Calais, Maine

Calais Observatory
NOAA Commemorative Disk
Harold E. Nelson
14 Hill Avenue,
Newport, ME 04953

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May 19, 2005, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) designated the Calais Observatory Station of 1857 as site Number 1 in their new Heritage Trail program.  The program honors significant events in NOAA history. The NOAA Heritage Train will begin in Calais. The National Geodetic Survey (NGS)  is one of the agencies that is under the auspices of NOAA. The official NOAA dedication, scheduled for July 2 - 3, 2005, was organized by Richard Auletta of Long Island & Calais. The commemorative disk is 8 inches in diameter, around 3/4 inch think, and approximately 25 pounds.. A WQDY article about the May event is located at; a Bangor Daily News Article is located at   Below are photos from the May event.

Curt Crow of NGS did a short GPS observation on the disk for position; in mid June, subject to change, Steve Randall of NOAA will properly observe longer GPS observations and place the disk in the Federal Base Network. Any land surveyors doing work with GPS in the area will surely find this site an excellent place to broadcast their Real Time Kinematic signal from, for both Calais and St. Stephen.

commemorative disk
01BLCdrillhole.jpg (91803 bytes)
Crow starting drill hole.
02Drilling.jpg (47028 bytes)
03Ryobianddisk.jpg (75684 bytes)
Ryobi and disk.

04Diskbottom.jpg (69063 bytes) 
Disk bottom.

05Curtdrilling.jpg (70364 bytes)
Curt drilling.
06Crow,Bean,Caseydrilling.jpg (75982 bytes)
Crow, Bean, Casey drilling
07Visitors.jpg (52297 bytes)
Visitors to site.
08CaseyatBat.jpg (58378 bytes)
Casey at Bat.
09Chipping.jpg (47694 bytes)
10Sizingthehole.jpg (59230 bytes)
Sizing the hole.
11Littlemoreoffthetop.jpg (67870 bytes)
Little more off the top.
12OrlandBean.jpg (64514 bytes)
Orland Bean
13Finishing.jpg (49275 bytes)
14TheHole.jpg (53907 bytes)
The hole.
16aCement.jpg (81043 bytes)  
Pouring cement.
15Readytoset.jpg (45172 bytes)
Ready to set.
16Briansettingdisk.jpg (53597 bytes)
Brian setting the disk.
17BrianandCurt.jpg (53402 bytes)
Brian & Curt
19aPlacingDisk.jpg (55811 bytes)
Placing the disk.
18aDisk.jpg (101360 bytes)
Disk set.
26HeritageTrailDisk.jpg (60276 bytes)
20Finishing.jpg (61111 bytes)
18Smoothing.jpg (51902 bytes)
19Curt,Orland,Brian.jpg (50166 bytes)
Curt, Oland & Brian
Datus Point  
Datum Point.
22Curt'sGPS.jpg (56067 bytes)  
Curt's GPS

21Nelson,Bean,Casey,Crow.jpg (70447 bytes)
Nelson, Bean, Casey & Crow
23Nelson,Bean,Casey,Crow.jpg (68035 bytes)  
Nelson, Bean, Casey & Crow
24CallingNewfoundland.jpg (82238 bytes)  
Calling Newfoundland
25DiskandMagellan.jpg (65492 bytes)  
Disk & Magellan

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