Roy B. Davis

May 2, 1945 Pg. 5 [Possibly Calais Advertiser]

With the 32d Division in Pangasinan Province, Luzon, P. I.---Cpl. Technician Roy B. Davis, whose sister, Mrs. Shirley Smith, lives in Calais, Maine, is now serving in the Philippines with the Cavalry Reconnaissance Troops of the famed 32d "Red Arrow" Division.

A veteran of nearly 30 months overseas, Cpl. Davis often spends more combat time behind the enemy lines on scouting and patrolling missions than he does behind his own. He was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for exemplary conduct in the face of the enemy.

Cpl. Davis has four brothers in the Service: Staff Sergeant Everett with the Air Corps in the Pacific; Staff Sergeant Henry with the medic's in the Pacific; Corporal Carl with the Air Corps in India; and Arnold in the Navy.

June 20, 1945 Pg. 3 [Possibly Calais Advertiser]

With the 32d Infantry Division in Northern Luzon, P .I.---The 32d Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, of which Roy B. Davis of 4 River Rd., Calais, Maine, is a member, has been cited for "outstanding performance" during action in the Philippines. The citation was made by Major General William H. Gill, Commander of the 32d "Red Arrow" Infantry Division.

The Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop has spend more combat time behind enemy lines than inside its own. The citation reads in part: "At the start of an operation, this troop established a patrol base behind the Japanese lines and near  his rear area installations. From this base the troop conducted numerous reconnaissance patrols, harassing raids, and maintained observation posts which directed long range artillery fire upon the enemy's positions."

The troop first went into action on a beachhead landing at Saidor in New Guinea. Their next operation Aitape was also in New Guinea. Here patrols from the troop made the furthest penetration into the jungle-clad mountains of Northern New Guinea of any Allied Unit at that time.

On Leyte the troop operated for nearly a month and a half almost continuously behind enemy lines, disrupting Japanese defenses and destroying installations. While out on patrols the troop lived mainly on native food asking headquarters only for salt, sugar and tea.

The troop is now continuing its operations behind the enemy lines deep in the rugged Caraballo mountains of Northern Luzon.

Roy B. Davis is the brother of Mrs. Shirley Smith of 4 River Road, Calais, Maine. He entered the Army in May 25, 1943, before coming overseas November 23, 1943.

He holds the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Roy has four brothers, also in the Army: S. Sgt, Everett E. Davis is at the Army Air Corp, in Leyta Island, Philippines; S. Sgt. Henry Davis, is in a Medical Corp in the North Central Pacific; Cpl. Carl C. Davis, in the Army Air Corp, Calcutta, India; and Arnold A. Davis, A.M., 2c. in the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier, Atlantic Ocean.


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