Calais Memorial High School

Class of 1958 55th Reunion
August 2013
Thanks, John Nixon for Photos

Front row sitting:  Carol Ann (Obliskey)Nicholson, Harry Hamilton, Diane (Eary) Hendrickson, Carol Carlow
2nd row:  Bonita (Waycott) Archer, Mary (Ross) Lane, John Nixon, Gene Fitzpatrick, Mary Jane (Frost) Sylvester, Louis Bernardini, Carol (Waycott) Savoie
3rd row:  Donald McGlauflin, Hazen Olsson, Paul Fleming, Bill Gibson, Bill Townsend, Ed Noddin, Robert Elliott
Front row:  Gene Fitzpaatrick, Harry Hamilton, Hazen Olsson.  2nd row:  Ed Noddin, Bruce Archer, Louis Bernardini
Mary Jane (Frost) Sylvester, Mary (Ross) Lane, Bonita (Waycott) Archer
Ed Noddin, Larry Lane, Bruce Archer, Ellen Elliot, Bob Elliott, Bill Townsend, Carol (Waycott) Savoie, Harry Hamilton, Jeff Hummel, Bonita (Waycott) Archer
Diane (Eary) Hendrickson and Carol Carlow

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