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Class of 1957 30th Reunion

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Just happened to come across this picture today when the wife was house cleaning some closets. Just go's to show what 30 years will do to you. Good thing you can't see me after 44 years. Please forgive me if I get the names wrong but I think that in the back row from left to right: Wayne Doncaster, Malcolm Carlisle, Ann Crowley, Perley Diffin, James Clark, Center row: Harley Dwelley, Donna Porter, Mary Hooper, ??? ???, Sandra James, Virginia Wilson, Ron Denyer, front row: David McCullough, ??? ???, Donna Kneeland, ??? ???, Mary Tracy, ??? ??? -- 
Ron Denyer

I just received an email from Donna Porter giving me the missing name's on my "class of 57 + 30". Here is what she said!
Hi Ronnie
This is Dona Porter
. I saw the picture of the 30th reunion and the ones that you have ? they are center row Muriel Frost. Front row is Fern Strout, Frances Howard, Barbara Noddin.

Reunion Class of 57

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