Calais, Maine

Baseline Road 
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The Geodetic Survey Baseline, located in a section known as Epping, north of Harrington, has played an important part in the establishing of state boundaries and property lines in northern New England and in surveying the eastern United States coast. The base line resembles nothing more than a dirt road but it stretches for five miles straight as a die and perfectly level across the blueberry barrens. Laid out in 1858, by A. D. Bache, a great-grandson of Benjamin Franklin, the base line's need was stressed by the United States Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, later president of the Southern Confederacy. Davis reportedly visited the site via the Airline Road. 
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Baseline Road Frog Rock Mitton Mountain & Barrens
Baseline Road, Washington County 12/11/05 Frog Rock on Baseline Road 12/11/05 Mitton Mountain and Barrens of Centerville, Maine 12/11/05

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