Calais, Maine

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adrugstoreperhaps.jpg (214073 bytes) 1856MapCongregationalChurch.jpg (180081 bytes) 1861CalaisAvenue.jpg (243575 bytes) ChurchStfromMainPike'sOpera.jpg (108246 bytes)
Drug Store or Apothecary? 1856 Map with Congregational Church 1861 Map Church Street from Main
CityRooms.jpg (252511 bytes) Congo1.jpg (165401 bytes) CongregationalChurch1875.jpg (288730 bytes) CongregationalChurchfireFebruary1992.jpg (203438 bytes)
City Rooms Congregational Church Congregational Church 1875 2/1992 Fire
CongregationalChurchInterior.jpg (138251 bytes) OrganatCongregationalChurch.jpg (119320 bytes) PeggyCawleyStAndrews.jpg (150517 bytes) CalaisMetsBaseball.JPG (15648 bytes)
Congregational Church Interior Congregational Church Organ Peggy Crawley of Robbinston & Friends at St. Andrews  1950's Calais Mets: Lindy Brown, Ed Cox, Lou Ardet, Tony Tamarro, Don Tracy
MaineCentralRailyard1970's.jpg (118162 bytes) PenneysBldgandDrMcTaguesDentist.jpg (129670 bytes) MainStreet50sPostOfficeGrants.jpg (146733 bytes) Threechainstores.jpg (114944 bytes)
1970's Maine Central Rail Yard Penny's & Dr. Tague 50's Grant's & Post Office Fishman's, Woolworth's, Newberry's

Calais Area Churches

New Ideas

Mayor of St. Croix Valley


Red Beach Granite Co.


calvinGravesKilledWardens.jpg (331345 bytes) 1881AtlasWesleyMap.jpg (184315 bytes)
Graves Kills 2 Wardens 1881 Map of Wesley
1881AtlasWesleyMap1.jpg (19439 bytes) Wesley.jpg (16444 bytes) wesleymap2.jpg (318097 bytes) ColdSpringMotorCourt.jpg (227778 bytes)
Wesley Home Wesley Wesley Map Cold Spring Motor Court
ColdSpring.jpg (336092 bytes) ColdSpringDiningRoom.jpg (296228 bytes) Onemilestone.jpg (238168 bytes) 12milestone.jpg (224376 bytes)
Cold Spring Cold Spring Dining Room One Mile Stone 12 Mile Stone
CanoeingMaguerrewock.jpg (149501 bytes) MaguerawockFlooded.jpg (121549 bytes) MaguerrewockFlood1953.jpg (119218 bytes) MaguerrewockFloodof1953.jpg (129694 bytes)
Canoeing Maguerrewock Maguerrewock Flood Maguerrewock Flood 1953 Maguerrewock Flood 1953
MaguerrewockFloodof1953b.jpg (149465 bytes) MaguerrowockBridge.jpg (85423 bytes)
Maguerrewock Flood 1953 Maguerrewock Bridge


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