Whole Bay Study Commissioned 
Yellow Wood Impact Study Part I Released

The Bay spokes to us thru the seals, eagles, seagulls, loons, nature nurturing...
And, oh, the glorious moments when it sings to us....

Save Passamaqoddy Bay   -  Bay News Updated  4/5/12 - Bay of Fundy Anti LNG
- Ntulankeyutmonen Nkihtaqmikon - PowerPoint 

Order Dismissing Downeast LNG 8/17/2016

Hugh Akagi, head of the New Brunswick band of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, regarding the attempt by Dean Girdis / Downeast LNG to take Passamaquoddy territorial assets

"The problem, Mr. Girdis, is that ... with all your millions/billions of dollars, you have nothing I want. To consider any offer you might make as a fair trade, to consider any exchange of paper for my consent as a good deal I need only revisit the past to reply 'No, Mr. Girdis, this time there will be no beads for Manhattan.'"