Calais Memorial High School

Class of 1961
"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."

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Graduates Class of 1961

Linda A. Babb

Carol A. Baker

Richard S. Bates

Dana A. Brooker

Gregg E. Brooks

Loru I. C. Brooks

Dennis M. Brown

Geraldine A. Burns

Shirley N. Campbell

Jane E. Carlow

Nellie M. Cassidy

Adrienne hristakos

Keith F. Christie

Gerald E. Cookson

Carolyn J. Cox

Richard M. Currier

David L. Damon

Michael Darling

Hope A. Draper

Jo Lee Eary

Martha J. Elliott

Nancy A. Fox

Judy A. Frost

Dianne M. Gibson

John A. Gibson

Katherine A. Glidden

Royce L. Gray

Winfield A. Harmon

Albert W. Hartford

Clinton R. Hayward

Patricia A. Higgins

Harriet A. Hill

Linda R. Hill

Virginia A. Hilyard

Ella B. Hunnewell

Jane L. Hunnewell

Eleanor M. Irish

Sandra J. Jensen

William B. Johnston

John W. Kershules

Lillian L. Lane

John C.LaPointe, Jr.

Gary A. Le Seur

Joan L. Le Seur

David C. Lincoln

Ronald L. Mac Kechnie

Carl L. Mahar

Darrell E. Mains

Elizabeth E. Malloch

Robert H. Merrill

Marilyn B. Moore

David B. Morrison

Ronald G. Morrison

Michael McClure

Susan G. McCoubrey

Linda I. McLain

Barbara A. McLean

Fred M. McLean

Carole A. McLellan

Myrtle E. Palmeter

Lorraine M. Perkins

Paul J. Petit

Wayne M. Pike

Arthur E. Pomeroy

Mary E. Pomeroy

William R. Pomeroy

Raymond W. Poole

Sharon A. Preston

Clarke M. Reynolds

Christian C. Richard

Cora J. Richard

Charles M. Russell

Beverly J. Rutherford

Vernon E. Seelye

Karen E. Smith

Bud Smith

Carolyn A. Spurling

Paul E. Stanhope

Patricia A. Steward

Bonnie L. Swett

Milton K. Thornton

Linda R. Tokarz

Donna M. Tracy

Bernard F. Trott

Albert J. Tyler

Gerald L. Watt

Judith A. Wright


Larry Lewis


Rodney Dickinson

Cheryl Pike

Bunny O'Brien 

Senior Class Officers:
President - Paul Pettit; Vice-President - Gregg Brooks
Secretary - Beverly Rutherford; Treasurer - Hope Draper

Class Colors: Blue and White
Class Flower: Carnation

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Linda Babb Cleveland: Linda is married to Ralph Cleveland.  They live in Moncton NB.  Their children are both married, and they have several grandchildren.  Their daughter, Shelly has three boys ages 9-14.  Linda's mother, Mrs. Melva Babb, is deceased.

Carol Baker Ham: Carol lives in Greene ME. Her husband, Bud Ham, died in 2004.  They have 4 children, 3 daughters (all married), 1 son, 5 grandsons.  Their oldest daughter is an R.N. and lives on Cape Cod; next daughter is a Medical Assistant for a hospital in Augusta; third daughter is a 5th grade teacher with the local school system; their son is a truck driver for a food distributor and still lives at home.  Carol works for the local school system in Adult Education and Alternative School.  She also works part-time as a "bookkeeper."  Carol and Ham live on a 50 acre, small farm in Greene.   They only have two horses now, but raised beef animals for a number of years until Ham was injured at Bath Iron Works.  He has been disabled since 1985.  In her spare time [what spare time! keh] Carol works in her garden and mows over three acres of lawn every week during the summer.  She would spend all her time outside if she could!  Carol would love to hear from classmates; her e-mail is

Richard Bates: Richard lives in Calais at his homestead on Calais Avenue. 

Dana Brooker: Dana  and his wife live in St. Stephen NB.  He works for NB Telephone Co.

Greg Brooks:  Gregg and his wife Patricia live in Newington, CT and in 2017, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They have two boys; Steven and his wife Kathleen (Casey) who also live in Newington, Larry and his wife Jennifer (Highsmith) live in Huntersville, NC and are big Panthers and Hornets fans. Larry & Jenn have recently provided them with three beautiful granddaughters; Savannah, Felicity and Mariah (identical twins). Gregg retired from an Information Technology career after 33 years, going thru four bank mergers, and what is now Bank of America. Previously, he served in the USAF Security Service and while stationed in Japan for two years, played baseball in the InterService Baseball League, and was named to the All-Pacific Air Force team.  

Loru Brooks Beauchemin: Lori lives in Farmington CT with her husband Clement Beauchemin. 

Dennis Brown: Dennis and his wife live in Princeton ME.

Geraldine Burns Wentworth: Geraldine lives in Calais. Her mother died July 2006.

Jane Carlow: Jane teaches Junior High School in Scarborough ME.

Nellie Cassidy Barnard:  Nellie is married to David Barnard and lives in Woodland. She is a retired Registered Nurse.   She and David enjoy camping and 4-wheeling.  Their 3 children are grown and have given them 6 grandchildren.  Nellie's e-mail is 

Adrienne Christakos Hitchcock: Adrienne lives in Cambridgeport VT.  She and her husband have a son and daughter and three grandsons to spoil rotten. Her e-mail is  

Keith Christie, Jr.: Keith lives in Portland, Connecticut, and is owner of Christie Enterprises, Inc. 

Carolyn Cox Furlong: Carolyn is married to Arthur Furlong.   They live a Meddybemps Lake, and Carolyn retired from the High School as a secretary July 2006. E-mail  08242014

Michael Darling:  Michael lives in El Paso TX. He has a terrific family and throws great reunions. At one time there were unpleasant rumors spread about his political leanings; however, those rumors have been largely discounted. E-mail Michael at

Hope Draper Richards: Hope lives in Winterport ME. 

Jo Lee Eary Walker.  She is semi-retired, having just sold her grooming business.   She spends most of her time with her grandchildren, whom she loves dearly.

Martha Elliott Whitehouse: I've been married to Philip for 44 years and he just happens to be the best husband and friend in the whole world! We both retired in 2003 (Elementary School Counselor, Asa Adams School, Orono, and Communications Engineer, Central Maine Power Co., Augusta). Our son, Joshua Whitehouse, is a professional trumpet player in Phoenix, AZ, and has 3 CD's to his credit (, or just google him, if you want to check them out). Our daughter, Heidi, a classical singer, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in 2006 after having endured 8 years of a major mental illness following graduation from Eastman School of Music (two tragic inheritances that blindsided our family!). No grandchildren, just grandkitties, Jake and Elwood. I was excited to read that Clint Haywood trained to be a Master Gardener... me, too, and I'm particularly foolish over hostas! Other hobbies are kayaking, hiking, hooking (rugs!) when I can't garden, and Philip and I are just getting into genealogy. I recently trained as a Hospice volunteer, but I'm very new to it. I'm looking forward to a second attempt at a tour of Ireland next spring, since my sister Kathleen and I only got as far as JFK Airport last April when the volcano in Iceland blew! As Heidi used to say, "You don't get to deal the cards, you just get to play them". Looking back, I've also been dealt some pretty good hands, for which I'm very thankful. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the BIG FIFTY next summer, so please put it on your calendars! 

Nancy Fox Carson: Nancy lives in Saco ME.

Judith Frost Howell: Judith lives in Rocky Point NY.

John Gibson: All is well in SE Georgia.  Retired, enjoying life and watching the tides come in and go out.  062809

Katherine A. Glidden Berry: Kathy married Richard Berry, and they now live in Robbinston by the Sea and are winter residents of The Villages, Florida. They have three daughters; two are married.  They are living in Memphis TN, Portland ME, and Chesterville ME.  Richard worked at GP for almost 40 years and recently retired and now worked with Kathy for Pine Tree Real Estate. Kathy had been a real estate broker for over 20 years when she retired.  They enjoy the good life of the St. Croix Valley, and its beautiful surroundings. Kathy is a Grannie now!! Baby Michael was born in Oct. of 2001. He is the most precious baby boy ever! Second grandchild,  Katie Selma Cilley born Aug 14, 2005 in Farmington ME to Denise & Stan.  And she's the cutest little baby girl born ever!! Another grandchild was born to on September 14, 2009 to Danita & Brad Nickle named Chloe MacKenzie Nickle (also sweetest baby ever born). E-mail

Royce "Jack" Gray: I married  a girl from Addison Me (Doreen) and have two boys, Ronald John -10/12/67, and David Kay -11/10/72.  Ron had 2 children by first wife, Douglas John and Rebecca Lynn, 2 step-children by 2nd wife Dawn Johnson, Samantha and McKenzie, and 1 son, Trevor John, for a total of 5!  (loads of fun) (and a lot of Johns!!) David married Jennifer Gott from Bar Harbor on Aug 9, 2003.  Their daughter Olivia Beth Gray was born 7-20-05 looks just like Dave (AND acts like him), her sister Molly was born 6/28/06.  I have worked at the paper mill in Bucksport for 11 yrs, after a wide variety of jobs (textile mill, skidder operator, truck driver, peat bog, lobster pound, and diving for scallops, etc.)  Address is 34 Holt Drive, Ellsworth, Me.04605  I would love to hear from classmates and CMHS grads. (I DO love to write!!) March 2005 photo one, two, three courtesy of Linda Tokarz.  E-mail is 01/31/09 email update.

Albert W. Hartford: Albert lives in Calais. 122106

Clinton Hayward:  Clinton lives in Waterville, Maine at 22 Quarry Road, Apartment #38 04901. Recently widowed, upon the death of Patricia (Sitnik) who was employed in the Endoscopy Department at Maine General Hospital in Waterville, has 3 children of his own & 2 step children. All are out on their own. One works in Financial Aid at UNE, another works for U.S. Customs in Calais, one is employed as a Registered Nurse in Calais, while another is a General Manager of a Construction Company in San Francisco, and the last works for Applicators, a construction company wholesaler in Augusta. Clinton retired from the Sisters of Charity Health System (St. Mary's Regional Medical Center) in Lewiston in 2008 and had been there for 22 years as Director of Security with a staff of about 21 employees. His primary love is landscaping and flower gardening and is a Master Gardener along with his fondness of fishing. He had 3 acres of highly landscaped grounds in Winslow with about 15 flower gardens & a lot of statuary and two ponds which was sold in 2012. He has deeded his cottage on Boyden Lake in Perry to son Tommy. His mother who lived on Pleasant St. in Calais passed away in December of 2011. Upon retirement and now upon the death of his wife he dedicates most of his time to family, volunteerism and fishing in his new boat with his constant companion, Joy, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. His e-mail address is  He would love to hear from any classmates. 081112

Patricia A. Higgins: Patricia lives in Phoenix AZ.

Harriet Hill Hachey. My husband Paul and I live in Vassalboro Maine. Paul works for Irving, and I work for Goodwill of New England in a group home for the mentally and physically handicapped. Would love to hear from fellow class-mates.  

Virginia Hilyard Doran: Virginia is married to Frank Doran and lives in Kingfield ME; during the winter months she lives in Florida on a boat.

Eleanor M. Irish Matheson: Eleanor lives in St. Stephen NB.

John Kershules: John lives in White House Station NJ.

Lillian Lane: Lillian lives in Elizabethtown, KY with her husband Glenn Johnston who retired from the Army several  years ago. They have two children living in Michigan. They lived in Germany for ten years and while there adopted two children who now live in Arizona. Lillian's sister Marion and husband, Norm Carlow, live in Presque Isle. Elizabethtown is about 30 minutes from Louisville.

John LaPointe: John lives in Machias; his mother lives in Calais.

Joan L. LeSeur: Joan is married to Paul Stanhope and lives  GA.  See Paul below for more information.

David C. Lincoln lives in Wasilla, Alaska. 

Carl "Bud" Mahar: Carl & Natalie live in Calais. mahar11@verizon.net11/11/03 

Darrell E. Mains: Darrell lives in Ann Arbor, MI. 

Elizabeth Malloch Condes: Liz lives in Las Cruces NM  with her husband. 

Susan McCoubrey Dooley: Susan lives in Alexandria VA.

Fred McLean: Fred lives in Calais and is employed by GP.

Carole McLellan Boynton: Carole and David live in Barnegat, NJ.   Things are going fine for her.  Her  e-mail address is new 10/16/09

Marilyn Moore Cochran: Kissimmee, FL. I am an Allstate agent and have an office in St. Cloud FL.  My  husband has retired from the Navy. My daughter Kelly is married to Pete McCoubrey and lives in Meddybemps; she is an RN . She has 2 children Bethany is a Freshman at the University of Nevada, Utah; and Adrienne is graduating from Woodland HS June 2005. My other daughter Jerri lives in Melbourne FL and works at Patrick Air Force Base. My son Jason works for me at the agency full time is married and has a little boy Ethan. My address is 1050 E. Lakeshore Blvd., Kissimmee FL 34744, e-mail

David Morrison lives in Southbridge MA. 

Ronald Morrison: Ronald is married and lives in Perry.  He works at GP  Woodland. 

Paul J. Pettit: Paul lives in Loveland OH.

Lorraine Perkins Gilchrist: Lorraine  is married and has two sons and one grandson.  She live in Meddybemps. Her husband died July 2006. 

Cheryl PikeTuomala,  would have been class of '61,  Cheryl's brother, David, has retired. 

Mary Pomeroy Howe: Mary lives in Centerville MA.  Mary is married and has one daughter.  No grandchildren as of yet; her daughter is having too much fun in the city (Boston) to get married & have children! 

Raymond Poole: Raymond and Janet have been married since May 1964, they have 2 sons. Raymond is now retired, and he and Janet live in Supply NC.  

Sharon Preston Lewis: Sharon has been married to Larry Lewis for 40 years. Their daughter lives in Fort Drum NY and her husband will be retiring from the Army in 2 years. They have two kids, 15 and 11. Sharon and Larry's son lives in southern Maine and has a 15 year old. Larry is retired, and Sharon works at the health center in Princeton.  They moved to Alexander 7 years ago where they operate the Home Sweet Home Bed & Breakfast. 

Charles M. Russell: My home address is 135 Ward Street,  Apartment 119, Revere, MA 02151. My Home Telephone Number is 617-948-0978, and my Home E-Mail is

Beverly Rutherford Linnane: Beverly lives in Westboro MA. 

Karen Smith Howell: AJ & I moved full time to The Villages Florida, December 2012.   I retired from the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission in 2008 where I worked in Workforce Development.  Our daughter, Renee, & her husband, Glen, live on Lookout Mt. TN; they have two children, Bronte & Brooke; our son, Jim, and his wife, Rachel, live in Longwood FL; they have two children, Scott and  Laura. AJ retired from the US Navy and teaching high school; we have lived in GA, MD, VA, FL, Italy and Puerto Rico. When we finally settled in one place, I went back to school and have a BA in History from UT Chattanooga and MEd Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt Univ. I still get homesick for ME, but my life is truly blessed. E-mail .

"Bud" Smith: Bud has retired to Tensed, Idaho, with his wife, Mary.

Paul E.Stanhope: Paul and Joan live in GA.  They would like to hear from former classmates.  They have 3 children.  Nathaniel and his wife, Laura, have a four year old child, Sydney, in pre-school.  Nathaniel has his own maintenance business & lives about 4 miles from Paul & Joan.  Joel & his wife, Jean, live in St. John NB.  Joel is a plumber like his Dad and brother Nate.  Jean works at a nursing home.  They have 3 children Darma 15, Mike 13, and Chantel 9.  Paula and her husband, Don, live down the street from Paul & Joan.  They have three boys, Christian, 4, Jesse, 3, and Alex, 19 months.

Patricia Stewart Willard: I retired on 2/20/09 and moved on 2/21/09. So far, retirement is all that I imagined it would be. New address: 63 Rainflower Land, West Windsor, NJ 08550 (609) 308-2321. Hard to believe that #50 is creeping up on us. 

Bonnie Swett Blanchette Mercier lives in Mt. Airy NC and has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. E-mail

Milton Thornton: After graduation I spent 5 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Jet engine mechanic at Wright Patterson A.F.B. Dayton Ohio. After discharge I was meat manager at Shop and Save for 10 years. I have been with Georgia Pacific for the last 20 years, the first 5  in maintenance and the last 15 in management. I am still married to my high school sweetheart, Jill (McCann) Thornton, that's right,! 36 years. We have 3 Children, 2 boys, Keith and Troy, and a girl Alicia. Both boys are graduates of the University of Maine at Orono and my daughter is  a dance instructor and is  married to Rex Nicholson  electrician at Georgia Pacific. Jill was in Public Relations for years and now is at home looking after me, at my age I need it.  I have 2 beautiful grand children, a Boy Seth 25  months a girl Devain 6 years. E-mail  

Linda Tokarz: Linda lives in Greenbelt MD. Photo March 30, 2005, courtesy of Jack Gray - 

Donna Tracy: Donna lives in Murfreesboro TN and spends summers in Maine.

Bernard F. Trott: After high school, I joined the Air Force, then went to work for Capewell Mfg. Co., Hartford Ct. retiring in 2003, after 41 years with the company. I retired as buyer/planner from  our facility in S.Deerfield Ma.. I went on to recieve a certificate from the State of Conn., as a journeyman Tool and Die Maker. (4 yr trade school) Also, a 2 year degree in Business from the U.of Hartford in Ct. I have been married to Kathleen since 1965, we have 4 children, Susan, Melissa, Sherman and Bernard Ira. We have 8 grandchildren, 2 girls and 6 boys. We enjoy our retirement, and have been to all lower 48 States. I enjoy playing golf and like to fish and hunt along with the traveling with Kathy. I am a Freemason and was a member of the Sphinx Temple Shrine, Hartford, Conn. Played the Scottish bagpipes for a number of years with the Highlanders. Our address is 10 Congress Street, Apt. #807, Greenfield MA 01301, telephone 413-774-9473. 6/17/16

Gerald L. Watt: Gerald lives in Bucksport ME  and works at Champion.

Deceased Classmates

Shirley(Bub) Norman Campbell Jr. 71, passed away May 26, 2014 at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor surrounded by his loving family, after a hard fought battle with cancer and heart disease, neither of which were able to break his will or strong positive attitude.  Shirl was born May 3, 1943 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, the son of Shirl Sr. and Dorothy Campbell of Calais. He graduated in 1961 from Calais Memorial High School; he then attended Ricker College in Houlton, and the University of Machias.  In 1965 he married Beryl Ann Stymiest of Tabusintac, New Brunswick. Over the next 7 years they lived and worked in many places throughout New England, Shirl as a Store Manager and Beryl Ann as a Nurse.  Shirl moved his family back to Calais in 1972, where he spent the next 25 years working as a Sporting Goods Manager for Johnson’s True Value. Over that span of years at Johnson’s, his hard work, great sense of humor, and compassion earned him much respect and many friendships on both sides of the border.  He was an avid New England sports fan who enjoyed following the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots, whether they won, lost or tied.  Shirl was predeceased by both his father and mother. He is survived by his loving wife of 48 years, Beryl Ann, and 2 sons of whom he couldn’t have been more proud. Sons Bobby, his wife Tammy and daughters Cassie and Lexi of Glenburn, and Bryan, wife Tiffany, and daughter’s Sadie and Hailey, also of Glenburn. He loved and cherished spending time with his 4 granddaughters more than anything else.  He is also survived by his sister Pat Gagner and her husband Jeff, of Baileyville, Carole Thornton and her husband Gary of Lubbock, TX, Bonnie Johnson of Bangor, Joanne Pottle of Perry, and Judy McGinley and her husband Stephen of Alexander. He will also be missed by many brother and sister-in-laws, countless nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews, as well as many friends that he made over the years in the Calais and Bangor areas.  A celebration of Shirl’s life will be held 3 p.m. Saturday, May 31, 2014 at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais.  In lieu of flowers or other gifts, donations may be made in Shirl’s memory to Cancer Care of Maine in Brewer, ME., at:

Gerald E. Cookson, 73, passed away at his home on February 14, 2017. Gerald was born on June 23, 1943 to Henry and Dorothy (McPhail) Cookson in Calais. Upon his completion of high school, he immediately enlisted with the US Air Force, serving during the Vietnam War and then later served with the National Guard for 25 years, retiring in 1998. He was a lifelong member and former Commander of the Sherman Bros. Post 3, American Legion in Calais. Gerald worked hard throughout his entire life, he was a Master Electrician and spent more than 35 years with Border Electric. He was a huge fan of the Patriots, the Red Sox, and NASCAR, he loved bowling but was most passionate about hunting. Gerald’s favorite place in the world was Enoch Brook Hunting Camp, watching the Meadow. In addition to his parents Gerald was predeceased by his wife, Gertrude Cookson and his mother and father-in-law, Art and Ede Garland. He will be sadly missed by his two children, Dana Cookson and his wife Miranda of Robbinston and Kari Kelly and her husband Ryan of MA; his two brothers, Jimmy Cookson of Princeton and Charles Cookson and his wife Maxine; two grandson, Tyler Cookson and Anthony Cookson and a granddaughter Finley Kelly; the mother of his children, Rebecca Cookson; many friends including a very special friend, Rip Noyes and all his bowling buddies at the St. Croix Bowling Club. In keeping with Gerald’s wishes there will be no service. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. [Provided by Heather Ross.] 

Richard M. Currier: Obituary [Provided by Carolyn Furlong. 020610]

David Damon:  Bangor Daily News: "Winterport: David Leroy Damon, 53, died 3/14/96 at a Bangor Hospital.  He was born in Calais 5/29/42, the son of George and Elisabeth (Gower) Damon. He served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the American Legion Post No. 3 of Calais. David especially enjoyed high school basketball and was an avid fan of the Calais Blue Devils. He was a hard worker and was employed at Sunrise Materials in Orono for the past 12 years." David was married to Juanita McKee and had 2 daughters, a stepson, & 3 grandchildren.

Rodney L. Dickinson, 69, beloved husband of Mary (Silva) Dickinson of Peabody,  MA died peacefully at the North Shore Medical Center—Salem Hospital, while in the comforting presence of his family. Born in Gardener, ME, he was the son of the late Leo and Marjorie (Bradford) Dickinson. He grew up in the Calais, ME area through high school, and then enlisted in the U.S. Army. As he was stationed in Topsfield, he met his wife and began his dedicated partnership and settled with his family in Peabody for the last 52 years. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War. Mr. Dickinson created the molds in the foundry at the United Shoe Manufacturing in Beverly for 25 years. He continued with the subsequent owner of the business with Dynapert. He later worked with Auto Roll Machine in Middleton before retiring from Varian in Gloucester. Rod enjoyed travel with his wife. Whether on a cruise ship to the Caribbean, Spring Training in Fort Myers, FL or going to catch the Red Sox in Baltimore, he would enjoy watching his favorite team as part of Red Sox Nation. He kept fit by riding his bicycle around the North Shore, and especially enjoyed the variety of bike trails. He was always tinkering with things around his home, or helping any of his family with projects around the house. He enjoyed doing woodworking. He is survived by his wife Mary (Silva) Dickinson of Peabody, with whom he shared 49 years of marriage; two sons, Jim Dickinson of Peabody and Richard Dickinson of VT; two daughters, Diana Dickinson-Donovan and her husband Shawn Donovan and Tricia and her husband Earl Gagnon all of Peabody; seven grandchildren, Jim Gallagher, Kevin Gallagher, Jack Donovan, Mike Dickinson, Robert Dickinson, Rachel Gagnon and Ryan Gagnon; a brother Ken Dickinson of NY; three sisters, Susan McCray of Baileyville, ME, Peggy Cook of Long Beach, CA, and Lori Garlin and her husband George Falkowski of Middleton; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death, besides his parents, by a daughter-in-law, Melissa (Towers) Dickinson. ARRANGEMENTS: Relatives and friends are kindly invited to gather for his Funeral Service on Tuesday March 26, 2013 at 11 AM in the Conway, Cahill-Brodeur Funeral Home, 82 Lynn St., Peabody. A visitation will be held on Monday from 4:30 – 7:30 PM in the funeral home. Cremation will follow the ceremony. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the MGH-North Shore Cancer Center, 102 Endicott St., Danvers, MA 01923. Please visit  for online obit and sign condolences. 

Dianne Gibson Craft: CALAIS - Dianne Marie Craft, 62, of Calais, passed away Tuesday, Feb.01,2005, at a Bangor hospital after a lengthy illness. She was born Jan. 15, 1943, at St. Stephen, New Brunswick, the daughter of Guy Edward and Jean (Robb) Gibson. Dianne worked for several years at Irving convenience stores. She was well-known around town for her cooking, such as her delicious rolls, baked beans and macaroni and cheese, and the numerous treats she made around the holidays for her many friends and acquaintances. Dianne was predeceased by her parents and her brother, Philip. She is survived by her husband of 35 years, Roger; sons, Robert Edward and his wife, Amy, of Old Town, and Roger Jr.; mother-in-law, Joyce Craft Frost; brothers- and sisters-in-law and their families: Timmy, Joey, Lester, Geraldine, Terry, Melanie, Lisa, Kim and Brenda; nieces, Sherri Gibson of Bangor and Cindy Brochu and family of Colorado. She will be missed by many, many close friends. A celebration of Dianne's life will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5, 2005, at the Craft Residence, 38 Garfield St., Calais. Burial services will be held in the spring. [Bangor Daily News 020205] 

Winfield Harmon: CALAIS - Winfield A. Harmon Jr., 62, died unexpectedly Friday, May 12,Winfield 2006, at a Calais hospital. Winfield was born in Portland, June 20, 1943, the son of the late Winfield A. Harmon Sr. of Hadley's Lake in East Machias and Kathleen M. (Wood) Harmon of Machiasport. He graduated with honors from Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1961, and attended Washington State Teachers College in Machias. Winfield started driving a taxi during high school for Isaac Russell and eventually operated his own taxi service for several years. He was Honorably Discharged after serving two years in the Army National Guard. Winfield spent the duration of his career working as the Parts Manager for Daggett, Rankin, Lenentine, and currently Pratt Chevrolet in Calais. He was a former president of the Maine Obsolete Auto League (MOALs) and was an expert on antique automobiles. Winfield was a member of St. Croix Lodge No. 46 AF & AM, where he was a Master in 1985, 1991, and 2001. He was also a Past High Priest for St. Croix Chapter No. 17, Past Illustrious Master for St. Croix Council No. 11, Past Commander of Hugh dePayens Commandery No. 15, Past Worthy Patron and Present Worthy Patron of the Order of Eastern Star Orion Chapter No. 45, was a member of Red Cross of Constantine, Past District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Maine, Past Master of the Third Veil of the Grand Chapter of Maine, a member of K.Y.C.H. (Knights of the York Cross of Honor), P.O.A. (Past Officers Association), and the Shrine Anah Temple. Winfield was actively involved in the reconstruction of the Masonic Lodge in Calais. He was a member of St. Croix Bowling Club and loved the sport of baseball. He stayed actively involved as a Player Agent for more than 28 years and was the longest continuous volunteer in the history of Calais Little League. Winfield and his wife Beau especially enjoyed attending Chesley's Auctions in East Corinth, and finding "treasures" for their numerous yard sales in Calais. He was a huge fan of wrestling and NASCAR and attended races in New Hampshire, Dover, Deleware, and Charlotte, N.C., and enjoyed ice fishing with his family and friends. Winfield attended many sporting events, especially enjoying his grandchildren's activities. Winfield was actively involved in the community and his presence will be missed by his family and the entire community. Surviving are his loving wife, Beau Harmon; his only son, Mark K. Harmon and wife, Janice, of Calais; two special grandchildren, Nicholas and Kaitlyn of Calais; twin sisters, E. Marilyn Sotirelis and husband, Sam, of Calais, and F. Helen Townsend and husband, William C., of Bar Harbor; two nieces, Jennifer A. Diffin of Keene, N.H., and Marilyn Ann (Townsend) Coffie and husband, Greg, of Moyock, N.C.; a great-nephew, Colin Coffie of Moyock, N.C.; an uncle, Howard Harmon and wife, Arlene, of Harrington; and two aunts, Josephine Corbett and husband, Purcell, of Cutler and Leona Roberts and husband, Adelbert, of Poland. Friends may call 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Sunday at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais. Funeral services will be 2 p.m. Monday at the United Methodist Church, Main St., Calais with Pastor Karen MacDuff-Barnett officiating. Burial will follow in Harmon Cemetery at Hadley's Lake in East Machias. In lieu of flowers, donations in Winfield's memory may be made to the Calais Free Library, 9 Union St., Calais, ME 04619. Friends may pay tribute at [Bangor Daily News 051306. Provided by Marilyn Strout & John Adams] 

Linda R. Hill Fossa: Linda was born 12/7/1942 Dorchester MA, died 10/22/2001 Calais  of an apparent heart attack. 

Ella Belle Hunnewell Howe, 70, was born August 21, 1943. She was raised in Alexander Maine, the daughter of Floyd and Ethel Hunnewell. She has two sisters Virginia Carlow (who has passed away) and Louise Griffin. She was a graduate of Calais High School in the class of 1961. Ella took a business course in St. Stephen NB after graduation. In her early years, she worked at Grants in Calais for several years. She married Richard Howe on October 26, 1968 and has two children: Rhonda Glidden and Llewellyn Howe. Ella raised her family in Woodland, Maine. Ella was a faithful member of the Woodland Pentecostal Church and in years past served as a treasurer. Ella leaves behind some dear friends: Miriam Libby, Jeanette Trott, and Pearl Boardman. Ella spent many summers raking blueberries for her parents and haying the fields in the fall. Ella leaves behind her loving husband, Richard Howe of 45 years, her loving daughter Rhonda and her husband Rev. Dr. Michael Glidden, her loving son, Llewellyn Howe and his wife Millie and sons Sean and John. She leaves behind a grandson, Sean Michael Glidden and a granddaughter Natasha White, a sister Louise Griffin, nephew Duane Griffin and his wife Carrie, nephew Foster Carlow Jr, niece Vickie Barnes and her husband Chauncey, niece Bonnie Peakall and her boyfriend Richard Hickson. She has many grand nephews, nieces, and cousins. Ella’s favorite scripture verse is Psalm 23:6 and she also loved Psalm 91. Ella worked at McDonalds in Calais for 15 years having worked in the lobby keeping it clean and tidy and putting on birthday parties for many children. She fought a courageous battle with cancer and had a strong faith. She trusted whole-heartedly in the Lord as her savior and went to be with Him in heaven. Ella passed away on November 10, 2013. The committal service will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. at The Church of the Living Stone in Baileyville with the Rev. Dr. Michael Glidden, Rev. Keith Moody, and Rev. Tommy Smith officiating. The graveside will be at the Alexander Cemetery following the committal service. Refreshments will be held at The Church of the Living Stone following the graveside. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Richard Howe at P O Box 522, Baileyville, ME 04694. A special thank you to Calais Hospital and the North Street Bridge Home.  [Provided by Edna McLellan]

Jane L. Hunnewell Woodside: Born 4/22/1943, died 6/27/1996 Calais, age 53.  She  was married to Ivan Woodside and lived in Calais.  They had one son, Darin.  Jane had worked for J.D. Thomas for many years.

Sandra Jensen. SOMERSWORTH — Sandra Jean Jensen, 68, of Somersworth, passed away December 5, 2011, from complications of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and COPD, at the Hyder Family Hospice House surrounded by her family. Born January 23, 1943, to the late Earl and Madeline Jensen, Sandra grew up in Red Beach, Maine. She was predeceased by a sister, Eldora Brown. Sandra worked for many years at Homestead in Kittery and later at Sunbridge of Portsmouth. Being a nature lover, Sandra enjoyed tending to her gardens and watching the song birds visit her feeders and flowers as well as reading, working on crafts and spending time with her family. Sandra is survived by her sister, Sue Grant; brother, Earl Jensen; a son and daughter and their spouses, Richard and Karla Baxter, Sue and Mike Williams; grandchildren, Michael and Megan Williams and Haley and Chase Baxter, all of Somersworth. Her nephew and his family held a special place in her heart, Wayne and Donna Jensen, Jamie and Katie Jensen; their children, Isaac and Mary, Bethany Jensen and her children, Hayden and Addyson Fuller. A loving mother and grandmother, she will be missed dearly. Services will be held for Sandra at 11 a.m. on December 31, 2011, at First Parish United Church of Christ, 176 West High Street, Somersworth, NH. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions to the Hyder Family Hospice House, 285 County Farm Road, Dover, N.H. 03820. Visit for an online guest book. [Published in Fosters from December 15 to December 16, 2011. Provided by Marilyn Cochran.] 

William Johnson: Deceased 12/1995.

Gary A. LeSuer, 70, of Derry, N.H., died on November 8, 2013, at the Merrimack Valley Hospice in Haverhill, Mass. Gary was born in Calais, Maine, on April 24, 1943, and was a son of the late Walter and Ada (Benner) LeSuer. A resident of Derry for the last 22 years, he received his bachelor’s degree from Husson University of Maine at Orono, later receiving his master’s degree in Holton, Maine. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1961 to 1962. During the 1980s, Gary was the men's varsity basketball coach at Hesser College. He was employed as a business teacher at Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative, and was the director of finance at Kenyan Campbell Business College. For more than 30 years, he was a financial aid advisor at Lawrence Memorial School of Nursing. Gary was a member of the American Legion Henry Sweeney Post #2 of Manchester and the Disabled American Veterans. He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Hazel “Margie” (Foley) LeSuer of Derry; one son, Mark D. LeSuer of Lemmington, Maine; one sister, Joan Stanhope and her husband, Paul, of Ellijay, Ga.; one brother, Bennett LeSuer and his wife, Helen, of Linton, Ind.; sister-in-laws, Joyce McClure of Pittsboro, Ind., Jenny Elder and her husband, Kenny, and Ellie Brown and her husband, Eldredge, all of Crawfordsville, Ind.; and a brother-in-law and his wife, Richard Lee and Donna Foley of North Salem, Ind.; and several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his sister, Sally.ARRANGEMENTS: Calling hours will be held on Monday, November 11, from 4 to 8 p.m., in the Peabody Funeral Homes and Crematorium, 15 Birch Street, Derry. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, at 11 a.m., in the Calvary Bible Church, 145 Hampstead Road, Derry. Burial with military honors will follow at 1:30 p.m., in the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery, Boscawen, N.H. To send a condolence, or for more information, please visit

Lawrence Ronald Lewis passed away on Tuesday April 3, 2018 at Eastern Maine Medical Center surrounded by his family and friends. He was born in Freeport, Maine on September 4, 1942, son on Carl and Eileen Lewis. Larry retired from Georgia Pacific Chip-n-Saw Mill after many years as a heavy equipment operator.  He was predeceased y his father Carl Lewis and his grandparents James and Annie Moreside and Clarence and Mary Lewis.  Surviving in addition to his wife Sharon (Preston) Lewis are his mother Eileen Lewis, son David and his wife Holly of East Waterboro, daughter Dawn Robinson and her husband Kevin of Evans Mills, New York; grandchildren Joshua Lewis of Limerick, Gregory Robinson and his wife Robin of Evans Mills, New York, Krystal Kurzenberger and her husband Daniel of Evans Mills, New York; great-grandchildren Eleanor Kurenberger and Genevieve Robinson of Evans Mills, New York; brothers James Lewis of Charlotte, Dale Lewis of Baileyville, sisters Carlene Eaton of East Hartford, Connecticul and Janet Leighton of Baileyville; and several nieces and nephews. Larry was an avid hunter and fisherman. He was a former member of the Dennys River Sportsman's Club and the Eddington Salmon Club. He was a die-hard sports fan and enjoyed watching the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox and Nascar.  A graveside service will be announced at a later date in August 2018. In lieu of flowers, those who wish to remember Larry in a special way may make gifts in his memory to the National Kidney Foundation of Maine, 470 Forest Avenue #302, Portland, ME 04101. [Provided by Jack Gray.]

Ronald L. MacKechnie: Known locally as the "Voice of the Valley," Ron MacKechnie's mellifluous tones greeted early morning WQDY listeners for 30 years. The 53-year-old MacKechnie who joined the staff of WQDY in 1960, died at his home this week after a long illness. Born in Princeton, he was a member of the 1961 graduating class at Calais Memorial High School. He was still in high school when he was hired as a part-time on-air personality. He later became a full-time employee and worked at the station until poor health forced his retirement in 1993. Former WQDY owner Dale Hollingdale fondly remembered MacKechnie. "I recall the first time he went on air. I was training him, and I was nervous for him. We were in a national newscast at the time. He was supposed to take over when we went local... He switched on the mike and sounded like he had been on the air for 10 years," said Hollingdale, "He was a professional from the first moment he went on the air." MacKechnie was not only an on-air personality who spun records, he had a deep appreciation for his community. For years he hosted an interview program called "Talk of the Town,"  addressing the needs of the community as well as national and world issues. [Bangor Daily News 12/13/1996]

Michael McClure: Born 10/15/1942, deceased 9/16/1985 Calais, age 42.

Linda Isabel McLain, daughter of the late Joseph Theophilus (Theo) McLain and Marjorie Pender McLain, passed away on April 9, 2016 at a Bangor hospital. She was born on October 13, 1942 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. After attending Immaculate Conception Elementary School, she graduated first in the class of 1961 from Calais Memorial High School. In 1965, she earned a B.S. degree in Education from the University of Maine at Orono. While at UMO, she was a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society. Linda began her teaching career in Houlton before returning to Calais where she was employed at the Calais Elementary School until 1993, when she retired from her second grade teaching position due to Muscular Dystrophy. A dedicated teacher, she devoted countless hours to instructional planning and preparation.  Although she missed her work in the classroom, Linda occupied her time with many interests and hobbies. She was an avid reader, a skilled seamstress, and despite her physical limitations, continued to work in her beautiful flower and vegetable gardens until a few years ago. She also enjoyed genealogical research and was a loyal fan of the Celtics and Patriots. A devout Catholic, she was a member and past president of the ladies sodality of her parish. As a woman of strong principles and unwavering faith, Linda was an inspiration to many as she met the challenges and hardships of her deteriorating health with grace and determination. She will be dearly missed and lovingly remembered by her younger sister and best friend Paula, with whom she shared the family home for many years, her sister Gail Berry and brother-in-law Peter Berry, their children Christopher Berry and his wife Chriss, and Kathleen Berry Stevens and her children Megan and Ethan Stevens. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by the Reverend Kevin Martin at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, 31 Calais Ave., Calais, on Thursday, April 14, at 11 a.m. Interment will follow in the family plot at the Calais Cemetery as Linda is laid to rest beside her beloved parents. Those who wish may make donations to Saint Kateri Tekawitha Parish (SKT Parish) at PO Box 898, Calais, ME 04619. Friends are invited to join the family for refreshments at the Gerald LaPointe residence, 29 High St., Calais, following the service. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais and Eastport. Condolences and memories may be shared at [BDN 4/12/16. Provided by Sharon Howland.] 

Barbara Ann McLean Maenhout, 74, passed away Friday, December 30, 2016 surrounded by her loving family following a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s. Barbara was born in St. Stephen, NB on November 17, 1942, daughter of the late Ralph and Elva (Clement) McLean. After graduating from Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1961, she worked for JJ Newberry in Calais until she married her love, Robert “Bob” Maenhout, on June 15, 1962. Since Bob was in the U.S. Navy, they lived in Brunswick and Newport, RI. Upon his discharge, they returned to Calais where Barbara worked as a Tinter for Harvey Studios. When their children started school, she became a Librarian Assistant for Washington County Vocational Technical Institute, retiring as Head Librarian with 28 years of service. Once retired, Barbara took a more active roll in assisting her husband and son in the family business, Maenhout Monuments. She was a member of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Calais and enjoyed gardening, wintering in Largo, FL, and especially spending time with her grandchildren. In addition to her parents, Barbara was predeceased by a sister and brother-in-law, Donna and William Hornbrook. Surviving are her loving husband of 54 years, Robert Maenhout; two children, Kirk Maenhout and wife Susan of Alexander, and Kerry Edwards and husband Allen of Calais; six grandchildren, Valerie Guinn of Warner Robins, GA, Jennifer Love and husband Josh of Massena, NY, Jonathan Edwards of Carmel, Ashley Wilcox and husband Tim of Hermon, Brittney Lafavor and husband Jerry of Tampa, FL, and Jake Randall of Milford; eight great-grandchildren, Wesley, Cameron, Nathan, Braelynn, Landon, Brynn, Brady and Jeryson; three sisters, Norma McLean of Calais, Linda Shreve and husband Mike of Nova Scotia, and Jean Bacon of Old Town; brother-in-law Larry Maenhout and wife Brenda of Ontario; many nieces and nephews; and her many dear friends on Steamboat Street. A special thanks to her loving caregiver, Freda McIver of Lambert Lake, and the many hospice workers who went above and beyond in caring for Barbara. graveside service will be held in the spring at Calais Cemetery. Donations in Barbara’s memory may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, PO Box 96011, Washington, DC 20090, or Down East Hospice, 24 Hospital Lane, Calais, ME 04619. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. [Provided by Katherine Berry.] 

Robert Merrill: Robert H Merrill, born 3/14/1943 died 3/14/2007 in Jacksonville Florida (of cancer). He was survived by his wife Deidre (Mehan), sons John and his wife Rebecca, Christopher and his wife Allison and a daughter Peggy and her husband Wesley Cole and 6 grand children. Interment in Topsfield Me at a later date. [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks]

Byron G. “Bunny” O’Brien, 73, passed away Saturday, January 2, 2016 at a Bangor hospital with his family by his side. Bunny was born in Calais on December 5, 1942, the youngest son of Clarence “Cuddy” and Christine (Olson) O’Brien. After attending school in Calais, he worked for Beckett’s Warehouse, operated his own Mobile service station, worked at Georgia Pacific, delivered oil for JD Thomas, and eventually started his own business, Bunny’s Septic Service. Bunny operated this business for over 30 years, retiring in 2012. He enjoyed antique cars and trucks, and spending time at his camp on Cathance Lake where he loved fishing.  Bunny was predeceased by his parents, Cuddy and Christine O’Brien. Surviving are his wife of 51 years, Betty (Belyea) O’Brien; two children, Brenda O’Brien and companion Chris DelMonaco of Hermon, and William O’Brien of Calais; two brothers, Gilbert O’Brien and wife Louise of Calais, and Wilfred O’Brien and wife Maryann of Calais; brother-in-law, William “Bill” Belyea and wife Edith of Scotch Ridge, NB; sisters-in-law, Barbara Belyea of Olympia, WA, and Della Hastey of Milltown, NB; numerous cousins, nieces and nephews; and many treasured longtime friends. A special thanks to the staff of EMMC in Bangor and Calais Regional Hospital, the doctors, nurses, and EMS for safely getting Bunny to Bangor in the storm; also to the special people for their help. A celebration of Bunny’s life will be held at Calais Cemetery in the spring. Donations in Bunny’s memory may be made to PAWS Brave Hearts, 368 South St., Calais, ME 04619, or a charity of one’s choice. Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. (Provided by Heather Ross.) 

Myrtle E. Palmeter Ackley, 72, passed away Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at Down East Community Hospital with family by her side. Myrtle was born in Calais on April 18, 1943, daughter of the late Roberta (Hatton) and Curtis Palmeter Sr. Myrtle was a 1961 graduate of Calais Memorial High School and a life-long resident of Meddybemps. She worked in her family business for many years, also as a Meddybemps school bus driver, and then as a rural route mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. In addition to her parents, Myrtle was predeceased by a stepson Steve, and a nephew Jarrod. She is survived by her husband of 42 years, Theodore Ackley; sister Maxine Palmeter of Meddybemps; brother Curtis Palmeter Jr. of Eastport; special niece Jean and husband Eric Voelker and son Curtis of Orono; nephew Troy Palmeter of Charlotte and his family; nephew Greg and Pam Drake of Alton; Myrtle’s “special girl” Haidyn Jane Seavey of Calais; stepchildren, David of Wells, Dan and family of Cooper, Joe and family of Machias, and Lauri and family of Canton; a sister and family of Florida; and numerous other relatives and friends. Visiting hours will be held 12 noon to 1 p.m. Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais, where a celebration of Myrtle’s life will begin at 1 p.m. Burial will follow in Green Hill Cemetery, Meddybemps. Donations in Myrtle’s memory may be made to the Meddybemps Vol. Fire Dept., PO Box 849, Meddybemps, ME 04657. Condolences and memories may be shared at [Provided by Susan Dooley & Heather Ross.]  

Wayne Michael Pike, 72, formally of Calais and since 2012 Orrington, passed away at Westgate Center for Alzheimer’s Care in Bangor on Sunday, January 25, 2015 with his family by his side. Wayne was born in Calais on May 17, 1942, son of the late Oscar and Lillian (Robichaud) Pike. He attended the Calais Parochial School and graduated from Calais Memorial High School, Class of 1961. Wayne was employed by Georgia Pacific / Domtar as a mason and insulator, retiring in 2006 after 39 years of service. He was a member of USW United Steelworkers Union Local 27, a Communicant of the Immaculate Conception Church in Calais, an Honorary Member of the Knights of Columbus St. Croix Council #149, and a 4th Degree Knight with Assembly #0342. Wayne enjoyed his family, spending time at his camp on Bear Cove, traveling many miles with his wife and close friends, playing cards, especially Blackjack, and was an avid Red Sox fan. He also enjoyed having coffee every morning with his friends at Dunkin Donuts. Wayne was proud to have spent many hours volunteering his time working on the first stage of the Calais Waterfront Walkway. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by an infant son Christopher Wayne; and his brother Francis. He is survived by his wife of 49 years, Lorraine (Cox) Pike; a daughter, Gayle M. Davis and her husband Jeffrey of Orrington; a son David L. Pike and his wife Billie-Jo of Veazie; grandchildren Megan Doane, Lauren, Daniel, and Ashley Davis, Audrey and Lee Pike, and Drew Jamison; sisters Joyce Fitzsimmons of Calais and Barbara Devoe of Bangor; sisters-in-law Carolyn and Arthur Furlong of Meddybemps, and Peggy Bryant of Grand Lake Stream and Tucson, AZ; and many special nieces and nephews. Visiting hours will be held 6-8 p.m. Friday, January 30, 2015 at Mays Funeral Home, 26 Church St., Calais, where a Knights of Columbus Prayer Service will be conducted at 7 p.m. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by Father Rob Lupo 11 a.m. Saturday, January 31, at Immaculate Conception Church, 31 Calais Ave., Calais. Burial will follow in Calais Cemetery. Donations in Wayne’s memory may be made to My Friends Place, 703 Essex St., Bangor, ME 04401, or Westgate Center for Rehab & Alzheimer’s Care Activity Fund, 750 Union St., Bangor, ME 04401. 

Arthur E. Pomeroy: Born 5/19/1943, died while stationed in the U.S. Navy at Norfolk, VA.

William R.Pomeroy: Born 5/19/1943, died in a work-related accident 1/22/1969, age 25.

Clarke M. Reynolds, 74, of Heidelberg Twp., passed away on September 5, 2017 at his residence.Born December 19, 1942 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Raised and schooled in Calais, ME, graduating from Calais Memorial High Class of 1961. Clarke enlisted in the Maine Army National Guard in 1960; Commissioned to 2nd LT in 1963 out of Fort Benning, Ga. He served in the ME Army National Guard and Active Army Reserve Corps of Army Engineers through 1982, retiring at that time and commissioned at the rank of Captain. He was employed at St. Croix Paper Co./Georgia Pacific Corp. from 1961 to 1971 as a Papermaker, Woodland, ME, relocating to Reading, Pa. in 1971. He retired in 2002 with 31 years of service from Parsons Energy and Chemical (Gilbert Associates/Gilbert Commonwealth) as an Expediting and Logistics Manager in the Materials Management Group out of Reading, Pa. He was Past President and retired member of the Expediting Management Association chartered in Houston, TX, with international representation and membership. He was also Past President and member of the Conrad Weiser Lions Club, Robesonia, Pa.; a member of Williamson Lodge #307 F.&A.M., Womelsdorf, Pa.; Consistory, Scottish Rite, Valley of Reading A.A.S.R., Reading, Pa., and the Rajah Shriners A.A.O.N.M.S., Reading, Pa. He was a member of the Amateur Trap Shooting Association; Robesonia Fish & Game Association; and the Cocalico Sportsman Association. He was an avid trap shooter through the years and loved to surf fish on the Florida Coast shoreline. He is survived by his loving wife of 50 years, Marilyn L. Reynolds, of Robesonia, Pa., and his daughter, Karen L. Reynolds, of Atlanta, Ga. He was predeceased by his father, John C. Reynolds; his mother, Laura M. (Goss) Neveroski; and step-father, Vincent J. Neveroski. Lamm & Witman Funeral Home Inc., Wernersville is handling arrangements. Graveside services will be private at the convenience of the family. Online condolences may be made at

Christian E. Richard : PRINCETON  Christian E. Richard, 64 of 8 Main Street, died Saturday, April 16, 2005 in U Mass Memorial Medical Center, University Campus. He leaves his wife of 41 years, Marie E (Napoli) Richard; two daughters, Cheryl A. and her husband Michael A. Robillard of Leominster and Sheila M. and her husband Thomas F. Loan of Rutland; two grandchildren, Katie and Riley; 7 brothers, Clayton Richard of Alabama, Rev. Thomas Richard of Milwaukee, James Richard, Stuart Richard and Carvell Richard all of Nantucket, John Richard of San Francisco and Mark Richard of Tennessee; 13 sisters, Nina Rabbio of Harwich Port, Sara Crosby and Lora Kebbati of Nantucket, Sandra Russell of New Hampshire, Erna Dressler of Pennsylvania, Cora Banks of Maine, Eva Johnstone of Kentucky, Hilda Caruso of New Jersey, Rhonda Thurston of Colorado, Lisa Shank of Connecticut, Lorna Grant of Springfield, Lydia Richard and Lynda Richard of Maryland. A brother, Karl H. Richard and a sister, Rosa Chase predeceased him. He was born in Coventry, Conn., son of Rev. Clayton E. and Lois (Smith) Richard and had lived in Princeton for the past 25 years. He graduated from Calais High School in 1961. He was the owner and operator of Morningdale’s Restaurant in Shrewsbury. He also worked for Land Lord Ben’s and for the Worcester County Sheriff’s Dept. in West Boylston for 10 years before retiring in 2004. Christian was an avid outdoorsman. He enjoyed fishing, hunting and woodworking. The funeral service for Mr. Richard will be held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 20 at the First Church in Sterling. Burial will follow in Hillside Cemetery, Sterling. Calling hours are from 5 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19 in the Miles-Sterling Funeral Home, 100 Worcester Road, Sterling. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Diabetes Association, 330 Congress Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110 [Worcester Telegram & Gazette April 18, 2005, Thanks John Gibson] 

Cora Jean Richard  Banks, 71, of Portland, passed away on March 14, 2014 at the Barron Center surrounded by her family after battling Alzheimer's disease for the past several years. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and aunt. Cora was born on April 28, 1942 in Manchester, Conn. the daughter of Lois Smith and Rev. Clayton Richard. She graduated from Calais Memorial High School and Pierre's Beauty School in Portland. Cora met her husband, James Banks, in Oct. 1961 while he was going door-to-door collecting money for the Heart Fund. In 1962, he was reintroduced to her by two of his good friends, Dan and Jane Lord, who encouraged him to go out on a blind date with Jane's friend named Cora. They were married Dec. 28, 1963 and recently celebrated their Golden Anniversary. She worked in the beauty salon in Lamey -Wellehan on Congress Street in Portland and at Mill Creek in South Portland. In 1968 she opened Cora's Beauty Salon in her home in Portland. The beauty salon was to supplement her full-time job of raising her four sons and being a stay-at-home mom. In later years, she sold Avon, worked for the Portland Public School System, ServiceMaster and Dirigo Management. In 1997, through her motivation to help children, as first lady of the New England and Bermuda District of Kiwanis, Cora supervised fundraising boutiques at each of the District's Annual Conferences. Through her efforts and others, they raised over $11,000 to support the start of the first New England Kiwanis Builders Clubs, in addition to support Circle K Clubs, Key Clubs and the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Being raised with a rich family tradition of Boy Scouts, Cora naturally raised her sons to become involved in Scouting. She was an active Den Mother and co-Pack Leader for Pack 66 and a leader in Troop 41, both in Portland. Cora worked diligently with her sons, and under her guidance, they all became Eagle Scouts. When her oldest son, Jim, became involved in Little League #9, Cora again found a natural place in working for the benefit of children. By selling candy out of the back of her station wagon, she was able to raise funds to put towards building a concession stand that still today remains next to the Little League field. As a daughter of a Congregational minister and as a strong Christian, Cora naturally became an active member of the North Deering Congregational Church in Portland. She served as Superintendant of Sunday School, where she helped develop a Sunday school curriculum for the children. In addition, she served several years as a Deaconess and helped lead the congregation Cora Jean Bank through many of its transitional times. Cora proudly raised her sons in the church where each were confirmed and had perfect attendance in Sunday School. In her later years in the church, Cora pursued her passion for singing as an active member of the choir. Cora's family would like to thank the Barron Center nurses and staff in the Alzheimer's Unit in Portland for the nearly one-year of care they provided her. Cora was predeceased by her parents, sister Rosa Chase, and brothers Karl Richard, Christian Richard and John Richard. She is survived by her husband, James Banks, Sr. of Portland, her four sons, James Banks, Jr. of Fairfield, Gregory Banks and his husband David Perry of Salem, Mass., Douglas Banks Sr. and his wife Sharon of Naples, and Jeffrey Banks of Somerville, Mass., as well as by her granddaughters, Ashley Aiken Letourneau, Danielle Aiken, Hunter Banks, grandsons James Banks, III, Robert Banks, Douglas Banks, Jr., and great-granddaughter Taylor Letourneau and great-grandsons Landon Letourneau and Wyatt Spaulding. Cora is also survived by her siblings, Nina Rabbio, Sara Crosby, Sandra Russell, Erna Dressler, Eva Johnstone, Hilda Caruso, Clayton Richard, Rev. Thomas Richard, James Richard, Rhonda Thurston, Lisa Shank, Mark Richard, Lorna Richard, Lora Kebbati, Stuart Richard, Lydia Richard, Lynda Richard and Carvell Richard and a large number of nieces, nephews and cousins. Cora is also survived by her sister-in-law, Catherine Harrington, mother-in-law, Catherine Banks, and brother-in-law, Eugene Banks. Relatives and friends are invited to gather and visit with Cora's family on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, during the hours of 2 - 4 p.m. and 6 - 8 p.m., at A.T. Hutchins Funeral and Cremation Services, 660 Brighton Ave., Portland. A prayer service will be held at the funeral home, at 9 a.m. on Thursday, March 20, 2014 followed by a 10:30 a.m. funeral service at the North Deering Congregational Church, 1364 Washington Ave., Portland. Interment will follow in Calvary Cemetery, South Portland. To share personal words of comfort and memories with the family online, please visit In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made in Cora's name to either: The Kiwanis Foundation of New England,,  P.O. Box Westfield MA 01086 or The Alzheimer's Association of Maine, 383 US Route 1, 2307,Suite 2C, Scarborough ME 04074. [Provided by Carolyn Furlong.]

Vernon Edward Seelye: Born July 1, 1943, St. Stephen, NB, died 1/23/1992 Baring in an auto accident..




Carolyn Spurling Jenkins: Carolyn was born 4/7/1943, passed away on April 4, 2002. She was at home, and her husband Al was with  her. 

Albert J. Tyler: PORT ORANGE, FLA. - Albert J. Tyler, 58, of Chickadee Drive, Port Orange, Fla., died Friday, June 15, 2001, at his home. Mr. Tyler moved to Port Orange, where he had been a resident since 1984, from his birthplace, Calais. Survivors include his wife, Patsy; three sons, James Tyler and Jason Atchison, both of Port Orange and Dean Lawrence of Calais; three daughters, Dawn Ann Clark and Shanna Lewey, both of Calais, and Stephanie Sawyer of Bangor, and five grandchildren. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, East Volusia Unit, 146 Orange Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32114. Arrangements by Cardwell & Maloney Funeral Home, Port Orange, Fla. [Bangor Daily News 6/19/01]

Judith Wright Glantz: Born in St. Stephen NB 7/13/1943,  a daughter of James L. and Marjorie H. Perkins Wright, died 3/24/1994. She attended Westbrook College and Pierre's School of Beauty. She was a member of the Rainbow Girls and the Second Baptist Church of Calais. She lived in  Windham, ME.

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