Calais, Maine

History of the Calais Area

  The Airline Road - External Link - Thanks Jack Gray

Annie Adam's Dry Goods Store, Calais, late teens to early 1920s. Annie is the dark haired woman in the dark clothes. (Thanks to Linda Stufflebean for the photo.)

Annuals of Calais Maine & St. Stephen New Brunswick, early history of area (external link) 

Articles from 1961 International Frontier Week
Historical Background of the St. Croix Valley & Founding
        of St. Stephen & Milltown
     Historical Oddity
     History of Milltown
     International River Community
     Settling of Calais
St. Croix Island

Baseline Road Across Blueberry Barrens - Thanks, Ken Strout 

A Boundary Line that Binds

Calais Centennial July 31, 1909

Calais Does Its Part to Stop War Between England and the U.S. 

Calais Fire, August 1870 112910

Calais Hospital 011111 Former Hospital on Church Street, now a parking lot - St. Croix Historic Society

Calais Memorial High School (pictures & architectural drawings) Page 12345
Thanks to Larry Johnson '69 for providing the pictures. They came out of an old architectural magazine. The pictures are large files and may take time to load, but the memories are well worth the wait. 

Calais 1911 Encyclopedia

Calais Observatory 

Abstract of Astronomic Work in Maine 
Arial of Calais Observatory 071409 
Arial of Calais Observatory - both are courtesy of Bradstreet Consultants & Harold Nelson
Article The Downeast Times 070505
Astronomical Transit Stone  
Coast Mappers  062505
Drawing the Line - Edwin Danson & Harold Nelson
1888 Longitude Connection Diagram via Telegraph  (photo provided by Harold Nelson)
Epping Net Diagram  
June 19, 2005 Update 
Longitude Determination  
Longitude Network 1897  
Machias Telegraph, 1905 Article 
Microwaves in Maine 
MIT Camp East Machias 
NOAA Commemorates Heritage (external link) 
NOAA Commemorative Disk  
Powder House in Calais?  
Radio Telephone Service - Geodetic Surveying 012905 
Rebuilding the Chimney, article by Harold Nelson in POS Magazine 120405 issue (external link)  
Remarks of Senator Kevin Raye at the Dedication 070205  
The "Rock" 081803 
Waikiki Observatory
William Bryone Jacks
Zenith Telescope

Calais Railroad Employees Getting Ready to Take RR Rules Exam - 1970 - Thanks Ken Strout

Calais Statistics and Demographics (external link)

Calais Women's Temperance Society Picnic Circa 1890. (Thanks to Linda Stufflebean for the photo.)

CCC / POW Camp Princeton Thanks Susan McCoubrey Dooley

Cherryfield Academy 1941

Cherryfield Flood 1942  

Civil War Attack at Calais (external link) 

Company Directory from Hoovers, Calais 112910 

Crawford Elementary School 1975  Thanks Joyce McKeown 

Downeast Scenic Railroad 112910

Downeast Tall Tales & Stories  

 Eastern Pulpwood Company, Princeton, Maine, Indian Township, Maine 1958. Donald H Duval, Logging Engineer; Niles C Williams, District Forester; Robert E Jones Cooperative Forester. Calais Advertiser 1958 - Thank you George Jones 

Electric Telegraph, A Novel Meeting (external link) 

Fallen Flags: Maine Central RR  - Calais (ghost) Branch 112910

----- Part II ----- Last Train from Calais 

Find a Grave, Washington Co. (external link)

First Acadian Settlement (external link)

Gazetteer of the State of Maine 1881 (history of towns) 

Genealogy & Family History of the State of Maine 112910

Geology of Cobscook Bay State Park (external link)

Half Way Markers 

Historic USGS Maps (external link) 

History of Railroading in Maine 112910

History of.... Ray's Place has a large variety of historical information for  New England including Maine town histories 

History of Alexander 1886 Gazetteer
History of Calais 1886 Gazetteer
History of Dennysville 1886 Gazetteer
History of Edmunds 1886 Gazetteer
History of Pembroke 1886 Gazetteer
History of Perry 1886 Gazetteer 
History of Princeton 1886 Gazetteer 
History of Robbinston 1886 Gazetteer 

History of Calais Schools   021011

History of Holmes' Cottage 062312

Importance of the Coastal Survey Page 1 Page 2  1851 081905 - Thank you, Harold Nelson

Irving Fire in Eastport 020508 

Jewish Community of Greater Calais 11/29/2010 

Linus, the Unusual Rapunzel Horse 112910

Long Log Drivers - Machias River, Maine 1956, Calais Advertiser Publishing Company, Calais Maine. Thank you George Jones. 

Lost Trotting Park - Calais 112910

Maine Central Railroad Company 112910

Maine Historical Society (external link)

Maine Memory Network (external link)

National Register of Historical Places (external link) 


John Judson Ames (external link) 072404 
Joseph Young Bergen (external link) 012007
Robert Thaxter Edes (external link) 012007
Ebenezer Fisher (external link) 111207
Otis Tuft Mason (external link) 012007 
Nahum Mitchell (external link) 101207
Harold H. Murphy (external link) 012007
Charles Alexander Nelson (external link) 012007
James Shepherd Pike (external link) 012007
Mary Newlnareh Prescott (external link) 012007 
Henry Prince (external link) 012007
Harriet Prescott Spofford (external link) 012007     
George Bruce Upton (external link) 012007
Horatio Nelson Young 070304

Pictures from the Past - Scenes of the Calais Area 
Pictures from the Past II - Thank you, Heather Ross
Pictures from the Past III - Thank you, Heather Ross
Pictures from the Past IV - Columbia Falls - Thank you Ken Strout 
Pictures from the Past V   022210
Pictures from the Past VI 01/06/2012 

Pike's Opera House 021011  Thanks Thelma Eye Brooks

The Political Graveyard, Washington Co. (external link)

Red Beach Granite (external link) 

Red Beach School (St. Croix Historical Society)

Rescue on the Fundy Bay - 1910  

St. Croix Historical Society

St. Croix Historical Society Photos (Thank you, Al Churchill)
St. Croix Historical Society Page 2 
St. Croix Histoical Society Page 3  
St. Croix Historical Society Page 4  
St. Croix Historical Society Page 5
St. Croix Historical Society Page 6   
St. Croix Historical Society Page 7  
St. Croix Historical Society Page 8  
St. Croix Historical Society Page 9 5/02/2014
History of the Old RR Line Between Calais & Woodland

St. Croix Island

St. Croix Island Excavations

St. Croix Paper Company  "news letter", 1958 (Thank you, George Jones) 

  St. Croix River from behind RR Station - 1960 - Thank you Ken Strout 

St. Croix River Photos 112910

St. Croix Watershed (external link) 

Second Baptist Church History 112910

Senator Smith & the St. Croix Paper Co. Down East Magazine 11/2009 - Thank you, George Jones

State Road Built by Calais 1905 122106 - Thank you, Harold Nelson - Baring Road; the three houses on the left are still there. Thanks to all who replied with the location. 

Stone Quarries Washington Co. 112910

Triangulation in the Portland Area 081905 - Thank you, Harold Nelson

UT Library Maine Maps Online (external link) 

Washington County, Maine, Patents

WWII - Rationing, Ed Phelan Letter Home Page 1, Page 2  



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