Calais Academy

Class of 1912

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Thanks to Susan Esposito for the roster.

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Graduates Class of 1912

Georgia B. Allen Edith L. Beckett Mary N. Beckett
Emily M. Dutch Lewis P. Gove Hendrie Grant
Margaret E. Hickey Lottie MacArthur Elsie M. Murchie
Murial L. Pearson Mona E. Rawding Harry I. Rollin
Kenneth W. Ross Hazel L. Seavey Mildred V. Thomas
Francis J. Welch    

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Beatrice Allen. While crossing a mill pond on a boom Thursday, Beatrice Allen, of Calais, a 19 year old student at the Washington Normal School, fell in and was drowned. Her body was carried over the falls and was not recovered. [Lewiston Journal 5/9/1913]

Hazel Seavey from Harvard Mirror 1912

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