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Roster provided by Roy Longino.

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Graduates Class of 1977

Debra Allen Marcia Baker Gigi Barlow
John Barnard Katharine Barnard Karen Barnard
Neil Bishop Barbie Brown Judy Brown
Judy Campbell Gloria Chambers Allen Charlton
  Brenda Carpenter   James R. Clark
Kenneth Clark Timothy Cline Sharon Cole
Yvonne Cookson Elton Crossman Mark Damon
John Demmons Albert Doten Mildred Doten
Mike Duddy Yvonne Emery Cindy Finch
John Fitzsimmons Peter Foster Dana Fox
Dawn Gidney Mike Glasscock Pat Goode
David Greenlaw Lois Greenlaw Carole Hawk
Marcia Hayward Rita Hill Ira Jandreau
Stephen Johnson John Kelley Linda Ketchen
Mike Krohn Roy Longino Gail McClure
Diane McGarrigle Evan McKeown Lorraine McLean
Mike Mitchell Cathy Moholland Paul Monaghan
Eliza Moraisey Randy Morrison Phil Oliver
Donna Peakall Dennis Pelletier Andy Pierce
Eric Polk Rita Polk Tom Poole
Blaine Pottle Mary Poulin Ronny Rambjor
Larry Reed Dana Reynolds Tina Richter
Theresa Robb Brenda Robinson Debbie Robinson
Cheryl Seeley Sandy Seelye Stephen Sherlock
Linda Small Victoria Szatkowski George Taylor
Mary Taylor Ken Thomas Steve Thomas
April Tracy Don Veader Victoria Veader

Tom Waite

Regina Wood

Murrie McDonald

Linda Finch

Clarence Grass

Dennis McKinnon

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"GiGi" Georgia Barlow Hess, Galax, VA. WOW! 30 years!!! Where did the years go? I am really looking forward to our 30th class Reunion in August. To all 1977 classmates please check out our 30th Reunion web site at It is a great place to meet up with old friends and see what they have been up to for the past 30 years. Please register so we have your current address, phone # and email address. We also welcome old friends from the classes before and after us (1973-1982) that we hung around to stop by and sign our guest book! The 1977 Reunion web site will be available through the reunion and after if we get enough interest in it. Mark you calendars for August 11, 2007. Hope to see many old friends stop by our reunion site 04/30/07

John Barnard, Brewer, ME. Been married for 25 yrs have 3 children and have 2 1/2 grandchildren so far. Had one of my brothers die last year from cancer. I have a Harley Davidson. Hope to see everyone at the reunion. 

Karen Barnard Bradford. Nice site guys. Good to see everyone is doing well. I married in Nov. of 1977 and still am married to the same wonderful man. We have 2 grown girls whom have given us 4 grandchildren which we enjoy spending time with. We live in Oak Haven, New Brunswick which to those who don't know is just outside of St. Stephen. We have our own Masonry Company. Bradford Stone Masonry Limited. Have a great day everyone.:)

Barb Brown Dalton, 23 Arbor Drive, Veazie, Maine 04401. Heard about this site awhile ago and finally checked it out! Our 25th reunion is only months away! August 10, 2002! The reunion committee will be sending out a mailing soon. Please e-mail me your address and any suggestions you may have for the reunion. Thanks! 

Barbara Carpenter Elliott, Camden ME. I left Calais and came to Camden in 1977, graduated from the Camden Community School in 1977 married George in 1978, have two boys Uriah is 25 and logan is 20. We live with our two dogs, two cats ,and two boys. The boys pay rent the dogs and cats do not!!!lol :) I have become , the plant lady!:) 030910

James (Jimbo) Clark.  Hi everyone, I'm still in the military 26 years now and served a year in Kuwait and Iraq. I got promoted to a 1SG last December and prepping to go to the Southwest border to assist the Border patrol with the illegal alien issue. I still have a home in Calais. James.R.Clark@Maine.Gov 102806 

Yvonne Cookson-Morrell. I still live in Robbinston. Both of my boys are on their own. Oldest is married and has a son. The youngest is working at LP in Woodland. Dan and I are building a new home here in Robbinston. All is well.  

John Demmons, Calais, ME. Nice website! Great to see that our classmates are up for this reunion! I still work at "THE MILL", now owned by Domtar Industries. Same clowns, different circus!! My wonderful wife, Karyn and I will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this year, and for those of you who are wondering, yes she is nuts! Our oldest, Tony, 17 will be going to flight school next month in Sanford, ME and I can't stand it! I hate flying and he loves it. Our youngest, Brad 14 is also being homeschooled by Karyn and is in 10th grade at DEMMONS ACADEMY. Oxymoron or what? Still a New England sports nut and really loving this year!! I hope to see everyone at the reunion in August, no excuses!! Take care and night now!!  

Cindy Finch Welock..class of '77....e-mail... What a wonderful website. When I clicked on to my class of '77 I could not believe only 1 person was registered. Murrie - we need to do something about that.. Your idea on the advertiser is an excellent one. C'mon classmates!!!!! where are all of you?????...I am married (10yrs) no children to Doug Welock of St. Stephen NB. Our permanent residence is Port St. Lucie Florida but we have a summer home at Pleasant Lake, Alexander, ME. We are usually in Maine from May through October. I am a cosmetologist and my husband works for GE. His work requires a great deal of travel so for the past 10 yrs we have pretty much traveled all over the United States and some over seas. Would love to hear what all you classmates are doing now. 

Rita Hill Yardley, Bangor, ME.  Merry Christmas to All! Things are going well here in Bangor. We had all seven of our children home for Christmas. Josh, 27, is living in DC and works for a non-profit organization setting up educational programs in Pakistan. Shane, 25, will be getting married in June, 2010, teaches junior high social studies in Howland, and just bought a house in Bangor. Jeremy, 25, will become Dr. Yardley in May and will begin his residency in NY. Megan, 22, is now living in CA pursuing her Ph.D focussing on the brain and addiction. Kiana is 14 and is an amazing basketball player. Kira is 11 and is quite a runner. Tessa is 10 and loves doing theater. Shawn is the director of Health and Community Services for the city of Bangor and I have "retired" and love being a stay at home mom. I'd love to hear from each of you. It's so nice to keep up with what everyone is doing. 123109

Linda Ketchen Leavitt.  Still live in the good old Calais Maine. Divorced; 2 Beautiful children - Jessica and Chris both attending college. Employed for WalMart Department Manager 9 1/2 years. email 

Roy Longino, Huntsville, AL. Hey, CMHS/CHS class of 1977! We were last and first ... last class to graduate from CMHS and 1st class to graduate from the new CHS, right? Maybe 76 might argue ... Our 35th reunion is next year, 2012! Start the planning

Murrie MacDonald, Florida. 2007 update- I'm still enjoying the Florida sunshine living in the Orlando area, and love to travel to warm locales whenever possible! I am staying busy with tennis, sand volleyball, and fun charity/volunteer events with my husband. Since our last reunion, I've married my sweetheart- Jim; he's a veterinarian and extremely active in sports. I read George Taylor's post about playing ball until you can't anymore- that's Jim's thoughts exactly!! My son Brian and his wife Angela are now living nearby- both happy & healthy, with great careers. My daughter Kara is still in Chicago, now employed by the College she attended; she and her beau, Brian, are also happy & healthy- I am indeed a very lucky Mum! Brian & Angela should be in Calais in 2007 for the festival...we'll see if I might tag along!!

Diane McGarrigle Hunnewell, Cathance Lake, Cooper, ME. I am a Loan Officer at Calais Federal S & L where I have been employed for the past 21 years. Avery and I live at Cathance Lake with our "wonderful" seven year old daughter, Bridget. I am looking forward to this years class reunion. I see that quite a few of you are planning on attending. It should be a good time. Hope to see you there.  

Dennis McKinnon, NH. Attached is photo of Ruth McKechnie's 5th grade in 1969-70. [See link at top of page.] Many of theses students would become the class of 1977. My family moved away so I did not graduate with these fine folks. I hope that someone can do a better job than myself at identifying the students. First row right Ruth McKechnie; Second Row: First left Dennis McKinnon; Third Row: Second from left Phil Oliver?; Fourth Row: Second from left Beth Tracey?; Fourth Rita Hill?; Sixth Barbie Brown?; Fifth Row: Second from left Tim Cline. 

Mike Mitchell.  I am living at Manchester, Maine.  I am the father of four daughters, with two still at home.  I am the clinical director of Crisis and Counseling Centers in Augusta and continue to be active in teaching, writing and doing the therapy thing to whoever walks through the door.  I think of my life in Calais often and the many people that touched my life.  It is great to see the summaries of everyone who has submitted to the sight and my heart is heavy seeing those who have passed.    I look forward to hearing about the 30th celebrations.  

Donna Peakall Townsend,  I’ve just heard from Roy about our 30th…we’re olddddd. We’re still in Owego, NY, no not Oswego where all the snow is.  I’m an artist local Gallery. I work with glass, stone, and textiles. Gregg (class of 1976) and I have been married for over 26 years, time flies!  Gregg is still running flight test on the Lamps helicopter program for Lockheed Martin. We have three kids. Kate(22), Nick(20), and Sami(16). The oldest two are in college, the youngest is a junior in High school. I try to get to the Calais area a few times a year it’s a 12 hour  drive. Two of my sisters live in the area. We’ll be back for sure in August. See you then 021607

Mary Poulin Barnard, Wichita Falls, TX   23 years in the Air Force had us moving from Calais, Maine, to Alamogordo, New Mexico, to Bitburg, Germany, to Aurora, Colorado, then Wichita Falls, Texas, and Panama City Florida, then Lakenheath England and back to our house in Wichita Falls. After attaining the rank of SMSgt (E-8), going on numerous deployments to the "desert" and back, I decided that I had enough fun doing F-15 Aircraft Maintenance and retired. I live with my husband Sherman in Wichita Falls, Texas, yup, Tornado Alley. I have two children. Amanda is 24, living about 5 miles from us and has 3 beautiful babies named Fairrah who is 5, Dylan is 3, and Olivia is 8 months. She is a prison guard at Allred State Prison and happy with her dude Joe. Our son Scott is 10, and was truly a gift from above. Although he has Aspergers Syndrome ( a pervasive developmental disorder in the AUTISM spectrum), he is smart as a whip, loves computer action adventure type games, playstation, gamecube, you name it, and is just like any other 10 year old in many aspects of his behavior. To some people he just seems a little odd. Don't worry, it isn't as serious as some would think, or maybe we have just gotten used to it and makes no difference to us the way he is. He is ours. I spend my days carting kids back and forth to school, doing homework and Boy Scout tasks with Scott, hugging and kissing on my grandkids, fixing the house and yard after 7 years worth of renters destroyed it, inside and out. Yes, we had a management company, but you know the saying "when the boss is away, the children will play". I guess the Atlantic Ocean didn't help make any of the renters care about the lease agreement. One guy had five big dogs in the house. What a mess. But it is looking pretty spiffy now after 3 years of renovations and fixin up projects. In this part of Texas, it gets very hot in the summer and being from Maine, I still hate that much heat, and the light bill that goes along with running the A/C. So summer is from end of April to end of October, then winter sets in almost immediately. The winters are cooler than most would think. It gets down there in the 0-10 degree range and windy as old heck, but never ever snows, or should I say more accurately, nearly a trace of snow. Spring thinks it has arrived around the middle of Jan to early Feb, but we still get frost up until March, sometimes April. In fact, I had to cover my precious wares just last week because of 32 degree overnight temps. I planted tomatoes, green peppers and jalopenos in the middle of March and the plants all have babies on them. Let's hope they survive the hail damage we have inbound due to the hazard of living in Tornado Alley!! I was happy to see so many people post on the webpage, was sad to see who died, especially Sharon and Ira, and pray all the rest of you are happy and healthy. I don't know if we can come to Maine this summer for the reunion but would like to know what the plans are just in case we can get up there. Take care ya'll. Love, Mary 042607

Brenda Robinson Ramsdell, East Machias ME. Would love to hear from other classmates.

Debbie Robinson Lindsay. Still living outside of St Stephen; still married to Donnie. He works at the post office with our grown son Josh. i work at a local bank. See some class mates at the bank, others I will look forward to seeing at Gigi's. 

Cheryl Seeley Mahar, Robbinston ME. Still living in the area with my husband of 20+ years and two teenage daughters. I have a small business of my own and I work full time at Calais Regional Hospital. Hubby works for GP. Currently working on expanding my business, "On-Site Collection Services,"

Sandy Seelye Yates, Frostburg MD. Hard to believe we have our 40th coming up. I just signed in so I can update my name, address, and e-mail. since the last entry I have had a lot of changes (for the better) in my life. I currently have a home in Frostburg MD but live in PA & Ohio due to work for 8 months out of the year. Sandy (Seelye) Yate, 13621 Upper Georges Creek Rd., Frostburg, MD 21532. 07142017

 Sandy (Seelye) Yate, 13921 Upper Georges Creek Rd. Frostburg, MD 21532.

George and Regina Taylor: Hi everyone. Hope that the whole class can  "come home" this summer for our 30th. We've been back since '94 after  living in Boston, Dover, NH and York, ME. Our son Chris was just  starting kindergarten then, now he'll be graduating in June. He's  looking at colleges all over the country, but mostly in the  northeast. All are invited to a graduation party at the house after the ceremony!!! I'm an optometrist and Regina's a teacher (although she's taken an 18 year hiatus) and is on the school board, helps me at the office and volunteers. I still play ball 2 or 3 times a week and probably will until that career ending injury comes along. We enjoy traveling (while Chris and I are in Milwaukee for a ball game in March, Regina's off to Orlando with Gigi and Cathy Moholland Footer) and hope that anyone who travels to Calais would look us up. We all hope that you'll be able to follow the exploits of the Blue Devils as they go for another undefeated season and all the way to  their second straight GOLD BALL. Hope to see you this summer. 020107 

 Dr. Thomas Waite Traveling by Bicycle from Alaska to Calais for the International Festival. [From Calais Advertiser provided by Roy Longino]

Deceased Classmates

Katharine Barnard Obituary [Provided by Sharon Howland.] 

Sharon Cole. Corinna , Sharon A. Bishop, 42, died Sept. 2, 2001 in Bangor at a hospice home. She was born Dec. 15, 1958, in Calais, daughter of Frederick and  Arlene (McDonald) Cole. She attended Calais schools and graduated from the  University of Maine at Machias. For the past 20 years she taught school at the Dexter Middle School. She coached cheer leading and loved the outdoors, especially  kayaking. She was a communicant of St. Anne's Catholic Church in Dexter. She is  survived by her husband, Neil Bishop, a daughter, Jessica Bonneau and a son,  Michael Bonneau all of Corinna; her mother, Arlene Cole of Calais; two brothers, Larry Cole of Germantown, Tenn. and David Cole of Calais; a sister, Nancy Haddock of Calais; several nieces and nephews; special friends and Godparents of Jessica and Michael, Peter and Karen Murray of Dexter. Friends may call Friday 6-8 PM at the Crosby & Neal Funeral Home, 61 Main St., Dexter. In lieu of flowers her wish was that donations be sent to a scholarship fund at Dexter Regional High School for graduates going into teaching. [The Daily ME, provided by Roy Longino]

John Fitzsimmons. Deceased.

Dana Martin Fox , 58, died quietly on Saturday 13 May 2017, at EMMC, of heart failure. Born in Calais on November 18, 1958 to Lois (Martin) and Hubert Fox, Dana lived his life in a variety of locales in the Northeast, but most consistently in the Bangor area. Dana graduated Calais High School, Class of 1977. He will be remembered by many as a man who truly loved supporting live music (especially The Blues), and with his wife attended music events in a variety of venues throughout the Northeast. As an avid amateur photographer, he knew how to get great backstage photos without ever having a backstage pass. MPBN provided a soundtrack for Dana's daily life, both as a source for news (except when he was logged on to and as entertainment from the many nationally and locally produced Blues Music radio shows. A gifted problem solver, Dana's deep understanding of internal combustion and diesel engines allowed him to be of assistance to thousands of truck drivers over the course of his working life. A true egalitarian, Dana actively worked to support economic justice for working people. Dana's early exposure to boating on the St. Croix River led to a life-long love affair with boats and the water. Kayaking with his daughter was an activity he enjoyed. A long held but never realized dream for his final years was to purchase a sailboat and explore the world from its deck. With his son, Dana was a long time member and supporter of Bangor's Black Ribbon Bicycle Crew, participating in bike polo events and assisting with local bike rallies and races. A solitary man at heart, Dana none the less had a canny ability to reach out and touch the lives of those around him and he made many friends. His natural curiosity led him to connect easily with strangers and to live in the moment. His quick wit and love of word play kept people laughing. Dana often commented that he was "a typical American- married with 2.5 children." Dana is survived by former wife Norma Fox (Hampden), son James Fox (Bangor), step children Charissa Dinsmore (Brewer) and Daniel Dinsmore (Calais), as well as his sisters Joan Meseroll (New Jersey), Anna Cece (Pennsylvania) and Sue Fox (California). Relatives and friends are invited to pay tribute to Dana's life 1-4 p.m., Saturday, July 15, 2017, at 10 West Rd., Brewer. Rain Date July 16, 1-4 p.m. For more information email A private memorial will take place at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his honor to Maine Public Broadcasting Network at [Published on  May 25, 2017 BDN.] 

Pat Goode. Deceased.

Clarence Dana Grass Obituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks.]

David Greenlaw. Deceased.

Ira Jandreau. Died 9/20/1984 in Hartford, CT. [Provided by Ken Strout] 

Michael F. Krohn Died - Dec. 9, 2015 Warwick RI - Krohn, Michael F., 56, a mechanic passed away Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at RI Hospital. He was the companion of Gloria Hemingway. Born in Norwich, CT, he was the son of the late Rev. Donald W. and Carolyn (Abrahamson) Krohn. Michael was the loving father of Megaen T. Nixie and her husband, Ian; loving Papa of Jonathan and Mason. He was the brother of Nancy Krohn and uncle of Jacob. Relatives and friends are invited to a funeral service Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 11 AM in the First Congregational Church of Warwick, 715 Oakland Beach Ave, Warwick, RI. Visiting hours Monday, December 14, 2015 from 4-8 PM in the Thomas & Walter Funeral Home, 2435 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to First Congregational Church of Warwick, 715 Oakland Beach Ave, Warwick, RI 02889, will be appreciated. Information and condolences, please visit [Published in Norwich Bulletin on Dec. 11, 2015. Provided by James Clark.] 

Dennis Harold Pelletier, 57, passed away Saturday, December 12, 2015 at a Bangor hospital surrounded by his loving family. Dennis was born in Calais on May 8, 1958, son of Harold and Francina (Murphy) Pelletier. He graduated from Calais High School and enlisted in the U.S. Navy, stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. Following his enlistment Dennis returned home to Calais and worked for Dicenzo’s, being employed there for over 30 years. He also worked at Border Electric for two years until becoming disabled. He was a Communicant of Immaculate Conception R.C. Church in Calais. Dennis was predeceased by his father Harold; brother Daniel Pelletier; and a nephew Michael Curran. Surviving are his mother Francina Pelletier of Calais; two sons, Lucas Pelletier of Calais, and Nathan Pelletier of Redondo Beach, CA; a sister, Sherri Curran and husband Tony of St. Stephen, NB; two brothers, Douglas Pelletier of Cooper, and Kevin Pelletier of Santa Monica, CA; three nephews, Jay and Joel Curran, and Travis Pelletier; several great nieces and great nephews; and a special friend Boomer.  Visiting hours will be held 6-9 p.m. Friday, December 18, 2015 at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by Father Kevin Martin 10 a.m. Saturday, December 19, at Immaculate Conception R.C. Church, Calais Ave., Calais. Burial will follow in Calais Cemetery. [Provided by Noel Plourde.] 

Victoria Anne Veader Lincoln, 58, passed away peacefully Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Calais Regional Hospital surrounded by her family. Vicki was born in Plymouth, MA on January 19, 1959, daughter of the late Bernard and Cyrena (Marshall) Veader. She attended Marshfield High School in Marshfield, MA until her family relocated to Maine. Vicki graduated from Calais High School, Class of 1977. During her senior year she met her love, Dennis Lincoln, and they were united in marriage on August 6, 1977. While raising her children, Vicki worked as a CNA at Barnard's Nursing Home, Eastport Nursing Home and Lubec Nursing Home. In 1986 she started her career in EMS, Vicki started out as a LAA than attended Washington County Community College where she earned her EMT license. In 1990 she bought East Bay Ambulance and owned and operated it till 1997 when she sold to McGoverns in Calais. While working for McGoverns she went to Eastern Maine Community College for her Paramedic degree. In 2000 she helped start and run Downeast EMS as Operations Manager and Paramedic. Vicki continued her education at Washington County Community College where she received her Associate’s Degree in Behavior Health and General Technologies, and most recently worked for Eastport Health Care in Behavior Health. Vicki loved gardening, sewing, painting, traveling, and above all else, spending time with her precious grandchildren. In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by a daughter, Jessica Anne Lincoln; and a sister Cyrena Movitz. Surviving are her loving husband of 39 years, Dennis Lincoln; three children, Jennifer Lincoln and companion Duane Smith of Ashville, NC, Dennis Lincoln Jr. and his two children, Emma Lynn Victoria Lincoln and Zachary Robert Lincoln and their mother Karen, and Dennis’ companion Allison Falcone and her daughter Isabella, all of Derry, NH, and Jason Lincoln of Perry; two sisters, Harriett Smith and husband Michael of South Windsor, CT, and Cynthia Veader of Waterville; five brothers, John Veader and wife Carol of New Gloucester, Stephen Veader and wife Insun of Darbydale, VA, Peter Veader and wife Tammy of Lanham, MD, Donald Veader and wife Nancy of Pembroke, and Robert Veader of Alpharetta, GA; many nieces and nephews; and numerous dear friends.  Visiting hours will be held 2-4 & 6-8 p.m. Friday, June 16, at Mays Funeral Home – Flagg Chapel, 72 High St., Eastport. A celebration of Vicki’s life will be held 11 a.m. Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Perry Elementary School, Route 1, in Perry. In lieu of flowers, donations in Vicki’s memory may be made to Sarah’s House, 346 Main Rd., Holden, ME 04429. [Provided by Heather Ross.]

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