My other sisters also live here after traveling the country side . We all live with in a mile of each other but we hardly see each other due to every ones different schedules. I am surprised that mom and dad ( Len and Sue ) have not moved here yet. I would love to hear from anyone from our class so please e-mail me at

Laurie McLellan Green. I am currently living in Casco, Maine (about 45 min north of Portland) with my Husband (Steven) and two children (Ethan - 7 and Abigail - 4).  I graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a degree in Nursing.  I currently work part time at Bridgton Hospital primarily as a Labor and Delivery nurse - other times if there are no other babies I am likely to be found anywhere else in the hospital.   I am also still doing a lot of figure skating.  I teach in New Hampshire and run my own program in Bridgton.  My little 4 year old has already won her first gold medal :)!!!   My son plays hockey :)!!!  The ice is in our blood!!  Still visit Calais on a regular basis as all my family are still there.  Very likely to be found chasing Tracey Ramsey (Leitao) down for a catch up session.  Still keep in touch with Kim D'Alessandris (Dineen) on a regular basis, who said she would put up a bio if I would.  Let's see it Dineen!!!!!!!!!Would love to hear from some people ...  

John L. Newell. I hope everyone is doing well since 1988.  I don't get back to Maine very often so I haven't heard from anyone in a long time.  I currently teach at a veterinary technical college in Denver in such subjects as chemistry and large animal medicine.  I've lived here for twelve years ever since leaving the active duty Air Force to which I am still a member of the Air Force reserves and currently on active duty until Oct 2006 Denver is a great place to live with the Rocky mountains in my back yard, but I still miss the ocean. I'm married but have been separated from my wife for almost two years now, but life does go on.  I hope everyone has got everything out of life that they wanted so far and wish you all the very best and hope to hear from some of you soon. or newell@bel-rea.com121205 

Rick Pearson.  Just for grins I was browsing Calais High School, kind of odd to see my name on the list! I dropped out in 88 after a snit with two English teachers! Living in Southern Maryland now, working as a contractor to the Navy. Married nine years to Ellie with a son, David he's almost eight now. Ellie is from Augusta. He's autistic, and it has been quite a trip for us raising him!Moved to Augusta in '92, then off to Texas (Ft Hood), for a few years. Nice place but too damn hot!! I still get 'up home' most every year. Miss Maine quite a bit, but am planning on retiring there! Rick Pearson (1988 drop out) 

 Alana Ranney Preston. Great web site! I Graduated from Calais in 1988 went on the New Brunswick Community College of St. Andrews and earned a certificate in Office Technology where I moved back to Chandler Street and attended Washington County Technical College and Graduated on the Deans list from Small Business Management. I have 2 children Amber(10) and Roger who is now 14 (you do the math) and live in Pembroke with my husband Louis Preston of Pembroke son of Lucy & Frank Preston. My brother Jonathan Ranney graduated from Calais in 1984 who worked at GP and is still single he has now moved to Port Orange FL, and my sister Debbie Ranney graduated in 1991who has 1 child and lives in Saco, ME. My brother, sister, and I all moved up from Vivian Louisiana back in 1977 where we were originally lived in Longview TX- The children of Clayton Ranney of Bangor Me and Iris (Holand) Ranney of Longview TX daughter of Oscar & Edna Holand. Alana Preston Fine Art Photography, e-mail, and DownEast Planners.  

Stephen Sawyer, Gulfport, Mississippi. I am still serving in the US Air Force. Currently stationed at a Navy Base in Gulfport Mississippi. I have approved retirement orders, effective 1 October 2008. I intend to move back to my home in Palmer, Alaska with my wife and 4 children at that time.   120607

Keith Thornton, Spring Hill, TN. Wow...I never thought when I wrote here last time, that so much would change. My wife and I moved from Houlton Maine to Spring Hill Tennessee. I got promoted to Regional Q&T Manager and relocated. Spring Hill is about 45 minutes South of Nashville and I work out of the R&D lab in Franklin. It has been an exciting and stressful summer, but we are settling in now after buying a house. It will be interesting to have a winter without much snow. So, we'll see how it 092206

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