Calais, Maine

Pictures from the Past
Calais Area
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Trolley Tracks on Main Street after a heavy snow storm (no date). Hunt house on Main Street, Calais, 1909 (now owned by Dr. David Simmons) Calais, November 7, 1928. Some of the people in the picture are Harry Tracey, Bunby Coleman, Pappy McKenzie, Ken Tapley, Eldridge Smith, John Veazie, Johnny Hickey, Henry Gaddis & Roy Gleason.

Upper Main Street

Shoe Hospital Mr. Quimby
Upper Main Street, Calais (no date) St. Croix Shoe Hospital, Calais Mr. Quimby who lived on the corner of North & South Street at the Parsonage, Milltown, Maine
Post Office Parade February 1930
Post Office, Milltown, Maine July 4, 1938 parade, Milltown, Maine. One of the girls is Marilyn Love; the fireman is Wilbur Fitzpatrick. February 1930, Calais, Maine. Max Noble, Paul Gray, Charlie Noble, C.H. Babb
Baptist Parsonage Barbers Main Wharf
Baptist Parsonage 1917 May 1931, Milltown, Maine. George Wilkins & E. Whitney - barbers. H.F. Eaton and Sons Main Wharf, Calais, Maine, June 26, 1918 (photo by R.H. Phillips)
Ware Knitters Accident Pikes Woods 1917 or 1918
Ware Knitters & Dead River, Calais, Maine Accident at Pikes' Woods July   1917 or 1918. Back row: William Cookson, Clyde Mahar, Hoddie Hooper, Bob Gildart (?), Olie Loftus, Sam Wilson, John Cunan (?). Bottom Row: Ralph Marraty, Roy Stanhope, Rube Smith, Steve McLean (?), Jake ?, Harry McVey, and Frank Smith
 Parade 4 Generations Texaco Station
Parade Main Street, Calais (no date) 4 generations of Music, Calais, Maine.
Orin Davidson, Roy Davidson, Charlene Davidson Driscoll, and Joseph Driscoll.
Texaco Station, Calais. Built by Peter Christen, operated by him, then Jack Wilson, then Deck Thomas (1959). J.D. Thomas Texaco Station today on Main Street, Calais.
Lumber Yard Fire Main Street
Lumber Yard on waterfront, Calais, Maine. Fire at Calais, Maine, April 21, 1937 Main Street Calais, Maine circa 1929
Enman's Hotel Checchi's Drill Unit 1941
Interior Enman's Hotel Calais, Maine A.R. Checchi Market, Calais, Maine Calais Volunteer Drill Unit September 1941

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