Calais Memorial High School

Class Reunions
August 2005
Thanks to Heather Ross, Jack Gray & Kathy Benson for the Pictures


Class of '60. Back row - Ralph Draper, Stan Clark, Leonard Scott, Ken Dickinson, Ron Carson, Marjorie Howard Rowe, Dan Hill.  Middle Row - Earl Hill, Wayne Claridge, John Cassidy, Peggy Campbell Bryant, Janet Clark Moulton, Bonnie Tracy, Patsy James Hill, Norman Stanhope Wallace, Joan Young, Fred Newell, Donna McLean Hornbrook, Carl Ross and Coburn Wallace  Front Row - Tom Wilson, Gary Nixon, Irene Doten Gallway, Sally Clark Cran, Norma Murphy, Dayton Dineen, Judy Heald, Ken Berry
Classes of 67 & down Classes of 68 & 69

Classes of 67 & Down - Click for larger image.

Classes of 68 & 69 - Click for larger image.
Peggy Barrett is in front of Drew Case & beside Joan Fox in the above picture.

Classes of 70 and up

Class of 66

Classes of 60 & Up - Click for larger image.

Class of 66.





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