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Hose 2 Milltown Fire Department Milltown Post Office 1897, Fire Station to Right Milltown Fire Station 1951 Milltown Fire Horse Named Silver
Group Marching in Front of Milltown Fire Station Boardman Street March 1971 Demolition Milltown Fire Station Main St. Milltown Looking Towards Baring St. Corner Grove's Store Milltown Main St. Circa 1920
Cassidy's Store Main St. Milltown John's Meat Market Milltown John's Meat Market & Clark's Pineo's Store Milltown
Pineo's Store Milltown 1915 Grove's Store Milltown Possible Golden Rule Keene's Store Milltown Keene's Store, Rear of Fire Hall
Parochial School from Congregational Church Steeple Horse & Sleigh in Front of Parochial School Parochial School, Corner of Congregational Church Demolition of the Parochial School
Flag Raising Corner of Avenue & Washington St. Opera House After Fire of 1935 Remains of Opera House After 1935 Fire Calais Centennial Near Opera House
Article re Opera House
Opera House & Post Office Corner Church Street Opera House, Post Office, Hair Dressing Rooms Opera at Opera House 1932, Miss McCarren St. Croix Hotel & Opera House
Photo that Hung in the Opera House Ashley St. Clair Addresses Civil War Vets at Park Calais Civil War Veterans Civil War Veterans 1925 Memorial Service at the Cemetery
Civil War Veterans at Post on Lowell Street Civil War Veterans at Princeton Civil War Veterans in the Park 1919 Civil War Veterans in Calais Parade
Wizened GAR Veterans Soldiers' Monument Calais Frank & Michael Foggia Store Opera House Woodland Opera House & Pool Room Woodland, Burned 1920
Soldiers after Fredericksburg GAR at Unknown Location GAR Hall Former Legion Hall Burns 10/31/71
Opera House Bowling Alley Spednic Club's Beginning Opera House Woodland Burned 1920 Opera House in Woodland, Mill Behind Opera House Woodland, Michael & Louis Foggia
Mom & Pop's Monroe Street Algar Hill's Bowling Alley Monroe Street Corner of Monroe and Main 1950s Bobby Kerr City Marshall Corner Monroe
International Hotel 1870s Horse Drawn Water Wagon on Monroe near Algar's Cleaners Mom & Pop's Monroe Once the Bowling Alley Arial View of St. Croix Island
Arial View St. Croix Island Arial View St. Croix Island Bell Tower & Keeper's House St. Croix Island Bell Tower St. Croix Island
Keeper's Home St. Croix Island Keeper's Home & Bell Tower St. Croix Island Original Keeper's Home St. Croix Island Arial View Gulf Station
Les Dunn's Gulf Station Dochet Island Map St. Croix or Dochet Island Sprague Hotel
Arcadian Hotel Calais Arcadian Hotel, North St. 1912 Mecca, North St. Before 1969 Repairs Mecca After 1969 Repairs
Main St. Rexall Drugs & Music Shop South Side of Main Street Cecil Miller's Music Shop Main St. Fire on Main Street
Main Street 1976 Festival Save Easy Float St. Croix Music Shop Main St. Approaching Red Beach from the North
8/30/26 Red Beach Fire Village of Red Beach Local gent heading out of Red Beach Looking down into Red Beach
Red Beach Fire of 1926 Red Beach Plaster Map 35 North St. Restaurant Armstrong & Bates Store, North & Main St.
Looking up North St. before bank was built Bottling Plant Bottling Plant 2 Bottling Plant when it was Gordon Lord's
Last State Theatre Ad Luxor Restaurant, State Theater Main St. 1950s - Boston Shoe Store State Theater Lobby
State Theater, Luxor, London Store, Unobskey's Main Street State Theater Burns - Article Red Beach Plaster Mill from the River Canoeing Across the Flooded Maugerrewock
Flooding across Maugerrewock Maugerrewock Flooded Again Maugerrewock Flood of 1953 Flood of 1953
Article about Maugerrewock

Article 2 about Maugerrewock

Maugerrewock Bridge Under Water   Calais Jazz Band - left front Dale Webb, Gene Heald and Jack Alley; drummer Junior Burns & left rear Dennis Webb 1956 Calais Band
Calais Band at Demont's Devil's Head Calais Band at the Fair Grounds Calais Band Main Street Calais Band in Front of Dudley's
 Law Office


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