Calais, Maine

The "Rock"
Harold E. Nelson
14 Hill Avenue,
Newport, ME 04953

Hi Harold,
Was in Calais for class reunion last week and had to make a visit to the ROCKS. Notice graffiti on chimney on the first picture (me). The next three pictures are all the same rock. Looks like it was carved  or cut out by man. Could this have been part of the original setup you were telling me about??. In any case, you can add these to your collection. Best wishes and hope you are still working on this project.
Jack Relahan

Hi Jack,
The graffiti is not wearing off very fast, been there for 2 years.  Yes indeed, the square cut stone block at the foot of the granite knoll is indeed the Transit Stone.  The top is against the dead tree, and I suspect hiding the station mark bolt and indentations where the transit was mounted.  They usually used plaster of paris to affix the base of the transit (4 points), to keep it solid, then just break it away when they were done.  I hope that someday I will see the top.  I also have a description that states which way the 'dressed' sides faced   The stone was place on the top of the knoll, and if you stand facing north (toward Academy Street), with the tall stone in front of you, the Transit Stone was placed about 8 feet to the right, or East of the tall stone, all enclosed in a rectangular observatory building with slits in the roof.

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Jack Relahan at Chimney

 Transit Stone

Transit Stone Transit Stone

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