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Class of 2001

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Graduates Class of 2001

Dustin Christiansen

Michael Poole

Meaghan Day
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Deceased Classmates

Michael Poole. Michael and Brian McDonald ('95) died as the result of a car accident on Dec.6,2003. Michael should have graduated with the class of 2001. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him but especially by his family who all cherished him. Michael leaves in tears his father Bobby Poole, his mom Christel Wunder James (class of 81), his stepdad Butch James, his brother Robbie Poole, his sister Kadie Poole, all of Calais. A brother Matthew Poole, niece Juliana Poole and her mom Crystal, all of Biddeford. A sister Sandy Poole. His grandmother Margie Cook, grandfathers Harry Wunder and Eddie Cook, all of Calais. His uncles David Wunder, Ernie Raven, Mark Daniels, Skip O'Driscoll, Paul Swanchara, his aunts Sharon Raven, Robin Daniels, Michelle O'Driscoll, Heidi Swanchara, Beth Doten, Laurie Wunder, Donna Wunder and Anna McDonald. His cousins Gregory, Erin, Nichlas, Ryan, Jamie, Dale, Christina, Courtney, Mark, Jeremy, Keegan, Danny, Sharon, Anthony and Megan. Michael was preceded by his uncle Stephen Wunder (class of 79) on Aug.22, 2003. Please take the time to keep in touch with your family and friends. Life is short, even for the young. (Michael also has a lot of family on his dads side as well as his stepdads. I apologize for not knowing all of their names). Provided by Sharon Wunder Raven ('82) 

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