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Class of 1971

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Graduates Class of 1971

Gail Rita Allison

Thomas H. Bailey

Michael Roy Baker

Nancy Lou Baker

Paula J. Baker

Brian Barnard

Paulette Marie Barnard

Thomas Leonard Brennan

Dennis W. Bryant

Constance E. Bryson

Sally Jane Carlow

Donald H. Carr

Linda Christie

Barbara Jean Lord Clark

Donald P. Clark

Ella Clark

George Clark

Cathryn L. Cline

Stephen R. Cottrell

Edmund C. DelMonaco, Jr.

Thomas E. DelMonaco

Lynne DeChamplain

Joyce E. Demmons

John Dougherty


Harriet Dowling


Diane Fox

Max V. Gayton

Charles W. Gibson

Susan Ruth Gibson

Charles F. Gillis, Jr.

Peter W. Higgins

Joan E. Hinton

Norman Lee Howe

James Jackson

Donna Marie Johnson

Marilyn June Johnson

Patty J. Johnson

Kenneth N. Kelley

Mary Kathleen Kelley

Robert A. Knight

Betty J. Lord

Catherine A. Lowell

Laura Dianne Lyons

Helena A. Malburg

Marilyn M. Maxwell

Gary Allen McKinnon

Ann Marie McShane

Robert F. Moholland

William H. Moore, Jr

James Richard Morrell

David Morrison

Calvin J. Murphy

Kathleen O'Neill Rolinda J. Peakall Kenneth N. Porter
Ronald Edward Porter Dennis G. Purton Daniel Rayner
Vicky Rouse Jeffrey M. Sabattus Carla Sue Scribner
Youvonne Marie Seeley William A. Smythe Barbara Mae Spinney
Paula M. Stanhope Debra Lea Taber Mary Helen Tapley
Daniel Taylor Karl Webster Beverly Brown Montague
Gale Waycott Debbie Steadman Rodney Roderick
Peter Tirrell Paula Esselman Cook Dawn Bouchard Libby
Rebecca Garland    

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Nancy Baker lives in St. Stephen NB, works for St. Croix Head Start, and has a son & daughter. Hi, everyone. I miss you and the times we had at CMHS. It's sad to see the old school...looking lost. I remember the night we graduated and had our picture taken, out on the steps. But life and times have moved on. Hope to see everyone at our next reunion in 2006.

Paula Baker Clark moved from Calais several years ago. She is building a new home on Machias Chain Lake, with her husband, George Clark. She works at EMMC as a maternity nurse and when working lives in LeVant, and on her days off lives at Machias Chain Lake. She has 2 children and 2 grandsons. If you would like to reach her you can use the e-mail,  I am submitting information for her as I am her sister, Lucy

Brian Barnard lives in Eagle River, Alaska.

Paulette Barnard lives in Charlotte ME.

Dawn Bouchard Libby. My graduating class would have been 1971. My family moved to Charlton City, MA in 1969. 020311

Tom Brennan lives in Robinson ME.

Beverly Diane Brown (Montague). Although I am not a graduate of Calais High School as I moved to Clearwater, Florida in what would have been my freshman year, my heart is with the Alumni. In viewing all the names there are so many I remember from my School days. I am 55 with two children and three grand children. I have worked for an agency for the Developmentally Delayed called the Upper Pinellas Association for Retarded Citizens for the last thirty-five years. 123109

Dennis Bryant lives in Pembroke ME.  He works for GP and has 4 children.

Connie Bryson's last known address was Ft. Thompson SD.

Sally Carlow lives in Robinston.

Donald Carr lives on Baring Street, Calais ME.

Linda Christie  completed her degree in Community Health Ed. at U. ME Farmington.

Donald P. Clark worked in the construction business for a few years then managed to move into the entertainment business, working with many rock tours as electrical coordinator and then up to production manager.  He is in the Boston area now, working for the Copley Marriott Hotel  as a coordinator of electrical and internet needs for conventions, trade shows, and some entertainment (still stressful but a little less nerve-racking).  He still keeps a hand in the "real" entertainment world as one of the sound engineers for the "Newport Folk Festival," "Newport Jazz Festival," and the "Newport Rythem and Blues Festival."  Any body who want to hear the rest of the details, please e-mail him.  He enjoys telling these stories! On a more personal note, he is divorced and has a 17 year old son. E-mail Donald at or

Cathy Cline lives in Arowsic ME.

Steve Cottrel lives in Baring ME.

Lynne Dechamplain lives in Calais ME.

Thomas Delmonaco married Mary Kelly.  They have 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter.

Joyce Demmons Scott married Dexter Scott from St. Stephen in August of 1971.  They have two sons Rob born in 1972, and Ronnie born in 1984.  Over the years Joyce and her family lived in Calais, Lake Cowichan, BC and Calgary, Alberta before moving back to the area and settling outside of St. Stephen.  Joyce has worked at a variety of jobs over the years including retail, waitressing, secretarial and accounting.  After working in various departments of the newspaper business in March 2002 Joyce bought a local weekly newspaper. The DownEast Times.  Divorced, and with both children out on their own, Joyce still resides outside of St. Stephen with CJ her dog.  Always on the go covering news events for the paper Joyce's schedule is steady and on most days quite hectic.  She would love to hear from classmates and old friends.  Email Joyce at or  

John Doughtery lives in Milford NH.

Paula Esselman Cook. For no particular purpose I went down memory lane today and checked out Calais, Maine -- a city my family lived in for one year, when I was in 6th grade. I attended Immaculate Conception School as did a couple of my siblings. Anyway I see myself in this class photo. I am the first person in the third row. My name is Paula Esselman. My sister Patti Esselman is in the 4th row, second picture-- she was in the 8th grade then, same classroom as the 6th and 7th graders. Sister Bernard was a real character builder... Dad worked at the Woodland Mill. I also clearly recall the Barnard kids, Paula Stanhope (I see she is now deceased), Anna Mary Casey, Edmund Delmanico, Buga Phee, Nola Cole, Mary Kelly and other Kelly kids and the candy store not far from IC Church. In those days we paid $.25 to sit in the church on Sundays, we wore Mantillas on our heads and the nuns taught us about our reproductive organs! We lived at 301 Main Street. My sister Patti visited there once and told me our house is a boarding house now. We had a lot of fun in that big old house. Mary Tapley was my best friend there. I'll see if I can drop her a line just for fun. I'm married 35 years, mother of two and grandmother of 3. I worked as a hospital social worker for years and currently in Ethics/Compliance at our hospital. My married name is Cook. Paula Cook from Wisconsin Rapids, WI. We moved here from Calais and I stayed here for life. Both my parents are now deceased-- they kept in touch through Christmas cards with the Delmanicos for years but to my recollection they were never back to visit Calais. I fondly remember the St. Patrick's Day show at the high school, doing the Irish jig with Edmund D. I have a brother James Esselman who would have graduated hs in 1967. And a brother William Esselman who would have graduated HS in 1968 My sister Patti in 1969. Brother Mark Esselman in 1973. Anyone out there remember our family being there? Just asking for fun. Paula Cook

Marcia Flood lives in Calais ME.

Larry Ford lives in Spendora TX.

Diane Fox lives in Perry. She works in real estate and has 3 boys.

Janet Frost lives in Chester NH.

Max Gayton lives in Milltown ME.

Charles Gibson lives in St. Stephen NB.  He has 2 children and works at the hospital in St. Stephen.

Susan Gibson married Tony Weeks and lives in St. Stephen NB.

Peter Higgins works in the grocery business in Calais ME and has 1 daughter.

Joan Hinton Tubbs.  I would like to report that Mrs. Ann Marie McShane Speedy passed away on April 6, 2006 after a long struggle with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. She fought the disease bravely and will be greatly missed. Ann had 2 sons and was a devoted wife and mother.  Thank you to those classmates who attended the memorial service. Your presence was greatly appreciated. I noticed in the class information for her it should read NB instead of NE.  I have worked at the Atlantic Salmon Federation in St. Andrews, NB, for the last 15 years in membership and development.  My husband is retiring from teaching next year, and we look forward to traveling.  My E-mail address is:, and would enjoy hearing from classmates. 

Norman Howe married Linda Peakall ('71) in 1971.  Norm retired from the US Navy in ‘95 after 24 years of service, and they have  been living on Cathance Lake since 1995. He is currently the Parts Manager at Blueberry Ford in Machias.  

James Jackson lives in Calais ME.

Donna Johnson. Married Paul Jack class of 67. Had two boys, Paul D Jack and Michael C Jack. Have one grandaughter. Remarried in 2002 to Gene Tucker and Reside on the ledge road in St. Stephen. Work for Supt. of Schools Office in Baileyville as a bookkeeper. Would like to hear from friends.

Marilyn Johnson lives in Norwich CT.

Patty Johnson Hard to believe its been 38 years since we graduated and now we are well..getting on in age. Gray hair, grandkids those sort of things. Some of us have passed on. Back in 1974, in my final semester of college, I lived in NYC to learn clinical procedures in the animal medicine field at the Animal Medical Center on Manhattan Island. I promised myself when or if I ever returned to Maine I'd never leave again. I never dreamed I'd still be living in the Calais area. I went back to nursing school in 1986 and became a LPN and have worked at Atlantic Rehab Nursing Center (AKA Barnard's Nursing Home) for 21 years! From 1977 to 1984 I lived in Princeton Maine and ran a small farming operation. I wish now that I had never left that way of life. Those were the best years of my life. I have three sons. The two oldest are Joshua and Joel Parker born in 1977. They are identical twins and after 6 yrs in the Navy now work at Togus Veteran's Center in Augusta. Sean, the youngest is currently attending college in Miramichi City New Brunswick majoring in 3D Graphics for electronic game design. That's all for now folks.

Ken Kelley Served in USN. Four years ago I married (my first girlfriend at 15) Lynn Francis from St. Stephen. We are presently living in East Machias and will be building a new home in St. Stephen spring of '06. I will be retiring in Nov./06 from the Dept. of Defense after 30 years of service. Looking forward to returning to the area with our family and friends.010806  

Mary Kelley  married Tom Delmonaco.  She has 3 daughters and a granddaughter.  She volunteers in the Calais area.

Robert Knight lives in Calais ME.

Barbara Lord lives in Calais and has a daughter and a grandson.  She works in the nursing field and assists the New England Eye Bank Team (eye tissue & organ donation).

Betty Lord Burgess. Hi to all, especially the CMHS attendees. I live in Thomaston ME with my husband and two children (ages 15 and 14). I also have two stepsons who will be graduating from college this spring. Time goes to fast. Would love to hear from some old friends and classmates. E-mail

Catherine Lowell lives in Warren ME.  She works in the medical profession and has 2 boys.

Laura Lyons lives in St. Stephen NB.

Marilyn Maxwell Strout  Married my high school sweetheart Al in 1973.We have two daughters, one in the Portland area, the youngest is a world citizen (currently somewhere in SE Asia). I was a secretary &  worked 12 yrs for federal law enforcement; 11 yrs in a library at a private college; and 8 yrs as Asst Town Clerk here in Maine. I enjoy reading, quilting, knitting, love to hike mountains & walk the beach.  Am currently competing in a variety of dog competitions covering nosework (rats, odors & tracking) as well as agility & obedience.  After living in Portland (4 yrs), Windham (10 yrs), & Otisfield (25 yrs), & Harpswell (5 Yrs) we became hummingbirds! We moved to the Daytona Beach area of Florida, and now come to Maine for the summers. Looking forward to our 50th in 2021!  Email is

Gary McKinnon
lives in Sidney ME.

Robert Moholland, Bear Cove ME. I just thought I should update. Bobby and I have 7 grand children and 1 on the way. They range in age from 4 months to 7 years. Bobby is the Director of the St. Croix Regional Technical Center at the High School, and I am the Director of the Unobskey School University College at Calais. It is located in the old A& P. Next time you are in Calais, check out the "rocks". NOAA has designated them the #1 spot on their new Heritage Trail..........and we thought it was just a place to hang out 072005

James Morrell lives in Robinston.  He is a teacher and has 2 children.

David Morris lives in Calais ME.

Calvin Murphy lives in Hermon ME.

Kathy O'Neill lives in  Freeport ME and has 2 daughters and a son. Kathleen A. O'Neill on Facebook

Rolinda Peakall Hard to believe it’s been 35 years since we graduated from good ol’ CMHS it seems like yesterday. However, since we have grown daughters and 2 grandchildren with one on the way I guess it has been 35 years. Norm Howe, also class of ’71 and I have been married since 1971 and have been living on Cathance Lake since 1995. Norm retired from the US Navy in ‘95 after 24 years of service. He is currently the Parts Manager at Blueberry Ford in Machias and I work for Down East Federal Credit Union. We always look forward to International Festival and trying to figure out if we recognize anyone from High School. We would love to hear from old classmates. 

Kenneth Porter lives in Baring ME. Married with 2, son and a daughter Work for GP in Woodland Big Calais basketball fan.   

Ronald Porter lives in Calais ME and has 2 daughters and a son and 1 granddaughter.

Danie Rainer lives in Ridgely MD.

Carla Scribner lives in St. Stephen NB and has 2 sons.  She works in the health field.

Youvonne Seeley lives in Calais ME and has 3 boys (includes a set of twins) and has one grandson.

Barbara Spinney married Alan McClellan ('70) and just built a new home on Pocomoonshine Lake in Alexander.   She works as a secretary in the Calais area and has 2 boys.

Deborah Steadman - Deborah Rogers on Facebook

Debbie Taber is the Finance Director for the Town of Windham ME.  She is doing great!

Mary Tapley lives in St. Stephen NB and works as a dental hygienist.  She has one son and one daughter.

Daniel Coleman Taylor, Calais, Maine. I have been married to Lila Hunnewell of the class of 1973 of C.M.H.S. since 1976. Have a daughter Lori and a son Kevin. Lila and I have three grandchildren. Have worked at the International Motel since 1974. Work part time in the winter as a substitute teacher at Calais high school. My E-Mail address is love to hear from you.

Gale Waycott, Punta Gorda FL. Was in the class at Milltown School when it closed. Was one of the first ones to go to the Garfield Street School in 1963 or there about (too old to remember). If someone has any old pics of Class of '71 woould like to see them like the years of the 60s. Thanks., 042010

Deceased Classmates

Gail Allison James. BAILEYVILLE and CALAIS Gail R. James, 50, loving mother and grandmother, died accidentally as the result of a motorcycle accident, Aug. 21, 2002, at Cooper. She was born in New Castle, Northumberland County, N.B., Canada, May 25, 1952, the daughter of Raymond and Josephine (Campbell) Allison. She was a member of the Calais Lioness Club, the United Bikers of Maine, and the Royal Canadian Legion. Surviving are her father, Raymond Allison of New Castle, N.B.; her fianc‚, Charlie McPhee of Bear Cove, Meddybemps; two daughters, Alison Ireland and her husband, Larry of Presque Isle, Brenda Donovan and her husband, Brian of Calais; three grandchildren, Lora and Lee Ireland of Presque Isle, Haley Jo Donovan of Calais; a grandmother, Rita Sommerville of Fredericton, N.B.; several aunts, uncles and cousins, one niece and many friends; two special friends, Kat Dow and Lynn Milburn. Friends may call at the Scott-Wilson Funeral Home, Saturday, from 12 noon until time of services at 2 p.m., with Pastor William Hunt officiating. Friends who wish may make donations in her memory to Make- A- Wish Foundation of Maine, 87 Elm St., Suite 206, Camden, ME 04843, or charity of choice. [Bangor Daily News 8/22/02 provided by Marilyn Strout]

Tom Bailey - ARLINGTON, Va. - Thomas Herbert Bailey passed away unexpectedly Oct. 27, 2009, at his home. Tom was born March 3, 1953, in Augusta, first son of Frank Herbert and Priscilla Mae (Lahaye) Bailey. After graduating from Calais Memorial High School in 1971, he attended Husson College and graduated from Springfield (Mass.) Technical College. Hopefully every family has their eccentric, and Tom was the one who showed our family the joy of living outside the box and following one's dreams. His passion for invention and electronic innovations brought him to Washington, D.C., after graduation and he began his career working with the U.S. Patent Office. His specialty was electronic patent innovations in these incredible past decades of astronomical growth. Although electronics were his profession, the gearbox and carburetor on his Jeep CJ5 were his passion. Tom was predeceased by his parents. Tom is survived by his brother, Mike and his wife, Debbie and their daughters, Lindsay and Kate, of Searsmont; his sister, Pat Webber and her husband, Mike, of Belfast; and his brother, Rob of Calais. A gathering will be held in his memory 1-4 p.m. Nov. 7 at Michael Bailey's residence in Searsmont. [Published in Bangor Daily News on October 29, 2009] 

Ella Clark  BANGOR - Ella Mae Clark, 57, passed away Jan. 24, 2010, in the presence of her mother and sister at home, after a courageous battle with cancer. She was a graduate of Calais High School. She was a loyal employee for many years of the Lucerne Inn and Twin City Sheet Metal. Being an avid traveler, Ella visited all 50 states and far away places such as Scotland, Ireland and Italy to name a few. Ella collected dragons of all shapes and sizes, which she felt was a true reflection of her adventurous spirit, as dragons are mythical symbols of blazing strength and aged wisdom. She is survived by her mother, Josephine Clark; sister, Joyce Remeschatis and husband, James; brother, Michael Clark and wife, Linda; and sister-in-law, Paula Clark. Ella will also be missed by her many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Karen Taylor is a special friend that shared in many of Ella's adventures. She was predeceased by her brother, George Clark IV; and her grandparents, Byron and Lettie McLellan. A remembrance gathering for all family and friends will be held 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 30, at Ella's home in Bangor. A graveside service will be held in the spring in South Princeton. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Eastern Maine Medical Center Champion the Cure.   [Published in BDN 1/25/10 provided by Sharon Howland]

George Clark. GEORGE EDWARD CLARK IV TOWNSHIP 26 - George Edward Clark IV, 54, George Clark formerly of Calais, died Thursday, Nov. 2, 2006, at a Bangor hospital. George was born Dec. 24, 1951, in Calais. He served in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany. George married Paula Baker Jan. 16, 1975, in Calais. He was employed by Domtar for more than 25 years. George was a member of the Spednic Club, Baileyville, Quarter Century Club with Domtar and a lifelong member of the Calais Rod & Gun Club. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, bowling, basketball, playing pool, spending time with family and being in the outdoors. Surviving is his loving wife of more than 31 years, Paula Clark; his mother, Josephine Clark; two children, Erik Clark and wife, Danielle, of Waterville and Julie Cox and fianc?, Stephen Campbell, of Baileyville; two sisters, Ella Clark of Bangor and Joyce Remeschatis and husband, James, of Dedham; a brother, Michael Clark and wife, Linda, of Calais; two grandchildren, Donald Cox and Brett Campbell; his father and mother-in-law, Austin and Ann Baker of Calais; three sisters-in-law, Lucy Baker of Perry, Tina and husband, Garnet McGregor, of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, and Marcia and husband, Charlie Doyle, of Calais; many nieces, nephews and friends. Friends may call 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Monday at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais. A celebration of George's life will be held 11 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home with a gathering after the service at the Spednic Club. In lieu of flowers, donations in George's memory may be made to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 44 Binney St., Boston, MA 02115-6084. Burial will be private. Friends may pay tribute at  [Provided by John Adams & Marilyn Strout BDN 110406]

Edmund C. DelMonaco Jr, 62, passed away Monday, March 16, 2015 at Calais Regional Hospital with his family by his side. Ed was born in Calais on June 17, 1952, son of Edmund and Margaret (Maher) DelMonaco. He graduated from Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1971 and on June 28, 1975 he married Lucinda Daggett in Calais. During high school he started to work in the family business, Thomas DiCenzo, Inc., and continued there during college and most of his life. Later, Ed worked for J&J Construction of Massachusetts, taking part in the building of the new port of entries in Calais and Van Buren. He was a Communicant of Immaculate Conception R.C. Church and enjoyed spending time on Meddybemps Lake, boating, and being around family and friends. Ed, known to many of his friends as the "Captain," was predeceased by his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Ivah and Chick Daggett. Surviving are his parents, Edmund and Margaret DelMonaco Sr. of Calais; his wife Lucinda DelMonaco of Baileyville; three daughters, Amanda DelMonaco-Bell and husband John of Baileyville, Melinda Jean DelMonaco and companion J.R. Gibson of Baileyville, and Meagan DelMonaco of Baileyville; six grandchildren, Micheal Grimanis, Everett Hanson, Brendon Goulet, Kylie Goulet, Grayson Delnicki, and Easton Bell; Brent Delnicki, whom he loved like a son and special friends Larry & Shelley Mulholland, and Ralph & Debby Feck. Visiting hours will be held 1-2 p.m. Thursday, March 19, 2015 at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais where a celebration of Ed’s life will begin at 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers please send donations to the Gateway for Cancer Research at [Provided by Marilyn Strout] 

Harriet Dowling Doherty. FORT COVINGTON, N.Y. - Harriet A. Doherty, 52, of 132 Pike St. and formerly of Georgetown, S.C., died Wednesday, June 21, 2006, at St. Regis Nursing Home in Massena, N.Y. She had been a resident there since July 19, 2005. Born June 22, 1953, in Machias, she was the daughter of Henry and Octavia Lund Dowling. She graduated from the University of Maine. She was united in marriage to Allen Doherty in Princeton. The marriage ended in divorce. Harriet taught at Tara Hall, a private boy's school in Georgetown, S.C., for several years. She retired in June 2005, and moved to Fort Covington, N.Y. because of her health. Survivors include her father, Henry Dowling of Whitneyville; her ex-husband, Allen Doherty of Bangor; one son and daughter-in-law, Daniel and Tricia Doherty of Fort Covington; one daughter and son-in-law, Nicole and John Benson of Birmingham, Ala.; two brothers, Samuel and Clayton Dowling, both of Whitneyville; and five grandchildren, Hunter Doherty of Fort Covington, N.Y. and Briana, Kayla, Amelia and Emily Benson, all of Birmingham, Ala. There are no calling hours. The funeral service and burial will be private and at the convenience of the family. Donations may be made in her memory to Martha's House, P.O. Box 2763, Pawleys Island, SC 29585. Arrangements are through the Cappiello-McKenzie and Cosgrove Funeral Home in Fort Covington, N.Y. [Bangor Daily News 062406, provided by Sharon Howland & Marilyn Strout]

Rebecca Olson Garland Cookson, 64, passed away Friday, January 12, 2018 following a courageous battle with cancer. Rebecca was born in St. Stephen, NB on February 13, 1953, daughter of Arthur and Edith (Olson) Garland. Rebecca attended Calais Memorial High School. Once her two children became older, Rebecca started to work as a bartender for local establishments in Calais. In 1987, she met Robert Ricker and together they worked for United Insulation, traveling throughout New England. On September 11, 1993, they were united in marriage at the Garland Residence in Robbinston. Rebecca was an avid Red Sox fan, enjoyed cooking and making jams, and always had a soft spot for animals. She was predeceased by her parents, Arthur and Edith Garland. Surviving are her husband Robert Ricker of Robbinston; two children, Dana Cookson and wife Miranda of Robbinston, and Kari Anne Kelly and husband Ryan of Paxton, MA; three grandchildren, Tyler and Anthony Cookson of Robbinston, and Finley Mae Kelly of Paxton, MA; stepson Nathan Ricker; her brother, Erik Garland and wife Joyce of Robbinston; and many nieces and nephews. In keeping with Rebecca’s wishes, there will be no services. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. [Provided by Heather Ross.]

Charles Gillis.   Eagle River resident Charles Francis Gillis Jr., 39, died July 20 [1993] at Alaska Regional Hospital. His cremated remains were taken to Calais, Maine. Mr. Gillis was born Nov. 10, 1953, in Washington, D.C. He earned a bachelor's degree in business administration at the University of Maine at Orono and served in the U.S. Army and was promoted to the rank of captain. He was a 14-year veteran and separated at Fort Richardson, where he was stationed from 1975-79 and from 1984-89. He worked at the frame shop at Elmendorf Air Force Base. Mr. Gillis had lived in Eagle River since December 1989. He was active in working to rescue animals in need, such as orphaned or abandoned kittens. He enjoyed his pets, cats and dogs, hunting, fishing and helping people. His family said: "Charles was gentle and kind. He loved animals and was always thinking of ways to help them, both his own and others'. Charles often helped motorists in need while commuting between Elmendorf and Eagle River. He was always there for his friends in need." He is survived by his wife of 18 years, Paula [Stanhope] of Eagle River; his mother, Kathleen of Bangor, Maine; his brother and sister-in-law, David and Sherry of Calais; his sister and brother-in-law, Kathleen and Christopher Jans of Calais; and his nieces, Jenny and Amy.  [Provided by Ken Strout 6/20/12]

Helena Ann Malburg Wick (Ret. Sergeant First Class), passed away peacefully Sunday morning at the age of 61 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She will be sadly missed by many family members. She was the mother of Maria Elena Adaglio, Matthew James Wick, and is predeceased by her son Daniel John Wick. Helena was born in Rockland, Maine on Feb. 5, 1953, the daughter of the late Oscar and Marie Malburg. She will be missed by her sisters Rose Sorbello, Linda Currier, Donna Malburg, Sharon Bartlett, and Judith Haskins, brother Daniel R. Malburg, and she is predeceased by her late brother, Steven Oscar Malburg. She has a granddaughter Bella Adaglio, and will be missed by many nieces and nephews and best friend Ruth Ann. Helena graduated from Calais Memorial High School, Maine in 1971. Helena loved the United States Army and served her country honorably for 20 years in the DENTAC unit and retired with honor as an E7.Helena will be laid to rest on Monday June 16 at 1pm at the Radcliff Veterans Cemetery. In her memory, in lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. [Provided by Marilyn Maxwell Strout 06232014] 

Ann Marie McShane Speedy. Mrs. Ann Marie McShane Speedy passed away on April 6, 2006 after a long struggle with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. She fought the disease bravely and will be greatly missed. Ann had 2 sons and was a devoted wife and mother.  Thank you to those classmates who attended the memorial service. Your presence was greatly appreciated. Joan Tubbs 

Kenai resident William Henry Moore Jr. died Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008, at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. He was 55. A private service was held in Soldotna. An additional memorial service will be held in Calais, Maine. Mr. Moore was born Dec. 17, 1952, in Calais. He grew up and received his education in Calais, graduating from high school there. He moved to Alaska in August 2000. He lived in Clam Gulch, Kasilof and Anchorage, as well as Kenai. Mr. Moore loved fishing on the Kenai and Russian rivers. "He lived his dream fishing on the Kenai and Russian rivers. Many will miss his sense of humor. I will miss him every day," his girlfriend said. Mr. Moore was preceded in death by his parents, William H. Moore Sr. and Georgia Leah Moore. He is survived by his girlfriend, Wanda J. Torrey of Kenai; son, Brian Moore of Alamonte Springs, Fla.; daughter, Kara Whelan of Chicago; sisters, Linda McGuire of Arizona and Reah Ross of Canada; and a niece, Lean Dawn Alley of Lymann, Maine. In lieu of flowers, contact Wanda at 907-395-0906 or 207-357-9942. Arrangements were made by Peninsula Memorial Chapel in Kenai." By Obituary |Peninsula Clarion [Provided by Sharon Howland]

Dennis G. Purton of the Town of Delafield left us much too soon on Friday, August 21, 2015 at the age of 62. He was born in Calais, Maine to parents Paul and Carmen Purton on December 9, 1952. Dennis met his wife of 41 years Jane, while attending Calais High School. He graduated from the University of Maine Orono with a bachelor's degree in pulp and paper engineering. A fan of all things Disney and NASA, he also enjoyed Tour de France and Nascar and loved the Red Sox. He touched so many lives with his sense of humor and compassion. In addition to his wife Jane [Oliver '70], he will be sadly missed by his daughters Emma (fiancé Jack Kukuk) and Chloe Purton, His sister Judy (Jim) Knowlton and his brothers Dale (Janet) Purton and the late John (Denis Cranson) Purton and his nieces Amanda and Jenessa. In addition he will be missed by his numerous friends in Calais, Maine, Lunenburg, Massachusetts and Queensbury, New York. A Gathering for family and friends will be held on Sunday, August 30, 2015 from 1:00 PM until a time of Remembrance at 3:00 PM at the Evert-Luko Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers please donate to your favorite charity in Dennis' name. EVERT-LUKO Funeral Home, 170 Warren Ave., Hartland WI. [Provided by Ken Strout.]

Vicky Rouse Cough. SPRINGFIELD - A memorial service will be held Nov. 24 for Vicky Lynn Rouse Cough of Springfield, who died Nov. 19 at age 51. The family chose not to list a cause of death. Cough was born July 9, 1953, in Lewiston, Idaho to James Franklin and Pauline Payment Rouse. She married Michael Bernard Cough in Albany on Jan. 27, 1973. He died Oct. 17, 1999. She lived in Albany, Samoa, California and Calais, Maine. Cough was a 1970 graduate of Calais Memorial High School and a 1972 graduate of St. Joseph College of Nursing. She was employed as a nurse for 15 years, a floral designer for 10 years and an insurance agent for two years. She enjoyed flying planes, water-skiing and traveling. Cough was a member of the Toastmasters Club and the Oregon Jaycees, and was a volunteer at Very Little Theater. She was voted Outstanding Woman of the Year in 1982 for the state of Oregon. Survivors include her mother; a son, Michael of Eugene; a daughter, Kristy Ann Cough of Eugene; two brothers, Jim Rouse of Albany and Tom Rouse of McMinnville; and a sister, Kathy Rouse of Tillamook. A rosary will be held at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, followed by a memorial service at 2 p.m., both at Buell Funeral Chapel in Springfield.

Jeff Sabbatus married Connie Cleghorn, had 3 children, and was a heavy equipment operator for DiCenzo's.   He enjoyed baseball, fishing & hunting.  He died 6/1996. Obituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks]

William E.A. "Bill" Smythe, aka "Bug", 57, died Friday night, Jan. 21, 2011, at a Bangor hospital after an extended illness. He was born April 4, 1953, in Calais, the son of Henry C. and Helen E. (Algar) Smythe. He graduated from Calais Memorial High School in 1971 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Lowell Technical Institute in 1975. Bill came to Presque Isle in 1975 and worked for Nissen Baking Co. In 1977 he started working for Milliken Tomlinson Co. and was in charged of retail marketing of all IGA stores south of Presque Isle. In 1980 Bill acquired the First National Store, Presque Isle, and opened it as North Plaza IGA Foodliner. In 1990 he moved the store to the old Zayre's location and named it Smythe's IGA Plus. At the time of his death owned three Save-A-Lot stores in Caribou, Farmington and Brewer. Bill was very active in the community. He was a member and past president of Presque Isle Rotary Club, Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Council and Northern Maine Fair Association. He was a member and vice chairman of The Aroostook Medical Center, member of the board of directors of Presque Isle Snowmobile Club and The Aroostook County Federal Savings & Loan Association, and member of Presque Isle Elks and Fish & Game Club. Bill was voted 1994 Presque Isle Citizen of the Year and was the recipient of the 1996 Presque Isle Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship Award. He is survived by his wife, Peggy (Quigley) Smythe of Presque Isle; two sisters, Catherine Carson and her husband, Kenneth, of Robbinston and Susan Smythe of Portland; several nieces and nephews, and many special friends. He was predeceased by his parents. Friends may call 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at Duncan-Graves Funeral Home, 30 Church St., Presque Isle, where funeral services will be held 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 26, with the Dr. Rev. Robert Grove Markwood officiating. After the service, a reception will be held in the gathering area of the funeral home. Spring interment will be at Fairmount Cemetery. Donations may be made in his memory to County Dialysis, 21 North St., Presque Isle, ME 04769 or National Kidney Foundation of Maine, 630 Congress St., P.O. Box 1134, Portland, ME 04104-1134. Online condolences may be expressed at [BDN 012411. Provided by Ken Strout.]

Paula Stanhope BradfordObituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks] 120909

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