Calais Memorial High School
Reunion Class of '66
Thanks to Chuck Murphy for the photo.
[With apologies if any of the names are wrong.)

Class of '66 Reunion

1st row: Doug McClellan, Floyd Koons, Roger Holtz, Dick Barnard, Bill Mitchell, Tim Jewett
2nd row: Judy Doten, Peggy Dickenson, Sandra Christie, Jane Greenlaw, Nancy Cole, Patsy Bernadini, Linda Sinclair, Mary Doten, Beth Elliott
3rd row: Nancy Saunders, Linda Dodge, Cathy Baily, Norma Taylor, Jane Perry, Marlene Johnson, Susan Tracy, Lance Bryson, Larry Hill, Annette Hawthorne, Chuck Frost
4th row: Patty Hill, Pauline Ward, Sharon Stevens, Mary Morrison, Sherry Smith, Jayne Webster, Burtie Haymon, Norm Thornton
Back row: June Vondell, Peter Comstock, Edna Bayliss, Chuck Murphy, Betty Clark, Tom Sawyer, Bobby Gordon, Ed Perkins, Ken Brooks, Bill Downing, Tom Dicenzo, Gerald Baker

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