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Class of 1898

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Ralph Haycock died of pneumonia at Schenectady NY Oct 23, 1918. He was born April 19 1880 at Calais, Me. and received his preparatory education at the Calais Academy. He entered Harvard College in 1899 and took his AB degree cum lande with the Class of 1903. In College he was an oarsman rowing for the last three years on the Class crew at the Newell Boat Club. He took the regular course at Harvard Law School receiving his LL B degree in 1906. Obliged by his circumstances to seek a salaried position shortly after he was graduated from the Law School he became connected with the Wilber Mercantile Agency in Boston and later took charge of the credit department for the Library Bureau. From 1911 to June 1, 1918 he was in charge of similar work for the McCas key Register Company, at Alliance O and from the last date to the time of his death he held a responsible position with the General Electric Company at Schenectady NY. He was an able man of extreme modesty, idealistic, genuine with a keen sense of humor and with a marked capacity for real friendship. He was always very highly respected both by his employers and in the communities where he lived and he was regarded as a progressive and useful citizen. When the war broke out he was appointed a four minute speaker in aid of the Liberty Loans and other war enterprises and did excellent work. He was a member of Conrad Lodge No 271 AF & AM Alliance. On Sept 15 1907 he married Louise G Pineo of Calais, Me and is survived by her and three children; Stephen aged nine, Ann aged seven, and David aged five. [The Harvard Graduate]

Marshall McKusick, Boston University School of Law 1901, Dean of Law School University of South Dakota - Provided by Thelma Eye Brooks from 1936 Broadcast


Graduation Exercises of the Class of 1898
Congregational Church, Friday afternoon, June 17.
"Nulla Vestigia Retrorsum."

College Preparatory Course.
Edna May Clark, Archie Halliday, Sarah Alice Livingstone, Seth Wheaton Mason,
Louise Victoria Murchie, Jane Marple McKellar, Marshall McKusick*,
Helen Norwood Rounds, Louise Pineo, Bessie Maria Todd, Winifred Vose

Classical Course.
Clara Emma Campbell, Mary Emma Harris,
Sadie Maynard Hastings, Lotta McAllister Hughes

English Course.
Charlotte Lincoln Brooks, *Grace Loring Courey, Edward Goodnow Hartford,
Elizabeth Ellen McCue, Harriet Eleanor Strickney
*Partial Course.

Music. Prayer. Music.
Salutatory, *Jane Marple McKellar.
Schools of Yesterday and Today, Louise Victoria Murchie.
Has Maine a Right to Her Motto, "Dirigo"? Edward Goodnow Hartford.
Noble Deeds of Noble Women, Elizabeth Ellen McCue.
The St. Croix, Sarah Alice Livingstone.
Origin and Development of Music, Seth Wheaton Mason.
Minor Virtues, Charlotte Lincoln Brooks.
The Relation of Education to the Progress of Our Country, *Edna May Clark.
The Rushes of Maguerrewock, **Grace Loring Conrey.
"No Steps Backward," Harriet Eleanor Stickney.
Troy's Immortal Story, *Winifred Vose.
Decisive Battles in the World's History, Archie Halliday.
Modern Idolatry, **Lotta McAllister Hughes.
Class Prophecy, Clara Emma Campbell.
Night Brings Forth the Stars, Sadie Maynard Hastings.
A Trip to Olympus, *Helen Norwood Rounds.
The Triumphal March of Civilization, *Marshall McKusick.
***Danger, *Bessie Maria Todd.
Tiger Lily's Race, Selected, Mary Emma Harris.
"Know Thyself."--Valedictory, *Louise Pineo.
Presentation of Diplomas.

*Honors in Scholarship.
***Adaptations from the French of Daudet.

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