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Class of 1922

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Graduates Class of 1922

Name birth Parent Notes
Jack Allen (McCracken) 11/27/04 William A. Allan  
Annie E. Aley 5/13/05 E.H.Alley b. Eastport, in 1928 teacher in Springfield ME
H. Gibson Annas 10/1/05 Howard Annas  
Edwina L. Ash 2/12/05 Frank Ash  
Christine Beckett 9/30/04 Mrs. Christine E. Beckett U. of Maine
Herbert M. Beek 8/22/04 H.F. Beek Temple U., Philadelphia; dentist
Beulah M. Blake 7/14/04 J.F. Blake  
Elva Mae Blaney 8/17/04 John Blaney  
Mary P. Boone 10/23/04 Beverly Boone WSNS; teacher Calais
Helen Louise Butler 10/30/04 Percy & Harriet Butler  
Lloyd E. Butler 5/8/05 Rutherford Butler  
Ruth L. Butler 8/26/03 Mrs. Harriet E. Butler  
John F. Casey 12/23/05 Mrs. Alice M. Casey  
Doris B. Chaffee 6/12/03 Mrs. A. Chaffee left 1920
Mildred G. Clarke 10/29/04 Mrs. Harley Clarke  
Doris R. Creamer 9/13/03 John D. Creamer  
Edward G. Crowell 6/17/05 Alice E. Crowell, aunt Tuft's Dental School; dentist
John Moris Deery   William Deery  
Willis Robert Dresser, Jr. 2/14/04 Robert Dresser Paramount News NY
Christine H. Fleming 2/21/05 Mrs. C. E. Fleming  
Margaret Gibson 8/12/05 William E. Gibson  
Eleanor G. Gonyer 7/24/05 Charles Gonyer E ME Gen Hospital
Eva Gordon 12/25/05 Joseph Gordon  
Edith Grearson 12/27/04 Clifton Grearson Colby College; Mrs. John Phelen, TX
Myra A. Greenlaw 8/6/05 L.E. Greenlaw  
Gladys M. Grover 11/19/01 A.J. Grover m. ___Thornton, son Luther CMHS '52
Beatrice E. Hanson 10/14/04 Mrs. G. A. Hanson m. Ted Leeman
Elizabeth A. Higgins 9/17/05 Ernest Higgins  
Pearl T. Hill 3/26/04 Ernest Hill  
Albert L. Hollingdale 8/27/04 F.A. Hollingdale  
Alice Swan Horton 8/8/03 Ralph T. Horton Mrs. William McTague
Frances H. Howard 3/7/05 William W. Howard  
Ellen Jensen 3/12/02 Henry Jensen m. Franklin Eaton, left
Lewis Kenison      
Charles Lane      
Ruth Leavitt 3/27/04 m. ___Getchell
Ruth A. Leddy 8/17/04 John Leddy Sargent School of Phys Ed
Ethel Malloy     from Millinock
Elizabeth P. Martin 3/18/02 Andrew B. Martin  
Elliott Miles 12/15/04 Alfred L. Miles Salesman National Biscuit Co.
Elizabeth A. Mills 4/5/03 A. Mills  
Marquis L. McAdam 12/25/03 Alice B. (Thompson) McAdam radio engineer, d. 1953, honored by MA
Jennie B. McCarr 12/10/03 Frank McCarr  
Marjorie McCullough 7/2/05 Thomas McCullough  
Clarence McGregor 6/19/02 Mrs. Christine E. McGregor  
Marguerite D. Phinney 4/20/06 W. H. Phinney m. Don Fitzpatrick, b. Bangor
Valentine Frederick Pickard 10/3/05 Lillian B. Pickard  
Dorothy L. Polleys 6/16/04 John L. Polleys m. Charles Groves
Alice M. Rich 9/5/05 Walter E. Rich  
Veronica M. Robinson 2/24/02    
Albra M. Smith 11/30/04 Isiah A. Smith  
Mae Hattie Stone 3/8/05 Mrs. William Stone  
Doris Stuart 6/30/04 William Stuart nurse
Philip O. Taylor 6/7/03 Frank H. Taylor Teacher Milltown Platoon
Mary A. Tingley 8/17/04 Mrs. Elizabeth Tingley  
Henry Tompkins 1/28/03 H.O. Tompkins Calais shop teacher, also Winslow
Marion Trimble 4/21/05 Clarence W. Trimble m. Leslie Van Aiken, Leslie Kindergarten School, Cambridge MA '28
Eleanor A. Twitchell 11/20/04 J.I. Twitchell  
Pauline M. Wade 7/17/03 Ella M. Wade  
Ralph A. Wade 9/27/04 E.J. Wade  
Ernest Warnock   Capt. William W. Warnock of Red Beach
Foster Wellington    B.U. Medical School
Grace E. Whitlock 11/21/04 O.S.U. Whitlock m. Winthrop Gillis
Frances Wilder 4/6/04 Stephen Wilder  b. Milltown NB
Grace Wilder 5/1/05 Stephen Wilder WSNS
Verna Wiley 5/3/04 Mrs. Belle Wiley Mrs. Gay

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Edwina L. Ash English, 68, died Feb. 11 at a Belfast hospital following a short illness. She was born at Calais Feb. 12, 1905, the daughter of Frank and Grace Nickerson Ash. She was educated in the Calais schools and graduated from Calais Academy. Surviving are her husband Karl English, Calais; two sisters  Mrs. John (Dorothy) Ferris, Eastport, and Mrs. Norman Marion Walker, Calais; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. in the Ferris Funeral Home, Eastport with the Rev. Father Stanley Bowe officiating. Burial will be in Hillside Cemetery [Bangor Daily News 2/13/1974]

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Clarence MacGregor married Dorothy G. Oakes 10/17/1942 New York City; graduate University of ME, employed by Sweet's Catalog Service.

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