Calais, Maine

50th Reunion Class of 1961 CMHS
Decorating the Float & Parade - not in order
Yancy's / Redclyffe / Whale Watch / News Article
August 2011
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Thanks Kathy & Linda Thanks Lillian. Thanks Lillian.  
Kathy Berry dancing with her neighbor Paul who joined in the fun. Pat, Donna, Martha - Thanks Martha Martha & Cora - Thanks Jim Banks Thanks Kathy & Linda
Carl Ross, Keith Christie, Bud Smith
Thanks Heather
Going to get in line for the parade. Lori Brooks Beauchemin walking. Thanks Heather Back of Float - We Still Rock
Thanks Heather
Bud Smith looking "cool" before the parade - Thanks Heather
Decorating Float Carolyn Cox Furlong & Lorraine Perkins Gilchrest riding on truck pulling float. Art Furlong driving. Sign on back of float Riders on float. More brave folks walked and danced than rode.
Sign in back of those riding on float. Float lined up for parade. Lots of water! Mounties in parade.
Bagpippers. Karen Smith Howell & Jack Gray. Our families' bonded over planning for the float. Keith Christie sporting one of the CMHS '61 banners. Milton Thornton & Linda Tokarz dancing. The crowd loved it.  Linda wore a poodle skirt with "We Still Rock" on the back!
Kathy Glidden Berry, Lori, Bernie Trott, Donna Tracy. Kathy & Donna wore poodle skirts. We were a bit worried when they were considering having the ambulance in front of our float. Carl Smith, Richard Berry, Bud Smith Going down Main Street
Carolyn & Lorraine having a good time Curves Float Some of our walkers - Cora Richard Banks & John Gibson Walkers & Riders
Catching up before the parade Donna, Ralph Cleveland, Linda Babb Cleveland, Jack, Kathy Ralph, Linda, Jack & part of Kathy Gathering before parade.
Going down Main Street Bernie & Donna Here we come! Dana, Art, Richard & Jack
Keith, the back of Jack, Bud & Pat Stewart Willard Keith, Bud & Pat Paul Pettit, John Gibson, Thao Gibson, Ralph Cleveland Linda, AJ Howell, Carolyn, Doreen Gray, Jack, Bud & Keith
Linda, Kathy, AJ, Carolyn, Jack, Lorriane, Pat, Bud & Richard Linda T., Paul, Clarke Reynolds, John, Thao, __, Ralph Keith, Bud, Pat Finishing Touches
Finishing Touches And a few more Carol & Keith - Thanks Edna Hope & William, Martha & Paul hugging - Thanks Edna
Bud, Carol, Keith Linda & Ralph, Jack - Thanks Edna Linda & Ralph - Thanks Edna Lillian - Thanks Edna
Jane & Carol - Thanks Edna Our Float - Thanks Edna Float - Thanks Edna Float - Thanks Edna
Jack primping for parade. Side View Elvis????  
Blue Devil on Sign Summer on Sign Winter on Sign Fall on Sign
Spring on Sign On Sign On Sign Every classmate had a record with picture on the float.


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