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Class of 1923

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Thanks to Sharon Howland for the roster.

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Graduates Class of 1923

Lillian Emma Alexander Alexia Isabel Bacon
(Mrs. James Knox)
George Gardner Beckett
Gertrude M. Belyea Katherine L. Butler Granville Clifford Chase
University of ME
Fred O. Clark Ernest M. Cleland Lillian M. Cohen
Alfred T. Crawford Elizabeth P. Crowell Frances E. Dixon
Helena L. Donahue Mary J. Donahue Edith M. Downing
Genevieve Fleming John Gardner Margaret C. Gillis
Lewis E. Gray Douglas C. Grearson Charles M. Greenlaw
Sylvia S. Grover Ethel G. Hanson Teresa Hanson
Sarah A. Higgins Ruth A. Hill Roger T. Hintze
Eleanor M. Horton Julia M. Leeman Zenith V. LeSeur
Louise W. Lowell Helen K. Mace Peter E. Mace
Ada M. Mabey Arline S. Mann Irma F. MacLeod
Inez J. McCracken
(Mrs. Kenneth MacLoud)
Madeline L. McEwen
(Mrs. Philip Barlow)
Elva Leonice McPherson
Carrie R. Martin Charles C. Mills  
Ruth Mullen Rodney F. Polley Bernadetta M. Powell
  Helen L. Robinson Lila P. Sprague
Millie F. Stanhope Ruth M. Sullivan John H. Taylor
J. Raymond Tracy M. Phyllis Twitchell Ernest H. Warnock
Phyllis M. Warren Norman N. Webber Ella M. Wiley
Emily Rockwood, Principal; Red Montelle Wren, Mathematics & English; E. Lou Hill, Mathematics & Latin; Allan Dresser, Science; Mary E. Bates, English; Gertrude H. McKellar, Domestic Science; Elspeth Larner, French; Esther Yeaton, Commercial; Mary Woodside, Commercial; Philip Dresser, Science; Sherman Phinney, Manual Training

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What's Happening
Class of 1923 from book rescued from CA fire, provided by Thelma Eye Brooks
Name Birth Parent Notes
Lillian Alexander 1/9/1905 Winslow Alexander  
Annie Alley     Farmington Normal School
Alexia Bacon 4/17/05    
George Beckett 5/25/07 J.M. Beckett, lawyer Bowdoin College; Lawyer, Boston
Gertrude M. Belyea 11/7/04 B.W. Belyea b. St. John NB; teacher Wills ME
Kathleen L. Butler 8/11/06 R. Butler m. Francis Abbott, in 1928 teacher at Red Beach School
Granville C. Chase 7/4/05 Clifford G. Chase  
Fred O. Clark 3/6/02 William O. Clark  
Ernest Cleland 6/6/06 Robert Cleland postmaster Robinston
Lillian Cohen 6/26/06 Mrs. M. Cohen  
Elizabeth Crowell 8/2/06 Miss Alice Crowell b. Nashua NH, m. __Dubay
Frances E. Dixon 10/26/03 W.L Dixon Farmington Normal School
Helena L. Donahue 4/26/05 David Donahue  
Muriel D. Dow 3/26/04 A.E. Dow  
Edith M. Downing 4/26/05 D.L. Downing m. Leroy Greenlaw
Vesta L. Downes 4/6/06 Thaxter Downes m. Blair Carson in NS
Genevieve K. Fleming 5/13/05 Mrs. Helen Fleming became a teacher
John Gardner 6/18/05 Benjamin E. Gardner  
Margaret Gillis 6/22/06 Herbert Gillis WSNS
Lewis E. Gray 3/3/06 Fred Gray  
Harold E. Gray 2/6/04 Fred Gray  
Douglas C. Grearson 1/17/06 Clifton Grearson  
Charles M. Greenlaw 3/17/05 Mrs. Hattie Greenlaw  
Sylvia S. Grover 8/23/04 Andrew J. Grover  
Ethel G. Hanson 8/26/06 Charles Hanson  
Theresa Hanson 7/16-31/05 J.H. Hanson m. ___McElhaney, in 1928 dental assistant to Dr. K.J. Thomas
Sarah Higgins 3/3/05 John Higgins became a nun
Ruth A. Hill 11/2/04 Cliff S. Hill  
Roger T. Hintze 11/2/04 Harold Hintze Amherst Agricultural College
Eleanor M. Horton 10/28-29/04-05 R. Horton WSNS
Julia M. Leeman 10/11/1895? Thompson Leeman  
Zenith V. LeSuer 3/5/05 Ernest LeSeur m. [Walter] Hiltz
Louis L. Lowell 12/21/05 Fred H. Lowell  
Ada M. Mabey 9/10/06 Howard Mabey  
Helen K. Mace 5/7/05 Mrs. Joseph Clair? Kittery Navy Yard
Peter Edward Mace  11/12/03 Mrs. Joseph Clark repeated a couple of grades, died 1926
Arlene S. Mann 4/16/06 William E. Mann Colby College; m. Lawrence Parker of Rumford
Carrie R. Martin 2/18/04 Capt. A.B Martin m. Ralph E. Harriman, b Ledge NB
Irma McLeod 1/14/06 Edward McLeod  
Inez J. McCracken 5/14/05 Joseph McCracken m. ___McLeod, in 1928 dental assistant to Dr. C.S. Holmes
Madeline L. McEwen 1/15/06 Edward McEwen m. Sam? Barlow
Elva Leonice McPherson 5/27/05 George W. McPherson m. Lewis E. Kennison
Charles Mills 2/7/05 W.A. Mills  
Royden Polley   J.R. Polley from St. Stephen
Bernadette M. Powell 8/27/04-05 George W. Powell  
Ruth Riley Milltown NB Nelson Riley, undertaker transferred from Milltown
Helen H. Robinson 9/26/05 Mrs. John Robinson  
Lila P. Sprague 1/12/05 J.D. Sprague m. ___McElney, teaching in 1924
Nellie E. Stanhope 3/7/07 Herbert Stanhope  
Ruth M. Sullivan 2/27/04 Asa H. Sullivan  
Jack H. Taylor 8/7/05 Frank H. Taylor  
Stephen R. Tompkins 2/28/05 Henry O. Tompkins  
James Raymond Tracey 1/31/05 William Tracey Wash. Co. Sheriff 1953/54
Phyllis Twitchell 11/16/05-06 F.Q. Twitchell, immigration officer  
Phyllis Warren 3/25/06 Michael Warren  
Norman N. Webber 2/23/04 John Webber killed 1926 Syracuse NY
Ella Mae Wiley 12/24/06 Robert Wiley m. Harry Purton
Augustus W. Young 5/9/06 M.A. Young  
Georgie M. Ames 6/16/06 Andrew Ames left

Lillian Alexander Towns Obituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks] 022811 

John Gardner,  who kept century-old boat-building skills alive as the associate curator of small craft at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut, died yesterday at his daughter's home in Haverhill, Mass. He was 90 and retired two months ago. Mr. Gardner, as founder and longtime director of the boat-building classes at the museum, taught thousands of people to build small wood boats with 19th-century methods. A venerated figure, he was known to his colleagues for his encyclopedic knowledge of world history and his extensive vocabulary. But for all his erudition, nothing Mr. Gardner learned from school or from his voluminous reading made as much impression as the simple lessons of coastal craftsmanship he learned as a boy in Calais, Me. Like generations of New Englanders before them, his father and grandfather made boats for their personal use, cutting the wood for their construction at the same time that they cut firewood for the winter. By the time he went to college, to the Maine Normal School, Mr. Gardner had acquired the skills that he would pass on. For all that, it took a while for Mr. Gardner to return to his life's calling. Initially intending a career as a teacher, he received a master's from Teachers College at Columbia University in 1932, but was almost immediately distracted by the Depression, his populist leanings and the experience of hobnobbing with radical socialists in Greenwich Village coffeehouses. He spent the rest of the 30's as a full-time radical, participating in a march on Washington, picketing the White House and working as a labor organizer for the Congress of Industrial Organizations. He took a job as a professional boat builder in Marblehead, Mass., in 1940 and later worked in a boatyard in Quincy, Mass., turning out picket boats and other craft for World War II. He found his first major platform for popularizing small boats when he joined The Maine Coast Fisherman magazine, now called National Fisherman, in 1940 as technical editor. He held that position for the rest of his life. By 1969, when he joined the Mystic museum, he had a large and devoted following. When he began his boat-building classes the next year, they were an almost instant success, drawing afficionados who drove three hours or more to learn how to use rudimentary tools, like wooden planes, spokeshaves, drawknives, the adz and the broadax to build peapods, Swampscott dories, Rushtons and Whitehalls. An expert in the history of small boats, Mr. Gardner built a copy of the racing boat given Lafayette on a tour of the United States in the 1820's. Mr. Gardner, who wrote books on boat building, also believed that museums should not be static repositories. Under his prodding, Mystic started a livery where visitors can rent historic boats and copies. But for all his devotion to boat building, Mr. Gardner's interest in boats ended at the water's edge. When a colleague once asked him out for a sail, Mr. Gardner told him that he had not been on the water in 25 years and had no intention of going again. Besides his daughter, Jean, he is survived by two sisters, Sally Oppedisano and Mary Richards, both of Portland, Me. Mr. Gardner's wife, Beatrice, died in 1990. [NY Times 10/19/1995]  

Zenith V. LeSeurObituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks] 

Arline Mann Peakes Obituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks] 

Charles Cook Mills, a retired hotel and restaurant manager, died Sunday at Touro Infirmary after a long illness. He was 84. Mr. Mills was born in Calais, Maine, and lived in Gretna 19 years. He was a member and past president of the New Orleans chapter of the National Restaurant Association, a director of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, past president of the Food Executives Association and a steward of the Poor Richard Club of Philadelphia. He is survived by his wife, Clara Russell Mills; a son, Bruce C. Mills; a daughter, Elizabeth Whidden of Larchmont, N.Y.; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be today at 2 p.m at Tharp-Sontheimer-Tharp Funeral Home, 1600 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie. Burial will be in Garden of Memories. [Times-Picayune, The (New Orleans, LA) - Wednesday, May 31, 1989. Provided by Sharon Howland 02/14/17.]

Ruth C. Mullen Climax, 92, formerly of South Portland, died Saturday at a Portland nursing home. She was born in Calais, a daughter of James E. and Harriet S. Maxwell Mullen. She attended Calais schools and graduated from Calais Academy and Washington State Teachers College. Mrs. Climax was a school teacher at Henley School in South Portland for more than 40 years. She was a communicant of Holy Cross Church and loved to sing and travel. She was predeceased by her husband, Joseph Climax. [Portland Press Herald 1/27/1997]

Millie Stanhope Winckler Obituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks] 120909

Ella Wiley Purton Obituary [Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks] 022811 

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