Thanks, George Jones

The St Croix Paper Company  "news letter", published 1958.
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TheStCroixObserver1958Page2.jpg (198777 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page3.jpg (201712 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page4.jpg (183011 bytes) ThrStCroixObserver1958Page5.jpg (192865 bytes)
ThrStCroixObserver1958Page6.jpg (159601 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page7.jpg (147084 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page8.jpg (192814 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page9.jpg (185239 bytes)
TheStCroixObserver1958Page10.jpg (195964 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page11.jpg (171899 bytes) TheStCroixObserver1958Page12.jpg (191443 bytes)

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