Calais, Maine

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BogBrookschoolHardscrabble.jpg (124299 bytes) LowerWharfSteamboatStfromStStephen.jpg (283110 bytes) LowerWharfSteamboatStreetfromStStephen.jpg (229398 bytes) SteamshipatLowerWharfSteamboatStreetCalais.jpg (137905 bytes)
Bog Brook School near Hardscrabble Road Lower Wharf Steamboat Street from St. Stephen NB - Kathy Berry Lower Wharf Steamboat Street from St. Stephen NB - Kathy Berry Steamship lower wharf Steamboat St from St. Stephen - Kathy Berry
SteamerJeanettelowerwharfSteamboatSt.jpg (278044 bytes) InteriorRoyRyan'sStoreMainStreet1917.jpg (216505 bytes) DangerontheroadtoCalais.jpg (91413 bytes)  ImmigrantlaudsCalais.jpg (67925 bytes)
Steamer Jeanette lower wharf Steamboat Street - Kathy Berry Interior Ryan's Store Calais
Everyone'swelcomeinCalais.jpg (101094 bytes) AllfoolsarenotyetdeadinCalais.jpg (90627 bytes) DidConstableBobbyKerrwearabobby'shat.jpg (93455 bytes) GreattimesinCalais.jpg (72427 bytes)
Thesedon'tlooklikeCalaisfolk.jpg (89679 bytes) RacyscenenearCalais.jpg (75679 bytes) RuralscenesaidtobenearCalais.jpg (68818 bytes) LoversalwayswelcomeinCalais.jpg (75807 bytes)
AlexanderBuickGarageLowerMainSt..jpg (141353 bytes) ConeLiveryMainStNowRogersAutoBody.jpg (335207 bytes) ConesLivery,StCroixgarageMainSt.jpg (271042 bytes) GaragesLowerMe.jpg (127974 bytes)
Alexander Buick Garage Lower Maine Cone Livery Stable Main St.  now Roger's Auto Body Cone Livery, St. Croix Garage Main St. Garages Lower Main Street
LoisCampbellsLunchonetteKenCollin.jpg (171459 bytes) MainSt1896EmmansHotelnowJDThomas.jpg (171833 bytes) ParadeonMainStreetinfrontofAlexanderBuick.jpg (200683 bytes) SyndicateBlockcornerAvenue.jpg (214465 bytes)
Lois Campbell's luncheonette, Ken Collins Main St. 1896 Emman's Hotel now J. D. Thomas Parade on Main St. near Alexander Buick Corner Calais Avenue
WaterfrontsCalaisStStephenfromCongosteeple.jpg (208886 bytes) CalaisMainStfromNorthtoChurch.jpg (232608 bytes) MaineCentralCalaisRailyard1970's.jpg (117196 bytes) CalaisSouthAerialViewColorshowstheNarrows.jpg (149932 bytes)
Waterfront Calais-St. Stephen from Congregational Church Steeple 1870's Calais - Main St. looking from North toward Church Calais Maine Central Railroad Yard 1970's Calais South Arial View
JeanetteatbottomKingStStStephen.jpg (140299 bytes) SteamerJeanetteatSteamboatStwharf1898.jpg (189851 bytes) SteamerJeanetteonriverearly1900's.jpg (251001 bytes) SteamerJeanettepliedtheStCroixearly1900's.jpg (177155 bytes)
Jeanette bottom of King Street St. Stephen - Kathy Berry Steamer Jeanette 1898- Kathy Berry Steamer Jeanette on the River
 Early 1900s- Kathy Berry
Steamer Jeanette Plied the St. Croix Early 1900s - Kathy Berry
KetchjustbelowbridgeonCalaiswaterfront2.jpg (133949 bytes) riversteamer.jpg (140434 bytes) tugboat.jpg (150303 bytes) Shipsa5masterand4masteratanchorbelowbridge.jpg (127111 bytes)
Ketch Just Below Bridge River Steamer 5 Masts 5 Master & 4 Master Below Bridge
Shipsontheflats.jpg (326650 bytes) 1957or1958Calaisrailyard.jpg (218733 bytes) Calais1968PlowandWorkCar(6).jpg (242094 bytes) HolidayCrowdcomingontoCalaisatRailStation2.jpg (39020 bytes)
Ships on the Flats '57 or '58 Calais RR Yard 1968 Plow and Work Car Holiday Crowd Coming into Calais
CalaisLocomotive.jpg (173926 bytes) CalaisRailYardLocomotives.jpg (106521 bytes) LocomotiveandCalaisrailroadstation.jpg (176464 bytes) MaineCentralCalais.jpg (22460 bytes)
Calais Locomotive Calais RR Yard Locomotive Locomotive Calais RR Station Maine Central Calais
MaineCentralCalaisrailyardlate1970's.jpg (196874 bytes) Atrotter.jpg (232711 bytes) Calaistrottinghorse.jpg (246396 bytes) TrottersatCalaisFair.jpg (161306 bytes)
Maine Central Calais RR A Trotter Early Popular Sport Calais Trotting Horse
BankCornerfirstdayofstreetcar.jpg (231919 bytes) Calaistrottingad.jpg (76526 bytes) EastportTrottingPark.jpg (123392 bytes) EveryonedoestheGrizzlyBearinMilltown.jpg (33724 bytes)
Bank Corner 1st Day of Streetcar Calais Trotting Ad Eastport Trotting Ad The Grizzly Bear is a Dance
PeckHaleyHolmesteadwinter18984.jpg (205955 bytes) BeautyQueens1976.jpg (125457 bytes) 2faMainStreetHill-PikeStorebefore1894.jpg (207643 bytes) MudSeason.jpg (163083 bytes)
From Holmestead Cottage 1892 1976 Beauty Queens Hill & Pike Before 1894 Mud Season
Classof1898atMillCoveRobbinston.jpg (49395 bytes) FrankToddandhiswife.jpg (39311 bytes) LadiesatMillCove-1.jpg (35746 bytes) InterestingphotoofPulpitRockRobbinston.jpg (170390 bytes)
Class of 1898 at Mill Cove Frank Todd & Wife at Mill Cove Ladies at Mill Cove Pulpit Rock, Mill Cove, Robbinston
interiorofSttheatre.jpg (117128 bytes) Statetheatreburns.jpg (176770 bytes) StTheaterBurns03041958.jpg (110192 bytes) LastStateTheatreAd.jpg (294326 bytes)
Interior of State Theater State Theater Burns State Theater Burns 4 March 1958 Last State Theater Ad
Calais Advertiser Office 85-3BridgesJDThomas50's.jpg (293831 bytes) MainStin1959gaswas29centsagallon.jpg (197138 bytes) Photos of Milltown, ME
J.D. Thomas, Cole Bridges, Cities Service and the Mobil station next to the St Croix Hotel. 1959 Gas Was 29 Cents Per Gallon
Asummerstreetcar2.jpg (384399 bytes) Awinterstreetcar.jpg (355085 bytes) StreetcarandHorseandBuggy_resize.jpg (156589 bytes) StreetcarsnowplowBarkerStreetwickachee1896.jpg (347480 bytes)
A Summer Street Car A Winter Street Car Street Car & Horse & Buggy Street Car with Plow
CharlesHotelEssoMainStreet.jpg (294446 bytes) MusquashHunters1933.jpg (372687 bytes) babydayCalaisHospital.jpg (222671 bytes) Ginger Beer

Collapsed Railroad Bridge


Bottling Plant

Charles Hotel Early 50s Musquash Hunters 1933 - Paul Plaisted, Norris Kneeland, Arthur Edgerly, Harry Edgerly, Fred Richards, Carroll Bates,  Philip Sprague, and Robert ___ 1959 Baby Day at Calais Hospital
AerialviewoftheCottonMill.jpg (245294 bytes) ClothRoomatCottonMill1912.jpg (274037 bytes) CottonMilllooms-1.jpg (312736 bytes) CottonMillmorebobbins.jpg (324396 bytes)
Arial View of Cotton Mill Milltown NB Cloth Mill at Cotton Mill 1920 Cotton Mill Looms Cotton Mill Bobbins
22-1durengatesmills.jpg (214396 bytes) griststoneonislandinMilltown.JPG (335900 bytes) fireinMilltownmills1923endofanera.jpg (173262 bytes) ShoeshineboyStCroixHotelc1920.jpg (160778 bytes)
Milltown ME Island - Duren Gates Mill  Griststone on Island Fire at Milltown Mills 1923 - 
End of an Era
Shoeshine Boy c. 1920 - Near St. Croix Hotel
CrowdcomingintoCalaisRailroadStation2.jpg (149801 bytes) VernonWhitmanHolmestead.jpg (293375 bytes) AerialviewFerryPointBridge1960s.jpg (302786 bytes) SawyerAvenueMainDonRosaCigars.jpg (293311 bytes)
Crowd coming into Calais RR Station Vernon Whitman, Principal Calais Academy late 1800s, Playing Guitar Holmstead Cottage Parlor Arial View from Ferry Point Bridge early 1960s Advertisement Don Rosa Cigars
MainStreetCalaisHortonBlockCaseyBarberShop.jpg (335772 bytes) StCroixIsleBoyScoutspicnic1930.jpg (360104 bytes) SunsetCampsWaite.jpg (249615 bytes) RainbowFloat.jpg (172374 bytes)
Ad Cigars Main St. Calais Horton Block St. Croix Island Boy Scout Picnic 1930 Sunset Camp, Waite Rainbow Float 1961 seated in front of the queen is Faye Flood, the Queen is
Patricia Stewart, to her right only partially visible is Jane LaCroix, next and in the foreground is Hope Draper, the next girl's face cannot be seen and can't be identified, in the middle of the float facing forward is Geraldine Hill, only the back of the head of the next girl can be seen and she cannot be identified, in pink is Barbara Hall and
in blue Sally Clark
Steamtrucksperhaps.jpg (352222 bytes) menwithpuppies.jpg (320927 bytes) Puppyperhaps.jpg (270910 bytes) RoyMcGoonKnowleshouseMilltown1931.jpg (265745 bytes)
Foden Steam Wagons—of British manufacture Group of Men with 2 Puppies? Is this a puppy? 1931 Roy McGoon in front of Dr. Knowles' House Milltown
Kelley'sPony1914.jpg (45734 bytes) InteriorofPostOfficewhenatOperaHouse.jpg (42960 bytes) OperaHouseandPostOfficecornerChurchSt (1).jpg (34279 bytes) OperaHouseandPostOfficecornerChurchSt (2).jpg (59445 bytes)
Kelly's Pony & Cart 1914 Post Office when at Opera House Opera House corner of Church St. Opera House Main Street
CatholicChurch&Convent.jpg (42604 bytes) CatholicChurchCongosteeple.JPG (33223 bytes) ChurchesonCalaisAvenue.jpg (37440 bytes) 1983demolitionofStCroixHotel3.jpg (43930 bytes)
Catholic Church & Convent Catholic Church from Congregational Steeple Churches on Calais Avenue 1983 Demolition of St. Croix Hotel 
StagecoachatSt.CroixExchange.jpg (42372 bytes) PostOfficedemolition1985.jpg (58403 bytes) PostOfficedemolitionin1985.jpg (64638 bytes) PostofficenearscompletionMainStJune31909.jpg (47220 bytes)
Stage Coach at St. Croix Exchange Post Office Demolition 1985 Post Office Demolition 1985 Post Office Near Completion
 Main St. 6/3/1909
crownforcrossfloat.jpg (62703 bytes) CalaisHospitalAnnexHinckleyHill1958.jpg (148523 bytes) PrincetonMainStreetfillingstation.jpg (58123 bytes) RolfeandMcDowellMainStreetPrinceton.jpg (56159 bytes)
Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) Float 1961 Frontier Week Calais Calais Hospital Annex
Hinckley Hill 1958
Princeton Main St. Filling Station Rolfe & McDowell Main St., Princeton
ThePostOfficeinPrincetonMaine.jpg (55188 bytes) ViewofPrincetonMainStreetfromthebridge.jpg (49612 bytes)
Post Office, Princeton View of Princeton Main St.
 from the Bridge


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