Calais Memorial High School
Class of '70 - Grades 3 through 7
Thank you George Jones

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grade 3 60-61

Top row left to right: Gerry Tracy, Kathy Trippett, Michael McLean, Theresa Smith, Dirk Vandenberg, Linda Lane; 4th row l to r: Arnold Sowers, Gloria Lee, Gerald McLean, Susie Waycott, Wayne Small, Kathy Borden, Bradley Landry; 3rd row l to r: Shirley Lord, Paul Wheelock, Dana Redding, Diane Little; 2nd row l to r: Gregory Reardon, Mary Thornton, George Jones, Jean Williams, George Martenese, Pamela Dougherty, Carol Draper; bottom row l to r: Linda Pomeroy, Yvonne Seeley, Peggy Nielson, Carol Noddin, Jill Kobre, Cathy Leighton, Susan Morrisen


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