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Class of 1966

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Class of 1966 (Biggest class ever) - Our 52nd class reunion will be held Thursday, August 9, 2018 from 4 - 10 pm at the St. Croix Country Club.
  Teachers will also be invited to this reunion.  If you did not receive details about the reunion via email or snail mail, 
contact Sharon Howland at  Hope to see you there.  We had a terrific time at our 50th
 and hope to have an even better time this year.  If you did not attend the 50th, think of attending this one. 
 This is open to anyone who was a member of this class at anytime during our school career. 
  You will be greeted with open arms and smiles galore.

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Graduates Class of 1966

Catherine A. Bailey

Gerald E. Baker

Richard Barnard

Carol I. Bassatt

Edna May Bayliss

Janice D. Benson

Patricia A. Bernardini

Kenneth L. Brooks

Dana Brown

Lance Bryson

Frank M. Burke

Linda M. Chambers

Pauline E. Chambers

Sandra S. Christie

D. Elizabeth "Betty" Clark

Gary W. Clark

Nancy F. Cole

Peter M. Comstock

Phil J. Connell

Floyd L. Coons

Joel W. Craft

Albert E. Cushman

Faye E. Davis

Joyce L. Davis

William P. DelMonaco

Thomas DiCenzo

Margaret R. Dickinson

Linda J. Dodge

Peter O. Doliber

Linda D. Donavan

Judith M. Doten

Mary E. Doten

William Downing

Elizabeth F. Elliott

Myrtle F. Featherson

Charles B. Frost

Deborah L. Frost

Roger M. Flood

Peter C. Forsyth

Linda S. Getchell

Frances A. Gillespie

Robert A. Gordon

Linda M. Gray

Jane E. Greenlaw

Sandra L. Hall

Lucy A. Hartford

E. Annette Hawthorne

Burton E. Hayman

Betty A. Hill

Larry S. Hill

Patricia M. Hill

Ross Hodsdon Roger Holst Sharon Howland
David W. James Marlene L. Johnson Mark B. Ketchen
Jennie M. Kidder Shirley B. Lee Maureen E. King
James E. Kinney Carlene E. Kuch Gerald LaPointe
Dorothy M. Linton Ernestine A. McKay Dianne G. McKeown
Paula E. McLain Linda Malburg Pamela Marshall
Douglas E. McLellan Patricia C. Merrill William Mitchell
Linda D. Moore Mary L. Morrison Charles H. Murphy
Edward F. Perkins Peter D. Perkins Jane M. Perry
Louis M. Pettit Craig C. Roderick Nancy F. Saunders
Thomas Sawyer Patricia A. Sherman Cheryl P. Sherrard
Linda L. Sinclair Sherry Y. Smith Sharon A. Stevens
Jean W. Strout Norma L. Taylor Barbara D. Thornton
J. Norman Thornton Jerome S. Torrell P. Christopher Torrell
Phillip N. Townsend Susan M. Tracy Kenneth A. Tyler
June H. Vondell Susan M. Vose Thomas Walton
Gilda L. Ward Paulyne A. Ward Jayne L. Webster
Darrell E. Weitner Mark James Cullen Al Burgermeister 
Reed Timothy Jewett Mike Trippett  

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**50th Reunion 8/6/16 - Thanks Sharon Howland & Chuck Murphy. How did you do with the names of the classmates in the picture?   Check your guesses with the list. Front row:  sitting on the floor:  Susan (Vose) Chaffee; Mary (Doten) McLellan; Beth (Elliott) Lee. Row 2: sitting in chairs: Jane (Webster) Brooks; Edna Mae (Bayliss) Comstock; Shirley (Lee) Kile; Nancy (Cole) Haddock; Norma (Taylor) Sharpe; Katie Winship; Linda Dodge, Alfred Burgermeister; behind Alfred and sitting in a chair is Pete Perkins.  Row 3: standing: Annette (Hawthorne) Duchesneau; Deb (Frost) (Foss) Joyce; Sharon Howland; Judy (Doten) Keen; Marlene (Johnson) Wilbur; Cathy (Bailey) Scullin; Tina (McKay) LeTarte; Sandra (Christie) Smith; Phil Phee; Lou Pettit; Bill Downing; Chuck Murphy.  Row 4: Polly Ward; Susan (Tracy) Grant; Pat (Merrill) Ross; Jane (Gibson) Greenlaw; June (Vondell) Burtt; Carol (Webster) Bassett;  Row 5: (All guys): Mark Ketchen; Roger Flood; Ed Perkins; Dana Lewis; Doug McLellan; Craig Roderick; Tom Sawyer; Jerry Torrell; Chuck Frost; Phil Townsend; Tom DiCenzo; Pete Comstock; Bill DelMonaco; Roger Holst; Jerry LaPointe; Ken Brooks.  The following people attended the reunion but did not have their photo taken:  Gerry Baker; Paul Roche; Betty (Clark) Stuart; Sharon (Stevens) Grant.

Al Burgermeister.  Since the 50th Reunion will be happening in 2016, I thought now would be a good time to update my profile on this site.  I’m planning to attend my first reunion ever and, while I started with the class of ’66 and spent my freshman and part of my sophomore years at CMHS, the death of my mother in November 1963 resulted in the move of my brothers and me to New Jersey to live with our father.  So I really appreciate the opportunity to come back to Calais, attend the reunion, and reconnect with some of you for the first time since Sophomore year!  Calais was our family home.  It’s where we grew up, where our grandparents had their businesses, and where we all end up being buried (the St.Stephen Rural Cemetery).  Talking about cemeteries, I’m also powerfully motivated to attend the reunion since I’ve learned that some of my childhood friends have passed away, friends with whom I was close in the early years but never knew as adults….Tim Jewett, Peter Doliber, Tommy Walton to name three….  It gives me pause.  My story?  Graduated Montclair State in NJ and Princeton Theological, ordained in the Presbyterian ministry and served a large downtown church in Montreal.  Bailed in 1977 and resettled in San Francisco where my brother, Todd, had preceded me.  Spent most of my working life in the airline industry, ultimately as head of sales for United Airlines in NYC.  Now retired to Panama City, FL. with my now-legal husband of 26 years, Jack Harvey.  My sister, Linda, has five wonderful children (all adults with families of their own).  My brother Kip (Herman) is a surgeon, has four children and lives in Indiana.  We lost our brother, Todd, to AIDS in 1993.    Jack and I have spent part of many a summer sailing the Maine coast and, in more recent years, spending a few weeks each August down in Roque Bluffs with a nice circle of friends there.  Looking forward to meeting friends from long, long ago in August 2016….and wondering if we’ll recognize each other!!  new email 11/13/15 

Edna Bayliss Comstock & Peter Comstock: Peter and I married 10 years ago and presently live in Readfield ME.  We have just signed a contract to sell our Readfield property and move to Sidney where we are building a new home.  We are two miles from the Sidney exit.  One mile to the Middle Rd and the other mile North towards Oakland.  We hope that classmates will feel free to drop by or hail us when they are in the area if they need assistance or just for FUN.  I currently work at the Maine State Library in Augusta and have the illustrious title "Electronic Services Librarian".   Pete finished his Masters two years ago in counseling and currently works at St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston as an outpatient counselor.  We both love computers, email and web pages.  I'm the web mistress for the Maine State Library's web page and work all sorts of electronic toys.  Digital Cameras, PCs etc.  Hoping to hear from any of you.  All the best Edna & Pete, e-mail

Doris Elizabeth Clark 
After graduating from the University of Maine at Machias with a BS Degree in Business Education, I began my teaching career at Kennebunk High School in Kennebunk, ME.    When  I started, I taught the typical business subjects--accounting, shorthand and typing; when I retired after 39 years, it was computerized accounting, international business, economics, computer applications, marketing etc. It was a never-ending challenge to keep up with the advancements in my field.  I took graduate classes at USM, Husson, New Hampshire College, SMTC, and  UMPG.   I earned my Masters Certificate and served one  term as President of the Masters Teachers of Maine.  I also served on the Board of Directors of BEAM (Business Education Teachers of Maine) for a number of years and was the Assistant Treasurer for three years. My 'joy' was working with the students.  I loved being 'in the classroom.'   I was class advisor for two classes, advisor to the school newspaper (The RamPage), the school store, the Service Squad  and Future Business Leaders of America.   During the last three years of my teaching career, I served as President of the Faculty Senate and advisor to the Student Senate. I am now retired and living in beautiful Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.  Being a dual citizen, I enjoy the best of two worlds.  My hobbies are reading, crafting, painting and traveling.   I served on the Board of Directors of the Saint Andrews Market for 4 years and currently serve on the Board of Directors of Spindrifters Inc. (50+ group in Saint Andrews).   I am also a coeditor of the Spindrifters' newsletter which is published monthly. My life has been filled with lots of adventures from losing my home to the Groundhog Day storm in 1977 to meeting the Pope on one of my trips to Rome.  There is very little I would change and thanks to growing up in Calais, I have many, many wonderful memories that still keep me entertained. E-mail stuartbetty@gmail.com03/23/2018

Gary Clark. Much has happened to me and my family over the last 30 plus years since graduation.  My wife Bonnie and I moved south shortly after our marriage in 1976 and have lived in the Atlanta area for the last 17 years or so.  Bonnie says I'm retired but she continues to work as a Senior Consultant for Computer Science Corp.  Our Daughter Cristen, 25, is the sound engineer for a local performance arts center and our son Chris, 22, is a struggling musician working in movies and television while working on his latest CD.  Bonnie and I recently taught at Peking University in Beijing for the 2005-2006 academic year, an experience that made a significant impact in our lives.  I welcome hearing from fellow classmates at and hope everyone remain healthy and happy. 

Nancy Cole Haddock. Just wanted to drop in & say I am loving Florida. My son, Peter J. Haddock, (class of 1987 Eastport ME) is still here; but my daughter, Pamela M. Haddock, (class of 1995 Calais ME), married Steven Bowers (class of 1994 Calais ME) in San Antonio TX 2005. 070708 

Al Cushman  "A few words from Al: I graduated from Calais Memorial High School. Then attended Aurora Community College in Illinois. I graduated from Southern Maine Community College, formerly Southern Maine Vocational Institute, as an automobile technician. I raced at Beech Ridge Speedway for many years and built my own race cars. Today I enjoy watching NASCAR and restoring classic cars. I also enjoy building and collecting scale model cars."  


Deborah Frost Foss Joyce. Portsmouth NH.  Hi Everyone, I am looking forward to our class's 50th reunion this coming August. It should be a lot of fun and very interesting to see high school classmates after so many years. In my mind, I still see us as seniors in high school. I retired in 2007 after 37 years in the field of education. I was fortunate to teach students from grade one to graduate school and work in administration. After my retirement I worked part time as a tutor, role player in a museum, and as a concierge in the emergency room of the local hospital. I have been fully retired since 2013. The thing I treasure most about retirement is having control over my own time and how I spend it. I have two Bichon dogs named Gracie and Emma and they are my loves. I live in Portsmouth, NH, and have lived in NH since 1973. Again I look forward to seeing you all at our 50th. Thanks to all who are working to make this a fun, memorable time.  

Jane Greenlaw, Connecticut. I just wanted to say hello to all my fellow graduates.  I've been living in Connecticut since 1968. I have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren (3 of each). The oldest is 23 and the youngest is 6. I went back to school in my thirties and received my degree in accounting. I would love to hear from everyone in my class and learn what you've done since high school.

Roger Holst, Alexander ME  has been married to Frances Casey (class of '72) for 25 years. They have 2 daughters, Teresa has graduated from Norwich and is in the Navy and Jenn will be in her third year at UMO this fall. My address is

Sharon Howland: I am currently an Evaluation Team Leader for Special Education for an elementary school and a middle school in Waltham, MA.  I am coeditor of WKRP (Washington/Charlotte Kounty Records Preservation). This is a newsletter that deals with genealogy.  I am also under contract with Picton Press to do a series genealogical aids for Washington County.  So far I have completed The Vital Records of Calais, Maine Prior to 1892 and the Vital Records of Alexander, Maine.  Besides indexing the Calais Advertiser and trying to make sense out of who is buried in the Calais Cemetery, I have set up the Washington County, Maine Records Preservation Fund. (See my web page at:

Maureen King Abbruzzese. I have retired, now have 5 grandkids and am on top of the world! My new email address is: Would love to hear from any or all of you! 11/11/09

Charles Murphy, Made major life change.  Retired and moved to The Villages, Florida. Try to get up home at least once a year usually in July and have been mostly successful for the past few years. Mom lives in Eastport as does my wife's mother so tend to spend most of my time down there while home. Do usually manage to get a couple of rounds in at the St Croix Club where occasionally run into an old classmate. Four grown (finally) kids and nine growing grandkids, each one a real treat. Former classmates and friends drop a line. E-mail 012309 

Tom Sawyer, Hermon, ME 04401. Hi friends and classmates! From high school sweethearts to the half century club! Tom & I have been married almost 35 years. We moved around a bit for the first few years, and settled in Charlotte, Me. for the next 26 years. We have two sons, Tom class of 1987 & Steven class of 1988. We moved to Hermon in 1997. Son Tom has a redemption business in Hampden. He has two daughters, 7and 10. That's why we moved here. They have a way of tugging at our heartstrings!! Son Steven and wife Jessica live in Palmer Alaska with their 3 children 8, 5, 3, and a new little one in September. He is Master Sargeant in the USAF. Tom has been disabled from G.P. since 1979, and does what he can. I was a stay-at-home mom until the boys went to high school, then had a great job as manager of the Charlotte School lunch program for 12 years. I am now working at Brewer Middle School and a food service specialist. That's our family history until future notice. Am looking forward to checking this site often. 

Sharon Stevens Grant, Calais  

Susan Vose Chaffee, Orrington ME. Just spent some time reading entries by CMHS classmates, what a wonderful way to catch up a bit before we meet in August to celebrate our 50th reunion! This summer Ron (class of 1965) and I will celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary, where did those years go? We have three sons who live near us and we enjoy their families which include four grandsons. I retired from school nursing in 2007 when we moved from Old Town to Salem, MA where Ron served two years at Wesley UMC. We were very happy to return to Maine in 2009 when he was appointed to Grant Memorial UMC in Presque Isle. In 2013 Ron semi-retired and we moved to Orrington, ME. Ron continues to serve in ministry part-time at Orland UMC. We enjoy family, trips with friends, Florida in winter, walking, reading, knitting and gardening. Life is good!  

Jean Wakefield Strout, Ellsworth ME,

Phillip Townsend, Austin TX. Retired in 2010 after being a cop for 37 years. Working part time for the Austin Texas Police Department doing background investigations on applicants. Marsha and I have been married 36 years. Trying to start planning a big class reunion for 2016. It will be 50 years. I need all the help I can get please email me and stay in touch. & http://facebook/ 

Deceased Classmates

Gerald ""Gerry"" E. Baker, 69, of Londonderry, NH, passed away peacefully on December 4, 2017 with his family by his side, after a long battle with cancer. He was born in Calais, Maine on May 31, 1948 to the late Oliver and Doris (Libby) Baker. He was married to his beloved wife, Roxanne ""Roxy"" Baker, for 39 years. Gerry proudly served in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard for almost 25 years, retiring at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. His time included a three-year term as Command Chief for the State of NH. He was honored to have served his country. Gerry was a kind, caring soul with a positive outlook on the world. He went out of his way to make everyone smile. He would say hello to everyone he passed, whether he knew them or not. He truly made the world a better place just by being in it. He leaves behind his wife Roxy Baker; his son Brent H. Baker and his wife Lyuba of Newport, NH; his daughter Sabrina ""Brie"" Baker and her wife Dana of Davenport, FL; grandchildren Adrian, Calla and Rowan Baker of Newport, NH; brother Oliver Baker Jr. of Greene, ME; sisters Carol Ham of Greene, ME and Edna McLellan of Calais, ME; and mother-in-law Shirley Noyes of Londonderry, NH; as well as many beloved nieces and nephews. SERVICES: A gathering will be held at Phaneuf Funeral Home and Crematorium, located at 243 Hanover St., Manchester, NH, on Thursday December 7 from 5 to 8 p.m. A memorial service will follow on Friday December 8 at 10:30 a.m., followed by interment at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery, located at 110 Daniel Webster Hwy., Boscawen, NH, at 12:30 p.m. All are invited to attend. In lieu of flowers, please donate to The Salvation Army of Manchester or your favorite charity. To view Gerry's online tribute, send condolences to the family or for more information, please visit

Patricia A. (Bernardini) Hartford, 63, passed away peacefully June 23, 2009, with her family by her side at a Bangor hospital. She was born Feb. 23, 1946, in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, daughter of the late Charles and Patricia (McShane) Bernardini. Patricia was a loving wife and mother, and a great lover of birds, animals, gardening and children. She was a social genius with an infectious laugh and a kind, selfless heart. She lived to help others, especially children, and she shared in guiding and raising many through the years. Patricia had a spirit that would light up any room and she added color to a small community. Her life of love and laughter provided a gift of joy that continues now and will be passed on through future generations. Patricia is survived by her husband of 37 years, Albert W. Hartford of Calais and their two children: son, Orville Hartford and his wife, Julie, of Bangor, and daughter, Lisa Hartford Genco and her husband, Mike, of Chesapeake, Va.; sister-in-law, Lucy Kees and her husband, Gerald, of Sanford, Fla.; brothers, Louis Bernardini and his wife, Marilyn, of Calais, and Anthony Bernardini and his wife, Loree, of New Gloucester; sister, Barbara "Bebe" Bernardini of Calais; granddaughter, Sarah of Bangor; grandson, Joey of Chesapeake, Va.; nieces, Kathy Arbo of Calais, Casey Mae Bernardini of New Gloucester, Meredith Bernardini Snowman and her husband, Andrew, of Baileyville, and Carolyn Mitchell Cundiff and her husband, Brian, of Calais; nephews, Christopher Bernardini and his wife, Leslie, Charles "Tony" Bernardini of Gray, Louis Bernardini "Little Lou" of New Gloucester, and David Mitchell and his wife, Tammy, of Calais; great-nieces and great-nephews, Casey, Codey and Nick, Lindsay and Chloe, Greg, Emily and Megan, Rachel, Kate and Sam, all of Calais, Kade and Hunter of Baileyville; and cousins, Mary Casey and her husband, David, of Alexander, and Fran Holst and her husband, Roger, of Red Beach. She will be sadly missed by her endless supply of friends. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 7, at Immaculate Conception Church, Calais, with the Rev. James Plourde, celebrant. Burial will be after at Calais Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Calais Free Library, children's section, 9 Union St., Calais, ME 04619 to honor her love of children or The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 9 Erie Drive, Suite 101, Natick, MA 01760 to help others with blood cancers. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Homes, Calais and Eastport. Condolences and memories may be shared at On FaceBook - Patsy Hartford, Patsyisms  [BDN 6/26/09 provided by John Adams]  

Dana Lewis Brown, 68, a good man, went peacefully home to the Lord on November 2, 2015. Dana was born September 28, 1947 in the family home in Charlotte. One of his greatest blessings was that he was the youngest of five good people created and loved by Curtis F. Brown and Beatrice A. (Sprague) Brown. He spent his childhood on the family farm, helping his father and brother from an early age. It was with them that he developed the work ethic that would define him to many people for all of his life. His mother and his sisters instilled in him the love and kindness that made him the husband, father and friend he became. When other young men dreamed of leaving home and conquering the world, Dana dreamed of marrying and raising a family on the homestead. Dana did leave home briefly in early adulthood, working on a dairy farm in NH with his brother and holding various truck driving jobs in southern Maine, but his heart was always in Charlotte. He returned home in the early 70's and worked at a number of jobs; cutting wood with his brother, driving for Thomas Dicenzo, and Gulf Oil, to name a few, until he was called to fill in for a few days as a laborer for Maine Central Railroad. That few days stretched into a 15 year career as a trackman, machine operator, welder, section foreman and proud member of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees. When the downeast lines were discontinued, in 1983, Dana transferred to the Bangor Yard and commuted for 2 years. If he not had to choose between that and home he would no doubt have spent his entire working life with the railroad. Since good jobs are not plentiful downeast, Dana created his own jobs. He was a farmer, ran a scrap metal business and operated D.L.Brown and Sons, a custom slaughter house. He fulfilled a childhood dream with the help of his entire family in Brown's Country Store, and at the time of his death was still actively operating D. Brown Trucking which he began in 1988 with his sons, and the Brown Family Farm and Pony Ride, which he helped to build as a way to fulfill his wife's childhood dreams. All who knew Dana will remember his work ethic, but the core of the man was his love for and devotion to his family and his basic kindness for his fellow man. He was first and foremost a son, brother, husband, father and friend. [BDN 11/6/15.  Provided by Polly Chambers-Slefinger.]

Floyd Louis Coons, 66, passed away Saturday, August 23, 2014. Floyd was born in Calais on December 20, 1947, son of the late Floyd and Phyllis (McGraw) Coons. He graduated from Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1966, and worked at Ware Knitters in Calais until starting his career with Georgia Pacific. Floyd retired from Domtar with 38 years of total service. He was a member of St. Croix Country Club and was an avid sports fan. Floyd enjoyed playing golf, attending local high school basketball games and the tournaments in Bangor, and watching football, especially the Green Bay Packers. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by his step-father, Allen Fielder; and a brother Philip Coons. Surviving are his two children, Adam Coons of Calgary, AB, and Ashley Coons and her companion Gordon of St. Stephen, NB; his sister, Laraine Vautour and husband Ronald of St. Stephen, NB; an uncle Merlyn McGraw and wife Juanita of Florida; nieces Renee Caldwell and husband Duane of Tower Hill, NB, Aimee Salm and husband Patrick of Appleton, WI, and Alison Thibert and husband Todd of Appleton, WI; grandnieces and grandnephews, Benjamin and Robyn of Tower Hill, NB, and Charlee and Camryn of Appleton, WI; and dear cousins, Bob and Marylou McGraw of Bangor, Sharon Nelson of Calais, Debbie McGraw of Etna, and Susan and Ron Mahar of Baileyville. A celebration of Floyd’s life will be held 1 p.m. Friday, August 29, 2014 at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais. A private burial will be held at a later date [Sharon Howland & Heather Ross] 

Joel Woodrow Craft, 58, died unexpectedly Tuesday, July 11, 2006, at his Washburn residence. He was born Nov. 24, 1947, in Alexander, the son of Gerald and Joyce (Crandall) Craft. Joel graduated from Kansas State Teaching University with a teaching degree and from the University of Maine at Presque Isle with a degree in social work. He worked various jobs throughout his life before becoming disabled in 1998. He was a gentle soul who lived a quite life; he had a great sense of humor and loved to tease. He will be sadly missed by all. Joel was predeceased by his father, Gerald L. Craft in 1960; a niece, Sara Yvonne Frost in 1989; his stepfather, Pliney E. Frost in 1997; and a stepbrother, Rodney P. Frost in 2004. He is survived by the greatest pride of his life, his two sons, Michael Keith Craft of Bangor and Garold "Gary" La Forest Craft, who is currently deployed with the Marines in Japan; his mother, Joyce G. Frost of Presque Isle; a sister, Geraldine G. Jones and her husband, Harold, of Caribou; two brothers, Lester G. Craft and his wife, Drena, of Caribou, Roger D. Craft and his friend, Alberta, of Calais; a half brother, Timothy W. Frost and his wife, Carolyn, of Wahwig, New Brunswick; four half sisters, Terri Spooner and her husband, Darrell, of Castle Hill, Melonie Frost-Wells of Troy, Ill., Lisa B. Gardiner and her companion, Fred Getchell, of Presque Isle, Kimberly J. Frost of St. Louis, Mo.; a stepsister, Brenda L. McPhail of Perry, several nieces and nephews; including a special nephew, Dustin Frost of Presque Isle. A memorial service will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, July 15, at his brother's residence, Lester Craft, 89 River Rd., Caribou. Anyone who wishes may contribute in his memory, in support of his family, to Geraldine Jones, 16 Crosby Ave., Caribou, ME 04736 or to Terri Spooner, 220 Turner Rd., Castle Hill, ME 04757. Arrangements in the care of Duncan-Graves Funeral Home, Presque Isle. [Bangor Daily News; provided by Milton Thornton & Sharon Howland]  

Mark James Cullen, moved away before graduating. Home of record was Niagara Falls, NY. US Army PFC, died from small arms fire, Phu Yen, South Vietnam 12/08/1967 - born 10/27/1948.  On the Wall at Panel 31E - Row 063. Mark is buried at Woodlawn National Cemetery. 

Peter O. Doliber was born March 10, 1948 the first child of Willard & Faye Doliber. He attended schools in Calais and graduated from Calais Memorial High in 1966. After serving in the US Navy he returned to Calais where he worked as a pipefitter. He was a member of the American Legion and the Calais Lions Club. Peter loved spending time with his family. He enjoyed his camp on Pennamaquan Lake, cooking and gardening. Peter died on January 29, 1988. He was predeceased by his father in 1969. His mother and sister, Barbara died in 2001. He is survived by his wife Mary, his sisters Beverly and Shirley, his brother Willard and several nieces and nephews. [provided by Shirley Gibson


Linda D. Donovan Ross.  Linda D. Ross, 59, of Kea'au, Hawaii, passed away December 9, 2006 at the Hilo Medical Center.  She was born Linda Dianne Donovan on October 16, 1947 in Calais, Maine.  She was a Speech-Language Pathologist at Waiakeawaena Elementary School for the State of Hawaii Department of Education.  She was also a member of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  Linda held two Masters Degrees from the University of Maine in Education and SLP.  Prior to moving from Oahu to the island of Hawaii, she worked for ASSETS School, Kapiolani Women's Center; and the Department of Education on Oahu in the Leeward District. She enjoyed working with stained glass, made wreaths and did basket weaving.  Linda was a model of courage and resolve for her family and showed dignity to the end.  Friends may join the family for visitation at the Dodo Mortuary Chapel on Wednesday, December 20 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Visitation will be held on Thursday, December 21, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  The family requests casual attire.  Survived by her husband, John S. Ross of Kea'au, Hawaii; daughter, Jessica Brandy Melhiser of Calais, Maine; parents, Philip and Edna Donovan of Meddybemps, Maine, and sister, Melva Louise Long of Calais, Maine.  She is also survived by two grandchildren Ashley and Jack Ryan Melhiser, a nephew, Lee Roderick; and a grandniece and nephew, Mallory and Alex Roderick.  Dodo Mortuary Inc., of Hilo, Hawaii is handling the arrangements. [Calais Advertiser  December 21, 2006  p. 32, Provided by Sharon Howland] 

Myrtle Featherson Mahar - Pembroke - Myrtle J. Mahar, 60, died Thursday, October 1, 2009 at her home. Myrtle was born in Eastport, October 14, 1948, daughter of the late Clyde and Katharyn Featherson. She was predeceased by sister Lita Pulk and brother Kenneth Featherson. Surviving are long time companion Frank Trott; two sisters Pauline O'Ben of Gardiner, and Phyllis Leighton of Charlotte; two brothers Velmore Featherson of Charlotte and Arnold Featherson of Meddybemps; two sons, Michael Mahar and wife Lisa of Pembroke and Stephen Mahar and wife Erin of Eastport; six grandchildren Victor, David, Keanna, Carrie-Beth, Jakob and Dana. Family and Friends are welcome to attend graveside service on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 11:00 am at the Charlotte Cemetery with Bruce Cummings officiating. [Calais Advertiser 100809. Provided by Sharon Howland.]

Peter C. Forsyth - Calais.  Peter C. Forsyth, 38, died August 6, 1986 at a Bangor hospital after a long illness.  He was born in St. Stephen, NB, Nov 17, 1947, the son of Earle and Helen (Johnston) Forsyth.  He was a member of St. Anne's Episcopal Church  He was a graduate of Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1966 and attended Husson College in Bangor.  He was employed for many years as assistant manager of the Calais Maine State Liquor Store.  Surviving besides his parents of Calais, are two brothers, Gerald :Buddy" Forsyth and Mark Forsyth, both of Connecticut, his maternal grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnston of Tower Hill, NB, his paternal grandmother Mrs. Rachel Forsyth of St. Andrews, NB.  Funeral services were held Saturday at St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Calais, with the Rev. John Moore of Calais and the Rev. Tom Benson of St. John's Episcopal Church, Bangor, officiating; arrangements by Scott-Wilson Funeral Home, Calais.  Interment in Calais Cemetery.  Friends who wish may make donations in his memory to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Research Association, National Down East Chapter, P.O. Box 50, Airport Road, Waterville 04901.  [Calais Advertiser 8/17/86 provided by Sharon Howland]

Ross Alen Hodsdon 1948 - 2017 FAIRFIELD - Ross Alen Hodsdon, 68, who worked for more than four decades in several countries around the world, helping translate the Bible into dozens of languages, died on Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017, at his home in Fairfield, surrounded by family and friends. He had been battling cancer for the past six years. Ross was born in Grand Isle, Maine, on Aug. 29, 1948, to Nellie (Hatfield) Hodsdon and Charles Warren Hodsdon; he spent his childhood in Calais. He graduated from Calais High School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Gordon College and a Master of Arts in linguistics from California State University, Northridge. He became a born-again Christian as a young boy and dedicated his life to Christ a couple years later after a near-fatal canoe accident. After completing his studies in linguistics, Ross - along with his beloved wife and collaborator, Cathy Ann (Hunter) Hodsdon - went to Brazil as missionaries where they lived with the Macushi Indian tribe in the Amazon. Ross would translate the New Testament into Macushi. Ross and Cathy became part of the translation agency Bibles International of Baptist Mid Missions and would eventually help translate the Bible into 21 languages in 14 different countries in Central and South America, Asia, and the South Pacific. In addition to their translation efforts, the Hodsdons did church planting, development and recovery work in Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan and California. Ross was diagnosed with prostate cancer while on a missions trip in Thailand in 2011; he continued to travel for Bibles International while receiving cancer treatment until 2015. He leaves behind a network of "adopted family" in countries across the world who count him as a priceless mentor, uncle, and friend, among others. In addition to his wife Cathy, with whom he joyfully shared his life's greatest adventures, Ross Hodsdon is survived by his children, their spouses and grandchildren: Connie and Birch Champeon and their sons Warren and Rowan; Carl and Nikki Hodsdon, their children Ashilynn, Catelynn, and Josiah, of Peru, SA; Dana and Beulah Hodsdon, their children Eli and Kirsi, of Clinton; and Samuel Ross and Angelina Hodsdon, of Clinton. Ross also leaves behind his siblings and their spouses: Richard "Dick" Warren Hodsdon, of Calais; Aleta and Will Budd, of Rowley, Mass.; Charles "Chuck" Warren and Judy Hodsdon, of Bangor; as well as many beloved nieces, nephews and cousins. A memorial service to celebrate the life of this faithful servant of God will be held Saturday, Aug. 19, at 2 p.m. at West Hampden Baptist Church, 574 Western Ave., Hampden. Guests are invited to be present an hour prior to the service, or visit afterwards with the family. Arrangements are by Lawry Brothers Funeral & Cremation Care, 107 Main St., Fairfield. An online guest book may be signed and memories shared at In lieu of flowers, the family asks that  those who wish to honor Ross's legacy make donations to: Bibles International, 609 63rd St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49548. Donations may be made by check or online at The gifts will go towards publishing the Falam Bible Bible, on which Ross and Candy worked. [Provided by Janet Lovely]  

Reed Timothy Jewett, 63, passed away Saturday, December 17, 2011. Tim was born on October 6, 1948, son of Harold and Martha (Boobar) Jewett. He was a long time resident of Calais and formerly served with the United State Marine Corps in Vietnam. Tim was predeceased by his parents. Surviving are his two sisters, Sally and Ginny; and many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. A graveside service will be held in the spring or summer. Donations in Tim’s memory may be made to a charity that helps those in need in the Calais area. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. Mays Funeral Home. [Timothy transferred to a private school and did not graduate with his class. Provided by Sharon Howland.]

Jane M. Perry: Jane passed away on August 10, 1997, after fighting a very brave battle with diabetes. Her sister, Jean, graduated in 1967; her e-mail address is  " Robbinston and Calais - Jane Perry Miller, 48, died Aug. 10, 1997, at a Calais hospital after a 39-year courageous battle with diabetes.  She was born in Calais, Dec. 23, 1948, the daughter of Dale and Naomi (Ingersoll) Perry.  Jane worked at Fenderson Insurance Agency prior to her marriage and then traveled with her husband, a Marine recruiter, to North Carolina and New York.  She attended the First Congregational Church of Calais.  She was predeceased by her mother in April of 1997.  Surviving besides her father of Robbinston, are her husband, Carlton A. Miller Jr.; one son, Carlton A. Miller III, both of Robbinston; one sister and brother-in-law, Jean and Darrell Elsemore of Chillicothe, Ohio and Robbinston, ME; a special friend, David Cole of Calais; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  A graveside services was held at Brewer Cemetery Robbinston 1 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 13, with the Rev. Sharon Rogers-Groggett officiating.  Friends and family who wish may make donations in her memory to the Diabetic Support Group, care of Calais Regional Hospital.  Funeral arrangements are by the Scott-Wilson Funeral Home of Calais." [Calais Advertiser 8/21/97 provided by Sharon Howland]

 Nancy F. Saunders Perry, 67, passed away peacefully on April 19, 2015 in Calais with her family at her side. Nancy was born on October 29, 1947 to Samuel and Nina (Cookson) Saunders in Calais where she grew up and attended school. She graduated from Calais High, class of 1966 and soon after married Ernest J. Perry Jr. on September 30, 1967 with whom she would spend the next 47 years. She worked at several businesses in the area over the years but her family was her life. Nancy’s love for her family was immeasurable; she became the family monarch after her mother’s passing. She was happy to accept the role of hosting family gatherings over the holidays but never needed a reason to cook for family and friends. Nancy would decorate for any occasion and most likely had a nightlight to complement the occasion. She was known for baking pies to send off to anyone in need. Nancy was also a shopper, she loved browsing all her favorite spots from Calais to Bangor and buying for her family. In all of her travels Nancy never found a slot machine she didn’t like. In addition to her husband Ernest, Nancy is survived by her two children, Jamie Perry and his wife Kelly and Jennifer McNeil and her companion Ben Clark; son-in-law, Shawn McNeil; sister, Judith Antoniello; brother, Samuel Saunders Jr and his wife Kristi, all of Calais; two grandchildren, Nicholas Smith of Milford and Jade Smith and her fiance Dylan Taylor of Glenburn; two step grandchildren, Shandi Howell and her husband Steven of Gray and Justin McArthur and his wife Jennifer of Baldwin; six great grandchildren, Mason, Bella, Emma, Sawyer and twins Hallie and Ava; several nieces, nephews and cousins and many close friends. In addition to her parents she was predeceased by her brother-in-law, Victor Antoniello. Nancy will be missed by all who knew her. Visitation will be held from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m., and 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. on Thursday April 23rd at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais. A private graveside service will be held at Calais Cemetery. [Provided by Polly Chambers-Slefinger] 

Paul C. Torrell "Chris", 62, of Manahawkin, passed away Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010, at Southern Ocean County Hospital, Stafford. Chris was born in Surf City to the late Nicholas A. and Josephine M. (Thebaud) Torrell; one of 10 children. He grew up there until 1962 when mother Granny and three other siblings moved to Calais, Maine, where he attended and graduated high school. He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Then returned to N.J. to do clamming for sometime as many locals do, he learned carpentry and belonged to Carpenters Union Local Union #2018. After retiring from the Union, he worked part-time for Barnegat Bay Dredging throughout the area. He was an active member of St. Mary's Church, Manahawkin and volunteered to work on different projects at church. He was always helping family or friend with a project they needed help with. He belonged to the Moose Club and played on the shuffleboard team. He enjoyed hunting, boating, golf, and watching sports. His best times however were spent with family and friends. We'll always remember his laugh. Chris leaves behind loving son, Chris D. Torrell (Denise); grandchildren Devin, Alyssa, and Chris; loving daughter, Danielle Faruggio (Anthony) and grandchildren, Kayla and Anthony; sisters, Noely Torrell, Tony Hartmann (Rich), Nikki Armstrong (Tom), and Mimi Bonner (John); brothers, Mike Torrell (Nancy), Pat Torrell (Marsha Kurtz), and Jerry Torrell (Crystal); sister-in-law, Sharon Beyruth; Chris and Danielle's mother, Anne Marie Argenziano and her family; many nieces and nephews; and best friends, Gene Hacker and Bob Nisky; and other friends. He was predeceased by brother, Peter F. Torrell; sister, Marie Laure Baglio; and brother-in-law, Frank Baglio. Viewing will be from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 20, and from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 21 at Maxwell Funeral Home, 573 Mill Creek Road, Manahawkin. A Funeral Mass will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 21 at St. Mary of the Pines Church, Manahawkin, followed by burial at St. Mary's Cemetery, Manahawkin. For driving directions or to send condolences, please go to [Published in Asbury Park Press on October 19, 2010. Provided by Carole Boynton.] 

Mike Trippett. Mike was a free spirit that enjoyed his independence and the quiet solitude especially at his brother, Karl’s camp that is located two miles south of Loon Bay on the American side of the St. Croix River.  For ten years Mike was able to stay at the camp from May to September and enjoyed every minute of it. After leaving Calais, Mike and his family went to Massachusetts where he graduated in 1966 from Onset, MA High School.  He then went to Illinois and later on to California where he stayed for about a year.  In California he met Leslie, and they traveled back to New Jersey where his family then lived.  He and Leslie were married in New Jersey and honeymooned at the State Fair.  They had no children but always had puppy dogs and is pride and joy was his 1967 Ford Mustang.  His home base for a number of years was New Jersey where he always worked as a Boilermaker welder and at times would also work in New York.  When his parents later moved from New Jersey to Florida, Mike followed them and settled in St. Petersburg. Mike had about ten years of retirement; but about four years ago, COPD started controlling his life.  After Mike became sick, he started looking into his family tree especially on the internet.  He discovered that he had a daughter from a previous relationship that he did not know about.  He tracked her down and met her in North Carolina.  Mike also found out that he had three grandsons.  One of his grandsons is in the forest service and another one has a Lawn Business.  Mike invited his daughter and grandsons to Florida to visit him.   In the last six months to a year of his life, two of his grandsons did come for visits.  They stayed each time for a few days and helped Mike out.  Karl, his brother, said that he felt that the two grandsons filled in some of the gaps that Mike was missing in his life.   He said that Mike just beamed when his grandsons were there or when he talked about them.  At the age of 68, Mike slipped away on Dec 12, 2016 in Florida having found peace.  (Composed from a phone conversation with Mike’s brother, Karl Trippett, May 17, 2016 - Sharon Howland) [Provided by Chuck Murphy.] 

(Byron) Thomas Walton, 64, passed away Sunday, December 16, 2012 at his home. Byron was born in Mars Hill on February 8, 1948, son of Roland and Connie (Hiliard) Walton. He graduated from Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1966, and Southern Maine Technical School where he studied automotive. Byron enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1968 and served his country during the Vietnam War. After his enlistment, he returned to Maine and earned his Bachelor’s degree in History from University of Maine Presque Isle. On February 10, 1973 he married Catherine Traves. Byron entered the U.S. Border Patrol in 1974 and served four years in Falfurrias, TX. He then became and Immigration Inspector for 2 years and served in Boston as a criminal investigator for the next four years. In 1983 he returned to Maine as a Border Patrol agent, retiring in 1998 in Calais. He enjoyed drawing, painting and studying the Civil War. Byron was predeceased by his father Roland. Surviving are his wife of 39 years Cathy Walton; two sons, Michael Walton of Calais and Brian Walton and his wife Andrea of Charlotte; two grandchildren, Bradley and Parker Walton; his mother Connie Walton Ordoyne of Brewer; one brother Leonard Walton and his wife Linda of Franklin; father-in-law Charles Traves of Falmouth, NS; brother-in-law David Traves and his wife Beryl of Dartmouth, NS; and several nieces and nephews. Services will be private at a later date. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. [From the website of Mays Funeral Home. Sharon Howland] 

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